[rsync.git] / NEWS
2001-12-05 Martin PoolChange back to using sockaddr_storage rather than socka...
2001-12-02 Martin PoolUpdate notes v2.5.1pre1
2001-12-02 Martin PoolMove old news from release 2.5.0.
2001-11-30 Martin PoolNote other supported platforms
2001-11-29 Martin PoolShow version when configuring.
2001-11-28 Martin PoolAdd list of platforms that build.
2001-11-27 Martin PoolAdd Paul Vixie's implementation of inet_ntop and inet_p...
2001-11-27 Martin PoolExplain IPv6 merge.
2001-11-24 Martin PoolIPv6 is off by default.
2001-11-24 Martin PoolNote IPv6 and nohang patches. v2.4.7pre2
2001-09-04 Martin PoolFor log messages containing ridiculously long strings...
2001-08-16 Martin PoolNote test suite.
2001-08-14 Martin PoolNote UNICOS works again
2001-08-14 Martin PoolRemove incorrect news message
2001-08-14 Martin PoolMerge across rsync+ patch; add a little documentation...
2001-08-06 Martin PoolDocument autoconf updates.
2001-08-06 Martin PoolSummarize all the changes since 2.4.6 so we have them...