Use seteuid() (if available) when using setuid().
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2008-04-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated the README and the NEWS file.
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2004-04-30 Wayne DavisonChanged the order that ssh and rsh are mentioned.
2002-05-13 David DykstraFix the rsync home page URL to drop a trailing "/rsync".
2002-04-08 Martin PoolRemove redundant list of options. It might be nice...
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2000-11-02 Martin PoolCorrect license name. Note new address of pserver...
2000-09-06 Andrew TridgellREADME update
1999-02-22 David DykstraAdd --delete-excluded option to delete files on the...
1999-02-18 David DykstraChanged exclude/include matching so that normally wildc...
1999-02-17 David DykstraAdded --copy-unsafe-links option which is like --copy...
1999-02-10 David DykstraChanged Usage in the rsync --help message to indicate...
1998-11-24 David DykstraUpdate the README file to reflect current usage options.
1998-11-23 Andrew Tridgellupdates to reflect new domain
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1998-11-06 Andrew Tridgellfixed typo
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1998-05-06 Andrew TridgellSolaris 2.6 doesn't support "signed char". What a broke...
1998-03-26 Andrew Tridgellupdated README and man page ready for the new release
1997-12-18 Andrew Tridgelladded a new mirror site to the README
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1997-12-15 Andrew Tridgellseveral changes:
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1996-10-02 Andrew Tridgelladded info on european mirror of rsync
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