Solaris uses EEXIST instead of ENOTEMPTY.
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1998-03-26 Andrew Tridgellupdated README and man page ready for the new release
1997-12-18 Andrew Tridgelladded a new mirror site to the README
1997-12-17 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1997-12-15 Andrew Tridgell- fixed an off by 1 bug in the hard link support
1997-12-15 Andrew Tridgellseveral changes:
1997-10-30 Andrew Tridgellfix spelling error
1997-07-10 Andrew Tridgellminor updates
1996-10-02 Andrew Tridgelladded info on european mirror of rsync
1996-10-01 Andrew Tridgell- added info on the mailing list
1996-07-03 Andrew Tridgell- fixed file time bug
1996-07-01 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-06-30 Andrew Tridgell- hard links
1996-06-22 Andrew TridgellInitial revision