finished 64 bit file offset support. Hopefully rsync can now transfer
[rsync.git] / io.c
1998-03-23 Andrew Tridgellfinished 64 bit file offset support. Hopefully rsync...
1998-03-23 Andrew Tridgellfor systems with a broken select use u_sleep() to ensur...
1997-12-31 Andrew Tridgellremoved the read_write() call, it's not used anywhere
1997-12-16 Andrew Tridgell#if 0 the write exception code for the moment. I need...
1997-12-16 Andrew Tridgell- fixed the "write exception" error. I was resetting...
1997-12-15 Andrew Tridgellseveral changes:
1997-12-15 Andrew TridgellI think I've (finally) fixed the problem with rsync...
1996-07-03 Andrew Tridgell- fixed file time bug
1996-07-02 Andrew Tridgelladded resend logic
1996-06-30 Andrew Tridgell- hard links
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgellnew exit/cleanup code
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgell- handle no mmap for munmap
1996-06-28 Paul Mackerrasstandard input on server may be nonblocking
1996-06-27 Andrew Tridgell- improved filename packing
1996-06-26 Andrew Tridgellmore byte efficient flist routines
1996-06-26 Andrew Tridgelladded SIGPIPE catch
1996-06-26 Andrew Tridgellwent to full non-blocking writes for the send_files...