2002-02-09 Martin PoolMake sure that supplementary groups are removed from... cvs/branch-2.4
2002-01-25 Martin PoolBump version to 2.4.8 v2.4.8
2002-01-25 Martin PoolShould be 2.4.8, because we talked about doing 2.4... v2.4.8pre1
2002-01-25 Martin PoolSignedness security patch from Sebastian Krahmer <krahm... v2.4.7pre1
2002-01-24 Martin PoolVerbose messages for spoof check... doesn't work on...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolWhen doing a name->addr translation to check for spoofi...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolMessage on successful configuration.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolFix comment.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolName resolution on machines supporting IPv6 is improved. v2.5.2pre2
2002-01-24 Martin Poolignore gmon.out
2002-01-24 Martin PoolFix getpeername call.
2002-01-24 Martin Poolsize_t fix.
2002-01-24 Martin Poolwrite_batch_csums_file: Opaque IO buffers should be...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolFix cast that was breaking HP/UX.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolMove both calls to getpeername into a common wrapper...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolMust get declarations from addrinfo.h before prototypes.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolAnother size_t warning
2002-01-24 Martin Poolcheck_name: Print out name *before* clobbering it.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolTry to fix error on Solaris:
2002-01-24 Martin PoolIf name lookup fails, then show the relevant IP address...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolAt the connections that just get a list of modules...
2002-01-24 Martin Poolrsync_module: If host-based access fails, show the...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolShow command used to start connection child.
2002-01-24 Martin Poolindent -kr -i8
2002-01-24 Martin PoolDoc.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolShow helper program with -v when opening connection.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolDoc.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolFix const
2002-01-24 Martin PoolUnbreak the old behavior of using UNKNOWN as a hostname...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolFix inverted sense of error check.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolRefactor client_name() into smaller functions.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolDoc.
2002-01-24 Martin PoolBump version to 2.5.2pre2.
2002-01-24 Martin Poollog_formatted: Fill the log buffer with nuls to make...
2002-01-24 Martin PoolAnother harmless size_t warning.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolDoc. v2.5.2pre1
2002-01-23 Martin PoolMore size_t fixes.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolJust for variety we have some socklen_t fixes too.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolRefactor code in send_sums to remove repeated ternaries.
2002-01-23 Martin Poolindent -kr -i8
2002-01-23 Martin PoolFix more ints that ought to be size_t's.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolDoc.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolFix another int that ought to be a size_t.
2002-01-23 Martin Poolindent -kr -i8
2002-01-23 Martin PoolAnother signedness fix to quieten Sun cc warning.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolSkip this for now; it's a known bug
2002-01-23 Martin PoolBump version to 2.5.2pre1.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolNote batch-mode changes.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolNote about proxy authentication and SOCKS.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolIndent.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolUpdate thankyou list.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolNote that batch mode is currently experimental.
2002-01-23 Martin PoolPatch from Jos Backus -- Fix breakage from dev_t to...
2002-01-23 Martin PoolSignedness security patch from Sebastian Krahmer <krahm...
2002-01-23 Martin PoolIf using gcc, then also turn on -W to get even more...
2002-01-21 Martin PoolDon't need to reread configuration on SIGHUP because...
2002-01-15 David DykstraAack! Since released version 2.5.0, the --whole-file...
2002-01-15 Martin PoolChange gratuituous strlcat's into strlcpy, since we...
2002-01-15 Martin PoolClearer doc.
2002-01-15 Martin PoolAdd --enable-profile to turn on gprof. This is not...
2002-01-15 Martin PoolUpdate
2002-01-15 Martin PoolThe Ted T'so school of program optimization: make progr...
2002-01-15 Martin PoolRemove unused variable.
2002-01-15 Martin PoolOops, getaddrinfo returns an error code (not -1) for...
2002-01-15 Martin PoolDefine _GNU_SOURCE so that we get all necessary prototypes.
2002-01-15 Martin PoolIf using GCC, try to turn on -Wall. I want to be clean...
2002-01-14 Martin PoolFix for <>
2002-01-13 Martin PoolIgnore testtmp directories.
2002-01-11 Martin PoolDOc.
2002-01-11 Martin PoolAlways use 64-bit ino_t and dev_t internally, so that...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMore comments about IPv6 stuff.
2002-01-11 Martin PoolWhen checking what was copied, use specific -d -f ...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolThe current version of rsync is expected to fail to...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolAdd concept of expected-failure.
2002-01-11 Martin PoolGive cleaner output from "make check"
2002-01-11 Martin PoolBump version number.
2002-01-11 Martin PoolImproved duplicates test: check that each file is
2002-01-11 Martin PoolCheck whether code to eliminate duplicate filenames...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolBetter mallinfo() output in --stats
2002-01-11 Martin PoolUpdate copyright
2002-01-11 Martin PoolDoc
2002-01-11 Martin PoolLook for mallinfo() and use it to display
2002-01-11 Martin PoolIn protocol version 26, always
2002-01-11 Martin PoolAutoindent
2002-01-11 Martin PoolImproved test framework and test for hardlink handling
2002-01-11 Martin PoolBump version
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.12: Add test case for -H
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.12: tls now shows number of links...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.10: Documentation about flist scalabi...
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.9: Documentation about flist scalability
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.4: Documentation about flist scalability
2002-01-11 Martin PoolMerge ChangeSet@1.4: Documentation about future develop...
2002-01-03 Martin PoolOops, fix date. v2.5.1
2002-01-03 rsync-bugspreparing for release of 2.5.1
2002-01-03 Martin PoolCleanup.
2001-12-20 David DykstraRemoved debugging statement that was added to sig_int...
2001-12-20 Martin PoolSuggestion from David Stein
2001-12-18 Martin PoolTypo
2001-12-18 Martin PoolGet rid of global_opts struct as suggested by Dave...
2001-12-18 Martin PoolDocumentation fixes based on mail from Edward Welbourne...