2009-03-19 Takashi IwaiALSA: Fix wrong pointer to dev_err() in arm/pxa2xx...
2009-03-19 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: Declare Headset as Mic and Headphone widgets...
2009-03-19 Jarkko NikulaASoC: OMAP: N810: Add more jack functions
2009-03-19 Jarkko NikulaASoC: OMAP: N810: Mark not connected input pins
2009-03-19 Mark BrownASoC: Add FLL support for WM8400
2009-03-18 Mark BrownASoC: Add separate AVDD for WM8400
2009-03-18 Mark BrownASoC: Further optimise WM8400 bias configuration sequence
2009-03-17 Mark BrownMerge branch 'pxa-ssp' into for-2.6.30
2009-03-17 Atsushi NemotoASoC: Only deregister AC97 dev if it's name was not...
2009-03-16 Mark BrownASoC: Each PXA AC97 DAI needs a separate ops
2009-03-16 Mark BrownASoC: Fix some missing dai_ops conversions
2009-03-16 Joonyoung ShimASoC: twl4030 - Fix build error
2009-03-15 Robert JarzmikASoC: Allow choice of ac97 gpio reset line
2009-03-14 Mark BrownASoC: Fix Zylonite for non-networked SSP mode
2009-03-14 Mark BrownASoC: Fix non-networked I2S mode for PXA SSP
2009-03-13 Daniel MackASoC: switch PXA SSP driver from network mode to PSP
2009-03-13 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: Move headset jack registration to device initiali...
2009-03-12 Philipp ZabelASoC: Replace remaining uses of snd_soc_cnew with snd_s...
2009-03-12 Mark BrownASoC: Move WM8580 to normal I2C device probe
2009-03-11 Mark BrownMerge branch 's3c-iis-header' into for-2.6.30
2009-03-11 Mark Brown[ARM] Revert futher extraneous changes from the S3C...
2009-03-11 Mark BrownASoC: Merge dai_ops factor out
2009-03-11 Mark BrownASoC: Fix formats for s3c24xx-i2s register prints
2009-03-11 Mark BrownASoC: Remove version display from WM8580 driver
2009-03-11 Mark BrownASoC: Add initial driver for the WM8400 CODEC
2009-03-11 David BrownellASoC: buildfix for OSK
2009-03-11 Mark BrownMerge branch 's3c-iis-header' into for-2.6.30
2009-03-11 Mark Brown[ARM] Revert extraneous changes from the S3C audio...
2009-03-10 Mark BrownASoC: Fix up merge with the ARM tree
2009-03-10 Daniel MackASoC: don't touch pxa-ssp registers when stream is...
2009-03-10 Hugo VilleneuveALSA: ASoC: Davinci: Updated sffsdr_hw_params() functio...
2009-03-10 Hugo VilleneuveALSA: ASoC: Davinci: Replaced DAI format RIGHT_J by...
2009-03-10 Mark BrownMerge commit 'takashi/topic/asoc' into for-2.6.30
2009-03-09 Ben DooksASoC: Fix Samsung S3C2412_IISMOD_SDF_{MSB,LSB} definitions
2009-03-09 Mark BrownASoC: Convert PXA AC97 driver to probe with the platfor...
2009-03-09 Takashi IwaiMerge branch 'for-2.6.30' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-03-09 Daniel MackASoC: Add a driver for AK4104 S/PDIF transmitter
2009-03-08 Takashi IwaiASoC: Fix Kconfig dependency of CONFIG_SND_S3C24XX_SOC_...
2009-03-08 Mark BrownASoC: Remove unneeded forward reference to WM8753 SPI...
2009-03-08 Daniel MackASoC: bring cs4270 feature/limitations list in sync
2009-03-07 Timur TabiASoC: Improve pause/unpause performance in Freescale...
2009-03-07 Hugo VilleneuveASoC: Davinci: Fix incorrect machine type for SFFSDR...
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Fix logging severity for some S3C error messages
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Re-remove hand-rolled pr_debug() macros
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Staticise workqueue function for GPIO jack detection
2009-03-06 Mike FrysingerASoC: Blackfin: fix typo in MUTE definition
2009-03-06 Mike FrysingerASoC: Blackfin: move gpio_err behind the define that...
2009-03-06 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: Add headset jack detection for SDP3430 machine...
2009-03-06 Timur TabiASoC: add support for SSI asynchronous mode to the...
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Update Kconfig for Samsung CPUs to reflect S3C64x...
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Fix memory allocation for snd_soc_dapm_switch...
2009-03-06 Daniel MackASoC: add two more bitfields for PXA SSP
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Factor out DAPM widget power check into separate...
2009-03-06 Daniel MackASoC: Fix name of register bit in pxa-ssp
2009-03-06 Peter UjfalusiASoC: TWL4030: Make the HS ramp delay configurable
2009-03-06 Mark BrownASoC: Refresh JIVE driver
2009-03-06 Ben DooksASoC: Select DMA if I2S is configured
2009-03-06 Ben DooksASoC: Add s3c64xx-i2s support
2009-03-06 Ben DooksASoC: Split s3c2412-i2s.c into core and SoC specific...
2009-03-06 Ben DooksASoC: Add JIVE audio support
2009-03-06 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: Add DAPM machine widgets to SDP3430 driver
2009-03-06 Mark BrownMerge commit 's3c-iis-header' into HEAD
2009-03-05 Ben DooksS3C: Move <mach/audio.h> to <plat/audio.h>
2009-03-05 Ben DooksS3C24XX: Move and update IIS headers
2009-03-04 Eric MiaoASoC: make ops a pointer in 'struct snd_soc_dai'
2009-03-04 Jonas AnderssonASoC: wm8510 pll settings
2009-03-04 Lopez Cruz... ASoC: Add GPIO support for jack reporting interface
2009-03-03 Philipp ZabelASoC: UDA1380: DATAI is slave only
2009-03-03 Philipp ZabelASoC: Use network mode with 2 slots for 16-bit stereo...
2009-03-03 Philipp ZabelASoC: UDA1380: change decimator/interpolator register...
2009-03-03 Philipp ZabelASoC: Remove version display from the UDA1380 driver
2009-03-02 Daniel MackASoC: fix typo and removed unneeded switch case for...
2009-02-28 Mark BrownASoC: Add SND_SOC_DAPM_PIN_SWITCH controls for exposing...
2009-02-28 Daniel MackASoC: Add cs4270 support for slave mode configurations
2009-02-28 Ben DooksASoC: Fix copyright statements on Simtec files
2009-02-26 Takashi IwaiASoC: wm8753 - Fix build error
2009-02-24 Mark BrownASoC: Only write back non-default registers when resumi...
2009-02-24 Mark BrownASoC: Convert WM8753 to register via normal device...
2009-02-24 Mark BrownASoC: Shuffle WM8753 device registration code
2009-02-24 Mark BrownASoC: Fix Zylonite voice interface stereo configurations
2009-02-24 Mark BrownASoC: Improve WM9713 voice DAC shutdown procedure
2009-02-22 Mark BrownASoC: Only unregister drivers we registered for WM8753
2009-02-22 Mark BrownASoC: Report I/O errors from WM8753 reset
2009-02-19 Mark BrownASoC: Disable WM8731 line bypass by default
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Add device init/exit annotations to new-style...
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Check for errors when writing WM8731 reset register
2009-02-18 Peter UjfalusiASoC: TWL4030: Add digital loopback support
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Implement SPI device unregistration for WM8731
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Fix build for corgi and poodle
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Remove version display from the WM8753 driver
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Refactor WM8731 device registration
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Shuffle WM8731 SPI and I2C device registration
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Rename AT91SAMG20-EK for applications
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Actively manage MCLK for AT91SAM9G20-EK
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Check machine type before loading on AT91SAM9G20-EK
2009-02-18 Mark BrownASoC: Improve diagnostics for AT91SAM9G20-EK probe
2009-02-17 Mark BrownASoC: Clean up WM8731 bias level configuration
2009-02-17 Mark BrownASoC: Remove version display from the WM8731 driver
2009-02-17 Paul FertserASoC: Fix WM8753 DAIs unregistering
2009-02-13 Kevin HilmanASoC: Fix DaVinci module unload error