Preparing for release of 2.6.6pre1
[rsync.git] / testsuite / ssh-basic.test
2005-01-17 Wayne DavisonPut double-quotes around the --rsync-path arg.
2004-05-18 Wayne Davison- Use fromdir and todir instead of FROM and TO.
2003-02-19 Paul GreenApply patch from Steve Bonds to repair this test.
2002-03-22 Martin PoolProper messages for skipped tests.
2001-08-31 Martin PoolFix message.
2001-08-31 Martin PoolSkip SSH tests if $rsync_enable_ssh_tests is not set
2001-08-30 Martin PoolMore debug output for testing SSH.
2001-08-29 Martin PoolClean up Phil's test more.