2017-09-09 Laura Abbottinit: move stack canary initialization after setup_arch
2017-09-09 Markus Elfringbinfmt_flat: delete two error messages for a failed...
2017-09-09 Jean Delvarecheckpatch: add 6 missing types to --list-types
2017-09-09 Jean Delvarecheckpatch: rename variables to avoid confusion
2017-09-09 Jean Delvarecheckpatch: fix typo in comment
2017-09-09 Joe Perchescheckpatch: add --strict check for ifs with unnecessary...
2017-09-09 Takashi Iwailib/oid_registry.c: X.509: fix the buffer overflow...
2017-09-09 Eric Dumazetradix-tree: must check __radix_tree_preload() return...
2017-09-09 Baoquan Helib/cmdline.c: remove meaningless comment
2017-09-09 Dan Carpenterlib/string.c: check for kmalloc() failure
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/rhashtable: fix comment on locks_mul default value
2017-09-09 Yury Norovbitmap: introduce BITMAP_FROM_U64()
2017-09-09 Yury Norovlib/test_bitmap.c: add test for bitmap_parselist()
2017-09-09 Yury Norovlib/bitmap.c: make bitmap_parselist() thread-safe and...
2017-09-09 Florian Fainellilib: add test module for CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL
2017-09-09 Andy Shevchenkolib/hexdump.c: return -EINVAL in case of error in hex2bin()
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesoblock/cfq: cache rightmost rb_node
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesomem/memcg: cache rightmost node
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesofs/epoll: use faster rb_first_cached()
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesoprocfs: use faster rb_first_cached()
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/interval-tree: correct comment wrt generic flavor
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/interval_tree: fast overlap detection
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesoblock/cfq: replace cfq_rb_root leftmost caching
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolocking/rtmutex: replace top-waiter and pi_waiters...
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesosched/deadline: replace earliest dl and rq leftmost...
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesosched/fair: replace cfs_rq->rb_leftmost
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/rbtree_test.c: support rb_root_cached
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/rbtree_test.c: add (inorder) traversal test
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesolib/rbtree_test.c: make input module parameters
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesorbtree: add some additional comments for rebalancing...
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesorbtree: optimize root-check during rebalancing loop
2017-09-09 Davidlohr Buesorbtree: cache leftmost node internally
2017-09-09 Matthias Kaehlckebitops: avoid integer overflow in GENMASK(_ULL)
2017-09-09 Babu Mogerinclude: warn for inconsistent endian config definition
2017-09-09 Babu Mogerarch/microblaze: add choice for endianness and update...
2017-09-09 Babu Mogerarch: define CPU_BIG_ENDIAN for all fixed big endian...
2017-09-09 Alexey Dobriyantreewide: make "nr_cpu_ids" unsigned
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxvga: optimise console scrolling
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxdrivers/scsi/sym53c8xx_2/sym_hipd.c: convert to use...
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxdrivers/block/zram/zram_drv.c: convert to using memset_l
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxalpha: add support for memset16
2017-09-09 Matthew WilcoxARM: implement memset32 & memset64
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxx86: implement memset16, memset32 & memset64
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxlib/string.c: add testcases for memset16/32/64
2017-09-09 Matthew Wilcoxlib/string.c: add multibyte memset functions
2017-09-09 Masahiro Yamadalinux/kernel.h: move DIV_ROUND_DOWN_ULL() macro
2017-09-09 David Rientjesfs, proc: unconditional cond_resched when reading smaps
2017-09-09 Alexey Dobriyanproc: uninline proc_create()
2017-09-09 Michal Hockofs, proc: remove priv argument from is_stack
2017-09-09 Anshuman Khandualmm/mempolicy.c: remove BUG_ON() checks for VMA inside...
2017-09-09 David Rientjesmm/swapfile.c: fix swapon frontswap_map memory leak...
2017-09-09 Darrick J.... mm: kvfree the swap cluster info if the swap file is...
2017-09-09 Tetsuo Handamm/page_alloc.c: apply gfp_allowed_mask before the...
2017-09-09 Cyrill Gorcunovtools/testing/selftests/kcmp/kcmp_test.c: add KCMP_EPOL...
2017-09-09 Michal Hockomm/sparse.c: fix typo in online_mem_sections
2017-09-09 Laurent Dufourmm/memory.c: fix mem_cgroup_oom_disable() call missing
2017-09-09 Roman Gushchinmm: memcontrol: use per-cpu stocks for socket memory...
2017-09-09 Shakeel Buttmm: fadvise: avoid fadvise for fs without backing device
2017-09-09 Matthias Kaehlckemm/zsmalloc.c: change stat type parameter to int
2017-09-09 Joonsoo Kimmm/mlock.c: use page_zone() instead of page_zone_id()
2017-09-09 Kemi Wangmm: consider the number in local CPUs when reading...
2017-09-09 Kemi Wangmm: update NUMA counter threshold size
2017-09-09 Kemi Wangmm: change the call sites of numa statistics items
2017-09-09 Anshuman Khandualmm/memory.c: remove reduntant check for write access
2017-09-09 Andrea Arcangeliuserfaultfd: non-cooperative: closing the uffd without...
2017-09-09 Laurent Dufourmm: remove useless vma parameter to offset_il_node
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm: fix build when HMM is disabled
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm: avoid bloating arch that do not make use of HMM
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm: add new helper to hotplug CDM memory region
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/device-public-memory: device memory cache coherent...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/migrate: allow migrate_vma() to alloc new page on...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/migrate: support un-addressable ZONE_DEVICE page...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/migrate: migrate_vma() unmap page from vma while...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/migrate: new memory migration helper for use with...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/migrate: new migrate mode MIGRATE_SYNC_NO_COPY
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm/devmem: dummy HMM device for ZONE_DEVICE memory
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm/devmem: device memory hotplug using ZONE_DEVICE
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/memcontrol: support MEMORY_DEVICE_PRIVATE
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/memcontrol: allow to uncharge page without using...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/ZONE_DEVICE: special case put_page() for device...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/ZONE_DEVICE: new type of ZONE_DEVICE for unaddressab...
2017-09-09 Michal Hockomm/memory_hotplug: introduce add_pages
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm/mirror: device page fault handler
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm/mirror: helper to snapshot CPU page table
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm/mirror: mirror process address space on device...
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissemm/hmm: heterogeneous memory management (HMM for short)
2017-09-09 Jérôme Glissehmm: heterogeneous memory management documentation
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: memory_hotplug: memory hotremove supports thp migration
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: migrate: move_pages() supports thp migration
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: mempolicy: mbind and migrate_pages support thp...
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: soft-dirty: keep soft-dirty bits over thp migration
2017-09-09 Zi Yanmm: thp: check pmd migration entry in common path
2017-09-09 Zi Yanmm: thp: enable thp migration in generic path
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: thp: introduce CONFIG_ARCH_ENABLE_THP_MIGRATION
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: thp: introduce separate TTU flag for thp freezing
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: x86: move _PAGE_SWP_SOFT_DIRTY from bit 7 to bit 1
2017-09-09 Naoya Horiguchimm: mempolicy: add queue_pages_required()
2017-09-08 Linus TorvaldsRDMA/netlink: clean up message validity array initializer
2017-09-08 Leon RomanovskyRDAM/netlink: Fix out-of-bound access while checking...
2017-09-08 Linus TorvaldsMerge branch 'gperf-removal'