team: no need to do team_notify_peers or team_mcast_rejoin when disabling port
authorHangbin Liu <>
Thu, 22 Nov 2018 08:15:28 +0000 (16:15 +0800)
committerDavid S. Miller <>
Sat, 24 Nov 2018 01:18:15 +0000 (17:18 -0800)
team_notify_peers() will send ARP and NA to notify peers. team_mcast_rejoin()
will send multicast join group message to notify peers. We should do this when
enabling/changed to a new port. But it doesn't make sense to do it when a port
is disabled.

On the other hand, when we set mcast_rejoin_count to 2, and do a failover,
team_port_disable() will increase mcast_rejoin.count_pending to 2 and then
team_port_enable() will increase mcast_rejoin.count_pending to 4. We will send
4 mcast rejoin messages at latest, which will make user confused. The same
with notify_peers.count.

Fix it by deleting team_notify_peers() and team_mcast_rejoin() in

Reported-by: Liang Li <>
Fixes: fc423ff00df3a ("team: add peer notification")
Fixes: 492b200efdd20 ("team: add support for sending multicast rejoins")
Signed-off-by: Hangbin Liu <>
Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>

index db633ae9f784a7cf0128e922a046160d25b898e1..364f514d56d87368e173c56a8e28b45debe08af3 100644 (file)
@@ -985,8 +985,6 @@ static void team_port_disable(struct team *team,
        team_queue_override_port_del(team, port);
        team_queue_override_port_del(team, port);
-       team_notify_peers(team);
-       team_mcast_rejoin(team);