2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonFix zlib CVE-2016-9842.
2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonFix zlib CVE-2016-9841.
2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonFix zlib CVE-2016-9840.
2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonTweak the copyright year.
2019-03-16 Wayne DavisonFix --remove-source-files sanity check w/--copy-links...
2019-03-15 Wayne DavisonHandle a run from down inside the checkout tree.
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonImprove write-only --sender check & handle 2 new options.
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonUpdate option culling to handle latest changes.
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonUse a separate pass-by-value pointer for clarity.
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonAvoid warning about leaked mem (didn't affect rsync...
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonAvoid leaving a file open on error return.
2019-01-15 Wayne DavisonFix --prealloc to keep file-size 0 when possible.
2019-01-09 Wayne DavisonReject --log-file when read-only.
2019-01-09 Wayne DavisonImprove check for ".." and guard against dash args.
2019-01-09 Wayne DavisonSave each expanded daemon-config string on first use to
2019-01-09 Wayne DavisonNo need to strdup each new section since we stopped...
2019-01-09 Wayne DavisonAvoid a yodl macro warning.
2019-01-08 Wayne DavisonMake sure that some memory zeroing always happens.
2019-01-08 Wayne DavisonAvoid a yodl macro warning.
2019-01-08 Wayne DavisonFix 2 spelling errors pointed out by bug 13734.
2019-01-05 Wayne DavisonAvoid a failed test if dirs report 1 hlink (e.g. WSL...
2019-01-04 Wayne DavisonSilence fall-through warnings.
2018-12-16 Wayne DavisonAvoid a potential out-of-bounds read in daemon mode...
2018-11-20 Wayne DavisonTry to be clearer that --append-verify isn't a general...
2018-11-20 Wayne DavisonDon't force cygwin to solaris ACLs anymore.
2018-11-20 Wayne DavisonDocument how a leading comma changes the gid parsing.
2018-11-20 Wayne DavisonFix itemizing of wrong dir name on some --iconv transfers.
2018-06-14 Wayne DavisonNeed to mark xattr rules in get_rule_prefix().
2018-03-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid a compiler error/warning about shifting a negativ...
2018-03-25 Wayne DavisonAllow some pre-/post-xfer exec shell restrictions.
2018-03-25 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2018-01-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.3 v3.1.3
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonMention nanoseconds change.
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonDon't force nanoseconds if a file wasn't transferred...
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.3pre1 v3.1.3pre1
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonTweak copyright date.
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonMention more changes.
2018-01-10 Jeriko OneIgnore --protect-args when already sent by client
2017-12-04 Wayne DavisonFix issue with earlier path-check (fixes "make check")
2017-12-04 Jeriko OneCheck daemon filter against fnamecmp in recv_files().
2017-12-04 Jeriko OneSanitize xname in read_ndx_and_attrs.
2017-12-04 Jeriko OneCheck fname in recv_files sooner.
2017-11-07 Wayne DavisonMore archaic-checksum improvements. This makes the...
2017-11-07 Wayne DavisonUse the right sum len.
2017-11-05 Wayne DavisonReplace startdit|enddit with description for newer...
2017-11-05 Wayne DavisonAdd missing closing paren that Paul Slootman pointed...
2017-11-05 Wayne DavisonEnforce trailing \0 when receiving xattr name values.
2017-10-30 Wayne DavisonUse full MD4 len for archaic protocol auth.
2017-10-29 Wayne DavisonDon't overflow an allocated dest buf when input path...
2017-10-29 Wayne DavisonAdd an extra argc validation in do_server_sender().
2017-10-25 Wayne DavisonOnly allow a modern checksum method for passwords.
2017-10-25 Wayne DavisonDon't forget to tweak sum_update().
2017-10-24 Wayne DavisonHandle archaic checksums properly.
2017-10-10 Wayne DavisonSet our_uid & our_gid values when changed by the daemon.
2017-10-08 Wayne DavisonMention --link-dest limit.
2017-10-08 Wayne DavisonMention refusing delete for write-only.
2017-10-08 Wayne DavisonMention -O is forced, not just implied.
2017-10-08 Wayne DavisonFix double-fuzzy + link-dest issue.
2017-10-08 Wayne DavisonFix possible buffer overrun for some large name_len...
2017-09-04 Wayne DavisonAdd "daemon chroot|uid|gid" parameters.
2017-08-31 Wayne DavisonAdd nanosecond mtime support for Mac OS X.
2017-04-29 Wayne DavisonAdd "syslog tag" to rsync daemon config.
2017-02-20 Wayne DavisonDon't allow --daemon or --server alias via popt.
2017-01-23 Wayne DavisonAdd a way to specify xattr name filtering.
2017-01-22 Wayne DavisonJoin some lines.
2017-01-22 Wayne DavisonGet rid of some superfluous double-quotes in error...
2016-10-31 Wayne DavisonFix extern of preallocated_len w/o SUPPORT_PREALLOCATION.
2016-10-29 Wayne DavisonMore fixes for --progress quirks.
2016-10-29 Wayne DavisonWe need a LF after filelist-progress with a CR.
2016-10-15 Wayne DavisonUse S_BLKSIZE when multiplying st_blocks.
2016-10-10 Wayne DavisonSupport --sparse combined with --preallocate or --inplace.
2016-08-14 Stefan Metzmacherxattrs: maintain a hashtable in order to speed up find_...
2016-08-14 Stefan Metzmacherhashtable: add hashlittle() from lookup3.c, by Bob...
2016-08-14 Stefan Metzmacherxattrs: introduce a rsync_xa_list struct as layer betwe...
2016-08-14 Stefan Metzmacherxattrs: let rsync_xal_store() return ndx.
2016-08-14 Stefan Metzmacherxattrs: add const to empty_xattr
2016-07-20 Greg WhiteleyMakefile: rounding.h generation requires proto.h via h
2016-06-26 Wayne DavisonFix "could not find xattr #1" errors.
2016-06-04 Wayne DavisonFix path check when prior_dir_file is NULL.
2016-05-07 Wayne DavisonImprove the top-level section on include/exclude traversal.
2016-05-02 Wayne DavisonAdd --checksum-choice option to choose the checksum...
2016-05-01 Wayne DavisonTweak indentation only.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonIf a backup fails (e.g. full disk) rsync should fail.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonOutput "UNKNOWN" if starttime or endtime is -1.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonSupport only splitting users/groups on commas.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonTweak non-fatal output when man pages cannot be created.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonFix use of obsolete compile macro.
2016-04-17 Wayne DavisonOnly output about new backup dirs when requested.
2016-01-31 Wayne DavisonFix/improve the sort functions.
2016-01-24 Wayne DavisonAdd support for comparing nanoseconds on the receiver.
2016-01-24 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2015-12-24 Wayne DavisonFix a tweak that should have been untweaked.
2015-12-21 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.2 v3.1.2
2015-12-21 Wayne DavisonImprove the "use chroot" & "numeric ids" info a bit...
2015-12-21 Wayne DavisonImprove the comment a bit more.
2015-12-19 Wayne DavisonFix rule for out-of-tree builds.
2015-12-18 Wayne DavisonDon't allow an empty flag name to --info & --debug.
2015-12-18 Wayne DavisonDocument expand_item_list's args & make sure incr=...
2015-12-05 Wayne DavisonFix return of stat info from try_dests_reg().
2015-09-13 Wayne DavisonAdd -wo option for write-only rrsync mode.