2011-12-08 Jelmer VernooijMerge Dhananjay's branch. master
2011-09-10 Dhananjay Satheremove the diff
2011-09-10 Dhananjay Sathefixes to
2011-08-16 Dhananjay Sathe pep fixes to dialogs (
2011-08-16 Dhananjay Sathefixes
2011-08-16 Dhananjay Satheremove sys append by default, add gpl
2011-08-16 Dhananjay Sathepep fixes, statusbar fixed
2011-08-14 Dhananjay Satheupdates
2011-08-10 Dhananjay Sathehide types, code cleanup, remove artwork, sys path...
2011-08-09 Jelmer VernooijOnly install desktop files for existing packages.
2011-08-09 Jelmer VernooijIgnore build directory.
2011-08-09 Jelmer VernooijSupport building and installing manual pages.
2011-08-08 Dhananjay Sathepage swaps fixed
2011-08-08 Dhananjay Satheconnect missing image fixup
2011-08-08 Dhananjay SatheMultiple changes
2011-08-05 Dhananjay Satheintegration complete
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathefields validate fixed , now handles both wizard and...
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathewizard history fixup , custom collects
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathefuse cleanup
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathedebug cleanup
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathecleanup
2011-08-03 Dhananjay Sathewizard fixed, fields validation enabled, multiple fixes
2011-08-02 Dhananjay SatheWizard Integration Complete
2011-08-01 Dhananjay Satheshare add wizard base code omplete
2011-07-29 Dhananjay Satheserver info now fixed to inactive , autochange captions...
2011-07-28 Dhananjay Sathe right column fixups fixed width
2011-07-28 Dhananjay Sathesrsvsc pipe now handles cases where returned lists...
2011-07-28 Dhananjay Satheshare listing fixes
2011-07-28 Dhananjay Sathepyc cleanup
2011-07-28 Dhananjay Sathe multiple fixes, share info reworked
2011-07-27 Dhananjay Satheshare management interface complete
2011-07-26 Dhananjay Sathe Multiple bug fixes
2011-07-25 Dhananjay Satheserver pane fillup rework
2011-07-25 Dhananjay Sathebuild cleanup
2011-07-25 Dhananjay Sathefunctions finished, linking, sensitivity pending
2011-07-24 Dhananjay Sathegpl fix
2011-07-23 Dhananjay SatheRecomended Fixups
2011-07-23 Dhananjay Sathetest
2011-07-21 Dhananjay SatheAUTHORS append
2011-07-21 Dhananjay SatheMerge remote-tracking branch 'test/master'
2011-07-21 Dhananjay Sathecleanup and repo reformat preparing for merge
2011-07-21 Dhananjay Satherestructure and updates to
2011-07-21 Dhananjay Sathemerge test
2011-07-21 Dhananjay Satheupdates
2011-07-19 Dhananjay Sathemajor eds, code import, new layout, heavy work in progr...
2011-07-18 Dhananjay Sathecleanup
2011-07-18 Dhananjay Satherecovery of lost doc , .get fixes, , bugfixes
2011-07-17 Dhananjay Sathebase -gui complete
2011-07-12 Dhananjay Satheupdate
2011-07-09 Dhananjay Satheupdate active windo complete
2011-07-08 Dhananjay Sathebasegui Init
2011-07-03 Dhananjay Sathepango & events
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathetrash disposal
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathegui align fixes
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathegui align fixes
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathegui cleanup
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathealt del screenshot fix
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathealt del
2011-07-01 Dhananjay Sathe100 papercuts
2011-06-30 Dhananjay Sathecleanup
2011-06-30 Dhananjay Sathedelete dialog
2011-06-28 Dhananjay Sathestring cat now by str.join PEP-8 / recomends
2011-06-28 Dhananjay Satheadd/edit module almost done
2011-06-28 Dhananjay Sathetypo fix
2011-06-23 Dhananjay Sathetype info resolution reworked
2011-06-23 Dhananjay Sathecleanup
2011-06-22 Dhananjay Sathepipe reworked
2011-06-21 Dhananjay Sathefix name to pysrvsvc to prevet naming clash
2011-06-20 Dhananjay Satheupdate
2011-06-19 Dhananjay Satheupd8
2011-06-19 Dhananjay Satheshare handling rework
2011-06-18 Dhananjay Sathefix typos
2011-06-18 Dhananjay SathePEP-8
2011-06-17 Dhananjay Satheupdate
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathescreenshot clear
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathescreenshot clear
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Satheartwork-fix, minor fix in aligns
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathesamba logo update fix
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathesamba logo update fix
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Satheoops typo fix
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Satheconnect dialogue comlete, tooltips and design artwork...
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathemodify list/list-all & connect dialogue
2011-06-15 Dhananjay Sathemodify list/list-all & connect dialogue
2011-06-13 Dhananjay Sathepep-8 docstring fixes
2011-06-11 Dhananjay Sathefixes PEP-8 and exception recomendations
2011-06-10 Dhananjay Sathemockup design idea outline
2011-06-09 Dhananjay Satherename
2011-06-09 Dhananjay Satherename
2011-06-08 Jelmer VernooijFix imports.
2011-06-08 Dhananjay Sathetypo fix
2011-06-08 Dhananjay SatheComplete overhaul, completion of srvsvcpipe, better...
2011-06-08 Dhananjay Satheupdate
2011-06-04 Dhananjay Satheupdate
2011-06-04 Dhananjay Sathetypo fix
2011-06-04 Dhananjay SatheLots of bug fixes cleanup
2011-06-03 Dhananjay Satherefix
2011-06-03 Dhananjay Sathetypo/comment fix
2011-06-03 Dhananjay Sathepath fixes
2011-06-02 Dhananjay Sathesome fixes, use locals
2011-05-31 Dhananjay Sathereadme update