Use "#if" (not "#ifdef") for configure-defined macros.
[rsync.git] / getgroups.c
2005-01-28 Wayne DavisonUse "#if" (not "#ifdef") for configure-defined macros.
2004-02-20 Wayne DavisonDon't use NGROUPS_MAX define.
2004-02-04 Wayne DavisonUse the new HAVE_GETGROUPS define.
2004-02-04 Wayne DavisonUse MY_GID() instead of getgid().
2004-01-22 Wayne DavisonImproved to add the default gid if it is missing from...
2004-01-04 Wayne DavisonSilence a compiler warning on Sun OS systems.
2003-09-10 Wayne DavisonChanged main() definition to avoid an extra prototype...
2003-08-22 Wayne DavisonMark unused vars.
2002-03-25 Martin PoolDefine NGROUPS if not already done.
2002-03-25 Martin PoolAdd our own little tool to call getgroups(2) because...