Preparing for release of 2.6.6pre1
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2002-03-25 Martin PoolInitial revision.
2002-03-22 Martin PoolMore sgml cleanups.
2002-03-19 Martin PoolClean up sgml.
2002-03-11 Martin PoolTry adding some FAQs from the FoM
2002-03-11 Martin PoolUse SGML rather than texinfo.
2002-03-11 Martin PoolMore merges into SGML.
2002-03-11 Martin PoolNotes on processing the SGML stuff.
2002-02-25 Martin PoolTry out DocBook SGML to see if it's easier than Texinfo.
2002-02-25 Martin PoolMerge Texinfo onto head.
2002-02-25 Martin PoolScrappy notes on hot functions that should be fixed