descriptionThis is the master repository for remote-cache, a wan-accelerator for NFS
ownerRonnie Sahlberg
last changeThu, 23 Jul 2009 22:47:45 +0000 (08:47 +1000)
2009-07-23 rootversion 3.6 master
2009-07-23 Martin Schwenkeremote-cache-clean: add a final pass to remove empty...
2009-07-23 Martin SchwenkeAdditional cache cleaning algorithms.
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeRejig code and logging in preparation for extra cleanup...
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeUpdate RPM spec file to cope with moved and new files.
2009-07-21 Martin Schwenkeremote-cache should be installed in sbin rather than...
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeCleanups to doc/remote-cache.8.xml and commit of genera...
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeMove remote-cache documentation to section 8 of the...
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeAdd remote-cache-clean derived documentation files.
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeFix circular dependency error with autoconf 2.6.3.
2009-07-21 Martin SchwenkeNew remote-cache-clean script.
2009-07-15 rootnew version 3.5
2009-07-15 rootremove the switch_to_real_user() function and switch_ba...
2009-07-15 rootremove the last use of switch_to_real_user()
2009-07-15 rootremote an additional switch_to_real_user()
2009-07-14 rootremove a switch_to_real_user()
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