Reject passing an arg to an option that doesn't take one (bug 6915).
[rsync.git] / popt / popt.c
2010-07-03 Wayne DavisonReject passing an arg to an option that doesn't take...
2008-03-08 Wayne DavisonSome popt improvements:
2006-11-23 Wayne DavisonFix a unused-variable compiler warning.
2006-11-21 Wayne DavisonDon't set an "rc" var that we aren't going to use.
2006-11-09 Wayne DavisonChanged _ABS to be defined as MY_ABS.
2006-11-09 Wayne DavisonMoved definition of DBL_EPSILON.
2006-11-09 Wayne Davison- Upgraded popt to version 1.10.2.
2005-02-20 Wayne DavisonDropped a useless "const" from the definition of poptSt...
2004-06-09 Wayne DavisonRestore UNUSED() macro (the prior problems that prompte...
2004-05-08 Wayne DavisonLet's just remove all the UNUSED() macros for now.
2004-05-08 Wayne DavisonOne more attempt to get HP-UX's cc to build popt succes...
2004-01-27 Wayne DavisonSilenced some compiler warnings.
2003-01-18 Wayne DavisonDefine DBL_EPSILON if it doesn't exist.
2003-01-11 David DykstraCast the return of alloca to remove a fatal error on...
2002-07-27 Wayne DavisonUpdated to version 1.6.4.
2001-03-23 Andrew Tridgellgot rid of dependency on alloca in popt
2001-02-24 Martin PoolUpgrade from popt 1.2 to a cut-down 1.5