2008-02-06 Randy Dunlapregister_cpu __devinit or __cpuinit
2008-02-06 David WoodhouseAllow auto-destruction of loop devices
2008-02-06 Robin Getzremove support for un-needed _extratext section
2008-02-06 Matthias KaehlckeParallel port: convert port_mutex to the mutex API
2008-02-06 Matt Domschdcdbas: add DMI-based module autloading
2008-02-06 David MillerGenericizing iova.[ch]
2008-02-06 Pierre PeifferIPC: fix error check in all new xxx_lock() and xxx_exit...
2008-02-06 Jeff GarzikRemove pointless casts from void pointers
2008-02-06 Dmitry AntipovSIGIO-driven I/O with inotify queues
2008-02-06 Aneesh Kumar K.Vext2: change the default behaviour on error
2008-02-06 Aneesh Kumar K.Vext2: return after ext2_error in case of failures
2008-02-06 Jeff Garziksound/oss/sb_common.c: fix casting warning
2008-02-06 Jeff Garziksound/oss/pss: set_io_base() always returns success...
2008-02-06 Ralf BaechleRemove inclusions of <linux/autoconf.h>
2008-02-06 Matthew Wilcoxhash: add explicit u32 and u64 versions of hash
2008-02-06 Oleg Nesterovuse __set_task_state() for TRACED/STOPPED tasks
2008-02-06 Michael Neulingtaskstats scaled time cleanup
2008-02-06 Jeff Garzikriscom8: fix SMP brokenness
2008-02-06 Yan ZhengA potential bug in inotify_user.c
2008-02-06 Jan Engelhardtfs/fat/: refine chmod checks
2008-02-06 Alan Coxgeode lists are subscriber only
2008-02-06 Alexey Dobriyanfix ! versus & precedence in various places
2008-02-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bart/ide-2.6
2008-02-06 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'dmapool' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: bump minor driver version
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: cleanup the remaining codestyle issues
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: fix syntax error in idetape_identify_device()
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove leftover OnStream support warning
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: collect module-related macro calls at the end
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: include proper headers
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove unused "length" arg from idetape_creat...
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove struct idetape_id_gcw
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: cleanup and fix comments
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: shorten some function names
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove idetape_increase_max_pipeline_stages()
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: struct idetape_tape_t: shorten member names v2
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: struct idetape_tape_t: remove unused members
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove typedef idetape_chrdev_direction_t
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: simplify code branching in the interrupt...
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove unreachable code chunk
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: remove struct idetape_read_position_result_t
2008-02-06 Borislav Petkovide-tape: refactor the debug logging facility
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide: add ide_read_error() inline helper
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide: add ide_read_[alt]status() inline helpers
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide: remove ide_setup_ports()
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide: remove redundant BUG_ON() from [atapi_]reset_pollf...
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide: remove write-only ->sata_misc[] from ide_hwif_t
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ppc: fix #ifdef-s in mediabay driver (take 2)
2008-02-06 Denis Chengide-pci-generic: kill the unused ifdef/endif/MODULE...
2008-02-06 Andrew Mortondrivers/ide/legacy/hd.c: fix uninitialized var warning
2008-02-06 Andrew Mortondrivers/ide/ide-acpi.c: fix uninitialized var warning
2008-02-06 Anton SalnikovPalmchip BK3710 IDE driver
2008-02-06 Bartlomiej... ide-generic: probing bugfix
2008-02-05 Andrew Mortondeprecate smbfs in favour of cifs
2008-02-05 Andrew Mortontimerfd: fix remaining architectures
2008-02-05 Haavard SkinnemoenFix timerfd breakage on avr32
2008-02-05 Hugh Dickinsstop c_p_a corrupting the pds
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist...
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'agp-patches' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-02-05 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: make mconsole_stack namespace-aware
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: redo the calculation of NR_syscalls
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: defconfig tweaks
2008-02-05 Daniel Walkeruml: port mutex conversion
2008-02-05 Daniel Walkeruml: mconsole mutex conversion
2008-02-05 Daniel Walkeruml: LDT mutex conversion
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: use of a public MAC is a warning, not an error
2008-02-05 Karol Swietlickiuml: fix infinite mconsole loop
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: remove map_cb
2008-02-05 WANG Conguml: remove TOPDIR
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: remove unused fields from mm_context
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: move register initialization
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: add newlines to printks
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: style fixes in arch/um/sys-x86_64
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: add back CONFIG_HZ
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: DEBUG_SHIRQ fixes
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: remove fakehd
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: implement O_APPEND
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: SMP locking commentary
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: remove init_irq_signals
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: signal handling tidying
2008-02-05 Dominique Quatravauxuml: fix hostfs tv_usec calculations
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: style fixes in arch/um/kernel
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: clean up sig_handler_common_skas
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: move sig_handler_common_skas
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: don't allow processes to call into stub
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: get rid of syscall counters
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: don't kill pid 0
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: tidy helper code
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: use barrier() instead of mb()
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: install panic notifier earlier
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: eliminate setjmp_wrapper
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: customize tlb.h
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: 64-bit tlb fixes
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: style fixes in file.c
2008-02-05 Jeff Dikeuml: miscellaneous code cleanups
2008-02-05 Karol Swietlickiuml: fix mconsole stop