Just include rsync.h rather than all the individual headers.
[rsync.git] / acconfig.h
2001-11-23 Martin PoolMerge KAME.net IPv6 patch: you can now (in theory)...
2001-06-12 David DykstraUse 3rd parameter in AC_DEFINE and AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED...
2001-06-12 David DykstraAdd --with-rsync-path option.
2001-05-07 Andrew Tridgellimported new snprintf.c from samba, got rid of slprintf
2001-05-02 Andrew Tridgelluse mkstemp on systems where it is secure
2000-04-19 Andrew Tridgellautoconf test for broken solaris inet_aton()
2000-03-30 Andrew Tridgellwent back to non-blokcing IO
2000-01-23 Andrew Tridgellhandle systems that don't take a 2nd argument to gettim...
1999-03-12 David DykstraInclude a test for a working getopt_long because the...
1998-10-30 Andrew Tridgellcheck for a broken inet_ntoa() on IRIX
1998-07-17 Andrew Tridgellhandle hard links on systems with 16 bit ino_t
1998-05-10 Andrew Tridgelllook for -lsocket by checking for connect()
1998-05-07 Andrew Tridgellnow using autoheader as well as autoconf