2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.0 v3.1.0
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonRemove unused var.
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonFlush write buffer on an aborted in-place transfer.
2013-09-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest news.
2013-09-16 Wayne DavisonFix the visit-all-patches path.
2013-09-16 Wayne DavisonFix error in write_sparse() on incomplete write.
2013-08-03 Wayne DavisonRemove bypassed checksums in --inplace to improve speed.
2013-07-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.0pre1 v3.1.0pre1
2013-07-12 Wayne DavisonWe need a trailing dot when using --server --daemon.
2013-07-12 Wayne DavisonLook for REMOTE_HOST before SSH_* environment options.
2013-06-23 Wayne DavisonSet DESTDIR for make install.
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest changes.
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonBe a little clearer about full-line comments.
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonGet GPL name right.
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonMention right option when using --delete-delay.
2013-06-15 Wayne DavisonSupport rsync daemon over SSL via stunnel.
2013-06-12 Wayne DavisonFix "make check".
2013-06-11 Wayne DavisonMove some code from util.c to util2.c and add sum_as_hex().
2013-06-11 Wayne DavisonSet number_separator the first time it gets used.
2013-06-10 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS changes.
2013-06-10 Wayne DavisonUpgrading zlib to 1.2.8.
2013-06-10 Wayne DavisonRename -> lsh.
2013-06-10 Wayne DavisonRename lsh ->
2013-06-09 Wayne DavisonUpdating NEWS with the latest changes.
2013-06-09 Wayne DavisonAllow --password-file=- for a stdin-supplied password.
2013-06-02 Wayne DavisonFix module-name splitting with --protect-args.
2013-06-02 Wayne DavisonTweak --checksum-seed docs.
2013-06-02 Wayne DavisonAvoid preallocation on inplace file that is already...
2013-05-28 Wayne DavisonLook for got_kill_signal in a couple more spots.
2013-05-26 Wayne DavisonImprove logic of code vs exit_code (etc.) in cleanup.
2013-05-26 Wayne DavisonForward a MSG_ERROR_EXIT value to generator too.
2013-05-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid I/O via signal-handler thread.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonImprove iconvbufs() to do more buffer size checks.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonFix msleep() if time goes backwards. Fixes bug 9789.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonFixed unused variable warnings in free_stat_x.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonAdd an implementation of getpass for systems that lack...
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonUse S_IXUSR instead of the now-obsolete S_IEXEC.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonUpdated to the version dated 2013-04-24.
2013-05-19 Wayne DavisonUpdated to the version dated 2013-05-16.
2013-01-20 Wayne DavisonImprove description of --max-delete.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonFix weird error in test programs on SunOS.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonUpdate copyright year.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonUpdate OLDNEWS with 3.0.9 info.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonFree ACL/xattr info in try_dests_reg() loop.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonAdd free_stat_x() inline function.
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonFurther improve non-empty-destination --link-dest behavior:
2013-01-19 Wayne DavisonRemove -3 return from try_dests_reg() again -- let...
2013-01-18 Wayne DavisonAlign fileio's map_ptr() reads. Fixes bug 8177.
2013-01-18 Wayne DavisonReformat a few things for wider lines.
2013-01-18 Wayne DavisonImprove handling of existing files for alt-dest opts.
2012-10-07 Wayne DavisonPerl version of lsh that can change user w/o sudo.
2012-10-07 Wayne DavisonFix bogus "vanished file" with "./" prefixes.
2012-10-03 Wayne DavisonFix indentation that used expanded tabs.
2012-09-23 Wayne DavisonAvoid an unused variable warning if no setvbuf.
2012-09-23 Wayne DavisonMake read_args() return the full request.
2012-06-16 Wayne DavisonMake daemon listener exit w/code 0 on SIGTERM.
2012-05-05 Wayne DavisonSet the modtime to 0 on a partial file.
2012-01-28 Wayne DavisonFix --only-write-batch hang with --hard-links.
2012-01-28 Wayne DavisonAdd a slash-stripping version of rsync in support dir.
2012-01-28 Wayne Davisonflist->in_progress is only needed w/inc_recurese.
2012-01-28 Wayne DavisonMake stderr line-buffered w/--msgs2stderr.
2012-01-28 Wayne DavisonAdd new --outbuf=N|L|B option.
2011-12-24 Wayne DavisonAllow --max-size=0 and --min-size=0.
2011-12-24 Wayne DavisonComplain if the --block-size=N value is too large.
2011-12-21 Wayne DavisonImprove the handling of verbose/debug messages
2011-12-16 Wayne DavisonAvoid double-free of xattr/acl data in real_sx.
2011-11-24 Wayne DavisonMention that %a and %h are daemon-only escapes.
2011-11-23 Wayne DavisonAnother asprintf() return-value-check tweak.
2011-11-23 Wayne DavisonCommitting missed manpage tweak.
2011-11-23 Wayne Davisonmake repeated --fuzzy option look into alt-dest dirs.
2011-11-21 Wayne DavisonAdd compatibility with an unmodified zlib.
2011-11-21 Wayne DavisonFix --compress data-duplication bug.
2011-11-21 Wayne DavisonFix version expansion.
2011-10-22 Wayne DavisonFix --delete-missing-args when --relative is active.
2011-10-08 Wayne DavisonTest asprintf() failure with < 0, not <= 0.
2011-10-08 Wayne DavisonLet's cast getpid() to an int instead of a long for...
2011-09-23 Wayne DavisonFix two unused-variable compiler warnings.
2011-09-22 Wayne DavisonFix xattr memory leak. Fixes bug 8475.
2011-09-22 Ben WaltonTestsuite/dir-sgid: use symbolic mode to set sgid bit
2011-09-20 Wayne DavisonAdd solaris xattr support to the tests.
2011-09-20 Wayne DavisonBetter fakeroot support helps Solaris.
2011-09-20 Wayne DavisonChange stat order for better ELOOP determination.
2011-09-20 Wayne DavisonBe sure to use STRUCT_STAT.
2011-09-19 Wayne DavisonMake do_readlink() support fake-super w/o O_NOFOLLOW.
2011-09-15 Wayne DavisonMake --delete-excluded work better with --filter=merge.
2011-09-15 Wayne DavisonWhen modifying PATH, export it (for Solaris).
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonAdded "SORTED TRANSFER ORDER" manpage section.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonCleanup some manpage & --help info.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonUse "|| true" in our `xattr` test runs.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonMake sure other early exit calls can't hang in noop_io_...
2011-09-12 Wayne DavisonImprove the usage for --help.
2011-09-12 Ben WaltonBetter configure support for Solaris xattrs
2011-09-11 Wayne DavisonFix a potential hang on an empty file list.
2011-09-11 Wayne DavisonDocument --msgs2stderr.
2011-09-07 Wayne DavisonError out if --password-file specifed and it fails.
2011-09-03 Wayne DavisonDirs need +rx as well as +w for non-super xfers.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonMove implied_dot_dir=1, just to be safe.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonFix sending of "." attributes for implied-dot-dir.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonFix bwlimit multiplication overflow. Fixes bug 8375.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonSome option-parsing clarifiation in the intro.