2011-09-19 Wayne DavisonMake do_readlink() support fake-super w/o O_NOFOLLOW.
2011-09-15 Wayne DavisonMake --delete-excluded work better with --filter=merge.
2011-09-15 Wayne DavisonWhen modifying PATH, export it (for Solaris).
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonAdded "SORTED TRANSFER ORDER" manpage section.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonCleanup some manpage & --help info.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonUse "|| true" in our `xattr` test runs.
2011-09-13 Wayne DavisonMake sure other early exit calls can't hang in noop_io_...
2011-09-12 Wayne DavisonImprove the usage for --help.
2011-09-12 Ben WaltonBetter configure support for Solaris xattrs
2011-09-11 Wayne DavisonFix a potential hang on an empty file list.
2011-09-11 Wayne DavisonDocument --msgs2stderr.
2011-09-07 Wayne DavisonError out if --password-file specifed and it fails.
2011-09-03 Wayne DavisonDirs need +rx as well as +w for non-super xfers.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonMove implied_dot_dir=1, just to be safe.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonFix sending of "." attributes for implied-dot-dir.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonFix bwlimit multiplication overflow. Fixes bug 8375.
2011-08-27 Wayne DavisonSome option-parsing clarifiation in the intro.
2011-08-06 Wayne DavisonFix misplaced parens on getnameinfo() call.
2011-08-06 Wayne DavisonIgnore socketpair() on cygwin. Fixes bug 8356.
2011-08-01 Wayne DavisonTweak includes to fix non-defined NULL on some systems.
2011-07-22 Wayne DavisonFix Minix build errors. Fixes bug 8313.
2011-07-16 Wayne DavisonReplace another inet_ntop() call with getnameinfo().
2011-07-12 Wayne DavisonAdd more connect debug info, as Carlos suggested.
2011-07-12 Wayne DavisonMove freeaddrinfo() call after failure-reporting loop.
2011-07-04 Wayne DavisonFix a comment.
2011-07-04 Wayne DavisonHandle FES_NO_SEND properly on a hard-linked file.
2011-06-26 Wayne DavisonFix #ifdef in unchanged_attrs(). Fixes bug 8268.
2011-06-18 Wayne DavisonFix reading side of fake-symlink bug 7109.
2011-06-18 Wayne DavisonMake daemon-exclude errors more error-like.
2011-06-18 Wayne DavisonCheck if sender file changed before allowing a remove.
2011-06-18 Wayne DavisonSet NO_SYMLINK_USER_XATTRS on linux. Fixes bug 7109.
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonOnly skip deletions on IOERR_GENERAL. Fixes bug 7809.
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonDon't force \(em in the manpages. Fixes bug 7941.
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonAdd a colon if a non-empty pre-xfer exec message follows.
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonHandle EINTR when reading the pre-xfer exec message.
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonSend error messages from pre-xfer exec script to the...
2011-06-04 Wayne DavisonLinux needs symlink xattrs. Fixes bug 8201.
2011-05-30 Wayne DavisonWe need VA_COPY() defined more. Fix dangling #endif.
2011-05-30 Wayne DavisonMerge latest samba version to get va_end() fixes, etc.
2011-05-30 Wayne DavisonFix unwritable directory issue due to misordered chmod...
2011-05-25 Wayne DavisonExpand NO_ENTRY items from fake-super ACLs in get_rsync...
2011-05-17 Wayne DavisonUse a union for idlist's name/max_id value. Fixes...
2011-05-16 Wayne DavisonExplicitly mention spaces in the "path" setting.
2011-05-16 Wayne DavisonCheck for linux/falloc.h header file.
2011-05-07 Wayne DavisonAbort if the cd fails.
2011-05-07 Wayne DavisonTurn empty remote args into dot dirs.
2011-05-07 Wayne DavisonMake --files-from allow a missing trailing arg w/-...
2011-05-07 Wayne DavisonMention the number of child args.
2011-04-29 Wayne DavisonDon't die if man-copy fails.
2011-04-28 Wayne DavisonHandle non-srcdir man copying when yodl isn't installed.
2011-04-22 Wayne DavisonAvoid adding a slash to path '/'.
2011-04-22 Wayne DavisonFix a potential crash when trying to find a better...
2011-04-09 Wayne DavisonImprove lsh's handling of -l user option w/cd.
2011-04-05 Wayne DavisonAdd some temp-name dot heuristics for OS X's sake.
2011-04-05 Wayne DavisonApplying the preallocate patch.
2011-04-04 Wayne DavisonMove var declaration for older C compilers.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonAdding release info for 3.0.8 to the trunk.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonVerify the module list output of the daemon-via-ssh...
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonTweak dir xattrs after the writability fudging.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid re-setting (and sending) xattrs on a hard-linked...
2011-03-21 Wayne DavisonEnhance the -liconv check for OS X. Fixes bug 8018.
2011-03-19 Wayne DavisonGet the branch set right before listing names and handl...
2011-03-19 Wayne DavisonMake it possible to create a new patch file while on...
2011-03-18 Wayne DavisonDon't send user/group names for ACLs with --numeric...
2011-03-14 Wayne DavisonFix xattrs test on OS X.
2011-03-12 Wayne DavisonImprove the &merge/&include example explanation.
2011-03-12 Wayne DavisonChange rsyncd.conf &merge directive to match *.inc.
2011-02-26 Wayne DavisonSuggest a better solution for a make without wildcard...
2011-02-23 Wayne DavisonClarify what extraneous hard link are.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonGet rid of obsolete tempfs warning.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonSome uid/gid fixes for (id_t)-1 and other large ID...
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonAllow a failure of EINVAL to mean no ACLs are available.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonFix --force with --one-file-system w/o --delete.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonFix issue with devices-fake test.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonFix devices test on OS w/o hard-linked devices.
2011-02-21 Wayne DavisonImprove some hard-link caveats in the manpage.
2011-02-18 Wayne DavisonAdd .hg dir exclude to default_cvsignore list.
2011-01-30 Wayne DavisonUpdated a comment to match a 3.0.x change.
2011-01-30 Matt McCutchenAvoid changing file_extra_cnt during deletion.
2011-01-30 Wayne DavisonSome minor variable and flag cleanup.
2011-01-17 Wayne DavisonOptimize finding the sum that matches our --inplace...
2011-01-15 Wayne DavisonInclude backup in map_ptr() to avoid backing up when...
2011-01-15 Wayne DavisonSender realigns chunks with generator during an --inpla...
2011-01-14 Wayne DavisonMake sure an alternate --inplace sum has the right...
2011-01-14 Wayne DavisonFix a bug in the trailing-slash handling.
2011-01-14 Wayne DavisonImprove the discussion of the absolute-filter alternative.
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonHave build farm always use included popt.
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonMention that sorting the --files-from input is helpful.
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonAdded "listen backlog" daemon config paramater.
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonDaemon supports forward-DNS lookups for simple hostnames
2011-01-03 Wayne DavisonAvoid reading ACL/xattr info on filetypes not being...
2011-01-02 Wayne DavisonSeparate the dirs from the files in xattrs.text.
2011-01-02 Wayne DavisonClarify incremental recursion's effect on --hard-link.
2011-01-02 Wayne DavisonSome --inplace manpage enhancements.
2011-01-02 Wayne DavisonAvoid directory permission issues with --fake-super.
2011-01-02 Wayne DavisonBe clear on which part(s) of testsuite's checkit()...
2011-01-01 Wayne DavisonReport all socket connection errors if we fail.
2011-01-01 Wayne DavisonItemize xattrs of a missing dir from an alt-dest dir.
2011-01-01 Wayne DavisonUse full_fname() for system error messages.
2011-01-01 Wayne DavisonTweak the year.