Added --no-whole-file option to one of the runs.
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2005-04-01 Wayne DavisonMoved the 2.6.4 news here.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonAdd data for 2.6.4.
2004-11-17 Wayne DavisonAged the 2.6.3 release news.
2004-09-30 Wayne DavisonMention the (anticipated) 2.6.3 release date.
2004-06-01 Wayne Davison- Added older news from NEWS file.
2004-03-04 Wayne DavisonMoved the previous release's NEWS here.
2003-12-27 Wayne DavisonAged news from NEWS to OLDNEWS.
2003-04-10 J.W. Schultzversions prior to 1.7.0 (protcol version 17) cannot...
2003-03-24 J.W. SchultzMinor correction to protocol annotation.
2003-03-24 J.W. SchultzAnnotated each release with protocol version and
2002-04-03 Martin PoolRoll over version and news.
2002-03-14 Martin PoolRoll over news file; put in page markers.
2002-03-12 Martin PoolGet ready for new release. v2.5.4pre1
2002-03-12 Martin PoolGet ready for new release.
2002-02-05 Martin PoolRoll over NEWS
2002-01-15 Martin PoolUpdate
2001-12-02 Martin PoolMove old news from release 2.5.0.