powerpc/mm/radix: mark __radix__flush_tlb_range_psize() as __always_inline
authorMasahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
Tue, 14 May 2019 22:42:17 +0000 (15:42 -0700)
committerLinus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>
Wed, 15 May 2019 02:52:48 +0000 (19:52 -0700)
This prepares to move CONFIG_OPTIMIZE_INLINING from x86 to a common
place.  We need to eliminate potential issues beforehand.

If it is enabled for powerpc, the following error is reported:

  arch/powerpc/mm/tlb-radix.c: In function '__radix__flush_tlb_range_psize':
  arch/powerpc/mm/tlb-radix.c:104:2: error: asm operand 3 probably doesn't match constraints [-Werror]
    asm volatile(PPC_TLBIEL(%0, %4, %3, %2, %1)
  arch/powerpc/mm/tlb-radix.c:104:2: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'

Link: http://lkml.kernel.org/r/20190423034959.13525-10-yamada.masahiro@socionext.com
Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com>
Cc: Arnd Bergmann <arnd@arndb.de>
Cc: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>
Cc: Boris Brezillon <bbrezillon@kernel.org>
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Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@linux-foundation.org>

index 6a23b9ebd2a14593deddcc922568e4eda7e31057..a2b2848f0ae3f25f6734f18dd120a82fdf98e6e8 100644 (file)
@@ -928,7 +928,7 @@ void radix__tlb_flush(struct mmu_gather *tlb)
        tlb->need_flush_all = 0;
-static inline void __radix__flush_tlb_range_psize(struct mm_struct *mm,
+static __always_inline void __radix__flush_tlb_range_psize(struct mm_struct *mm,
                                unsigned long start, unsigned long end,
                                int psize, bool also_pwc)