2017-06-22 Jose Abreudrm: arcpgu: Use crtc->mode_valid() callback
2017-06-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/zte: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-22 Daniel Vetterdrm/shmob: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-21 Boris Brezillondrm/vc4: Send a VBLANK event when disabling a CRTC
2017-06-21 Daniel Vetterdrm: Check for drm_device->dev in drm_set_busid
2017-06-21 Arvind Yadavdrm: sti: sti_hqvdp: undo preparation of a clock source.
2017-06-21 Thierry Redingdrm/rockchip: Remove unnecessary NULL check
2017-06-21 Thierry Redingdrm/atmel-hlcdc: Remove unnecessary NULL check
2017-06-21 Arvind Yadavdrm: armada: make of_device_ids const.
2017-06-20 Liviu Dudaudrm: Convert CMA fbdev console suspend helpers to use...
2017-06-20 Arvind Yadavdrm: sti: sti_hqvdp: make of_device_ids const.
2017-06-20 Arvind Yadavdrm: sti: sti_dvo: make of_device_ids const.
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm: More links for gamma support helpers
2017-06-20 Jose Abreudrm: vc4: Use crtc->mode_valid() and encoder->mode_vali...
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: Improve ioctl/fops docs a bit more
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/pci: Deprecate drm_pci_init/exit completely
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm: Remove drm_driver->set_busid hook
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/udl: Remove dummy busid callback
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/vblank: Consistent drm_crtc_ prefix
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/vblank: _ioctl posfix for ioctl handler
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: vblank cleanup
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: Drop empty include for drm_color_mgmt.h
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/tegra: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-20 Daniel Vetterdrm/sti: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-15 Boris Brezillondrm/vc4: Mimic drm_atomic_helper_commit() behavior
2017-06-15 Eric Anholtdrm/vc4: Add get/set tiling ioctls.
2017-06-15 Eric Anholtdrm/vc4: Add T-format scanout support.
2017-06-15 Dawid Kurekdrm: Reduce scope of 'state' variable
2017-06-15 Fabio Estevamdrm: mxsfb_crtc: Reset the eLCDIF controller
2017-06-15 Dawid Kurekdrm: Remove duplicate forward declaration
2017-06-14 Hoegeun Kwondrm/panel: s6e3ha2: Add support for s6e3hf2 panel on...
2017-06-14 Hoegeun Kwondt-bindings: Add support for samsung s6e3hf2 panel
2017-06-14 Arnd Bergmanndrm/panel: add backlight dependency for sitronix-st7789v
2017-06-14 Arnd Bergmanndrm/panel: S6E3HA2 needs backlight code
2017-06-14 Lucas Stachdrm/panel: simple: add support for AUO P320HVN03
2017-06-14 Lucas Stachdrm/panel: simple: add support for NLT NL192108AC18-02D
2017-06-14 Lucas Stachdt-bindings: add vendor prefix for NLT Technologies...
2017-06-14 Lucas Stachdrm/panel: simple: add support for NEC NL12880B20-05
2017-06-14 Chris Zhongdrm/panel: add Innolux P079ZCA panel driver
2017-06-14 Chris Zhongdt-bindings: Add INNOLUX P079ZCA panel bindings
2017-06-13 Christophe... drm/vc4: Fix resource leak in 'vc4_get_hang_state_ioctl...
2017-06-12 Hans Verkuildrm/vc4/vc4_bo.c: always set bo->resv
2017-06-08 Jyri Sarhadrm: Add const to name field declaration in struct...
2017-06-07 Eric Anholtdrm/pl111: Fix offset calculation for the primary plane.
2017-06-07 Boris Brezillondrm/atmel-hlcdc: Fix panel registration
2017-06-07 Maarten Lankhorstdrm/bridge: Build the panel wrapper in drm_kms_helper
2017-06-05 Eric Anholtdrm/atmel-hlcdc: Replace the panel usage with drm_panel...
2017-06-05 Eric Anholtdrm/atmel-hlcdc: Drop custom encoder cleanup func.
2017-06-05 Eric Anholtdrm/vc4: Switch DPI to using the panel-bridge helper.
2017-06-05 Eric Anholtdrm/vc4: Switch DSI to the panel-bridge layer, and...
2017-06-05 Eric Anholtdrm/bridge: Refactor out the panel wrapper from the...
2017-06-05 Jose Abreudrm/bridge/synopsys: dw-hdmi: Use bridge->mode_valid...
2017-06-05 Benjamin Gaignarddrm: zte: use devm_of_platform_populate()
2017-06-02 Eric Anholtdrm/vc4: Mark the device as active when enabling runtim...
2017-06-02 Corentin Labbedrm: remove writeq/readq function definitions
2017-06-02 Jose Abreudrm/atmel-hlcdc: Use crtc->mode_valid() callback
2017-06-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/exynos: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/hdlcd|mali: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-06-01 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: Polish irq helper documentation
2017-06-01 Daniel Vetterdrm: Extract drm_vblank.[hc]
2017-05-31 Boris Brezillondrm/vc4: Fix comment in vc4_drv.h
2017-05-31 Arnd Bergmanndrm/pl111: fix warnings without CONFIG_ARM_AMBA
2017-05-31 Ville Syrjälädrm/atomic: Consitfy mode parameter to drm_atomic_set_m...
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/arcgpu: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/atmel: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/imx: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/meson: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/stm: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/sun4i: Drop drm_vblank_cleanup
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm: better document how to send out the crtc disable...
2017-05-31 Joe Perchesdrm: Use vsnprintf extension %ph
2017-05-31 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: move printf helpers out of drmP.h
2017-05-31 Arnd Bergmanndrm/pl111: select DRM_PANEL
2017-05-30 Jose Abreudrm/bridge: analogix-anx78xx: Use bridge->mode_valid...
2017-05-30 Jose Abreudrm: Use mode_valid() in atomic modeset
2017-05-30 Jose Abreudrm: Use new mode_valid() helpers in connector probe...
2017-05-30 Jose Abreudrm: Introduce drm_bridge_mode_valid()
2017-05-30 Jose Abreudrm: Add drm_{crtc/encoder/connector}_mode_valid()
2017-05-29 Daniel Vetterdrm: Remove drm_device->virtdev
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm: todo: remove task about switch to drm_connector_li...
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm: remove unsafe drm_for_each_connector()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/vc4: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/nouveau: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/mediatek: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/i915: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/rockchip: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-26 Gustavo Padovandrm/exynos: use drm_for_each_connector_iter()
2017-05-24 Chris Wilsondma-buf/sync-file: Defer creation of sync_file->name
2017-05-24 Mauro Carvalho... sync_file.txt: standardize document format
2017-05-23 Arnd Bergmanngpu: drm: gma500: remove two more dead variable
2017-05-23 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: Clarify mode_fixup vs. atomic_check a bit...
2017-05-23 Daniel Vetterdrm/doc: Document adjusted/request modes a bit better
2017-05-23 Jose Abreudrm: Add crtc/encoder/bridge->mode_valid() callbacks
2017-05-23 Vincent AbriouMAINTAINERS: update drm/stm maintainers list
2017-05-23 Philippe CORNUdrm/stm: ltdc: fix duplicated arguments
2017-05-22 Wei Yongjundrm/pl111: Fix return value check in pl111_amba_probe()
2017-05-22 Masahiro Yamadadrm/amd: include <linux/delay.h> instead of "linux...
2017-05-22 Robert Fossdrm: Add DRM_MODE_ROTATE_ and DRM_MODE_REFLECT_ to...
2017-05-22 Wei Yongjundrm/vgem: Fix return value check in vgem_init()
2017-05-22 Robert Fossdrm/blend: Fix comment typ-o