Fix zlib CVE-2016-9840.
[rsync.git] / NEWS
2018-12-16 Wayne DavisonAvoid a potential out-of-bounds read in daemon mode...
2018-06-14 Wayne DavisonNeed to mark xattr rules in get_rule_prefix().
2018-03-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid a compiler error/warning about shifting a negativ...
2018-03-25 Wayne DavisonAllow some pre-/post-xfer exec shell restrictions.
2018-03-25 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2018-01-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.3 v3.1.3
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonMention nanoseconds change.
2018-01-15 Wayne DavisonMention more changes.
2016-05-02 Wayne DavisonAdd --checksum-choice option to choose the checksum...
2016-01-24 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2015-12-21 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.2 v3.1.2
2015-12-18 Wayne DavisonDon't allow an empty flag name to --info & --debug.
2015-09-13 Wayne DavisonAdd -wo option for write-only rrsync mode.
2015-09-07 Wayne DavisonFixed logging of %b & %c when using --log-file.
2015-08-24 Wayne DavisonChange daemon's gid list to use an "item_list".
2015-08-24 Wayne DavisonAdd configure option to set max daemon gid list.
2015-08-08 Wayne DavisonMention latest fixes.
2014-12-31 Wayne DavisonComplain if an inc-recursive path is not right for...
2014-11-27 Wayne DavisonUse usleep() for msleep() if it is available.
2014-09-06 Wayne DavisonPrepare the repository for more development.
2014-06-22 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.1 v3.1.1
2014-06-16 Wayne DavisonMake sure cmp_time() doesn't mess up due to a time_t...
2014-06-14 Wayne DavisonUpdated NEWS & tweaked a comment.
2014-06-13 Wayne DavisonFix hard-link bugs when receiver isn't capable.
2014-06-08 Wayne DavisonAdded a flag to disable xattr hlink optimization.
2014-05-26 Wayne DavisonMention all the latest changes in the NEWS.
2014-02-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid the use of an extra leading dot when using -...
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonInclude a systemd file that some distros might want.
2014-02-24 Wayne DavisonFix --info=progress2 info as a file is transferred.
2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS improvements.
2014-01-20 Wayne DavisonFix "unchanged" protocol designation.
2014-01-19 Wayne DavisonMention the latest NEWS items.
2013-10-04 Wayne DavisonA few more new options that rsync 3.1.0 can pass.
2013-10-03 Wayne DavisonPrepare repository for more development.
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.1.0 v3.1.0
2013-09-28 Wayne DavisonFlush write buffer on an aborted in-place transfer.
2013-09-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest news.
2013-08-03 Wayne DavisonRemove bypassed checksums in --inplace to improve speed.
2013-06-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest changes.
2013-06-10 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS changes.
2013-06-09 Wayne DavisonUpdating NEWS with the latest changes.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonAvoid re-setting (and sending) xattrs on a hard-linked...
2011-01-04 Wayne DavisonDaemon supports forward-DNS lookups for simple hostnames
2010-10-12 Wayne DavisonAdd @group auth and overrides to "auth user" daemon...
2010-07-03 Wayne DavisonDon't mention bug fixes that are queued up for 3.0.8.
2010-06-26 Wayne DavisonMention more changes.
2010-06-26 Wayne DavisonMention more output changes.
2009-12-30 Wayne DavisonAdd understanding of RSYNC_PROTECT_ARGS environment...
2009-12-21 Wayne DavisonPass the 'f' compatibility flag to the server (via -e)
2009-11-07 Wayne DavisonMention the error improvements.
2009-10-25 Wayne DavisonUpdated NEWS with some of the recent changes.
2009-08-29 Wayne DavisonCreate non-transferred files in a more atomic manner:
2009-05-23 Wayne DavisonMention some recent changes.
2009-02-28 Wayne DavisonAdded the --delete-missing-args option to delete specified
2009-02-28 Wayne DavisonMade --progress use ir-chk instead of to-chk when the...
2009-02-20 Wayne DavisonAdded a way for supplementary groups to be specified...
2009-02-18 Wayne DavisonAdding a way for log-format numbers to become more...
2009-01-15 Matt McCutchenAdded the "reverse lookup" daemon-config parameter.
2009-01-03 Wayne DavisonAdded init_stat_x() to avoid duplication of acl/xattr...
2008-11-16 Wayne DavisonMention the mapfrom/mapto scripts and how they work.
2008-11-16 Wayne DavisonAdding the --usermap/--groupmap/--chown options.
2008-09-27 Wayne DavisonEnhanced the --stats output:
2008-09-11 Wayne DavisonA couple instant-rsyncd improvements:
2008-08-31 Wayne DavisonImproved the fix that ensures that the generator gets...
2008-07-24 Wayne DavisonEnhanced the release scripts to be able to handle a...
2008-07-21 Wayne DavisonFixed a bug in match_hard_links() where an empty direct...
2008-07-20 Wayne DavisonAdded a '%C' (MD5 checksum) flag for the output/logfile...
2008-07-14 Wayne DavisonAdded the --info=FLAGS an --debug=FLAGS options, which...
2008-07-11 Wayne DavisonIf the user specifies --protocol=29, rsync will avoid...
2008-07-05 Wayne DavisonAdded the --remote-option=OPT (-M OPT) option.
2008-07-05 Wayne DavisonThe --progress output now leaves the cursor at the...
2008-07-05 Wayne DavisonPrepare repository for more development.
2008-06-30 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.0.3 v3.0.3
2008-06-28 Wayne DavisonMention the addition of the deny-rsync script, and...
2008-06-23 Wayne DavisonFixed the sending of large files with older rsync versi...
2008-06-23 Wayne DavisonMention more fixes in the NEWS.
2008-05-31 Wayne DavisonIf an arg is excluded, don't include its implied dirs.
2008-05-31 Wayne DavisonMake sure the generator doesn't try to send a negative...
2008-05-17 Wayne DavisonMention the latest fixes in the NEWS.
2008-04-29 Wayne DavisonMention all the latest changes in the NEWS.
2008-04-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated the README and the NEWS file.
2008-04-12 Wayne DavisonPrepare repository for more development.
2008-04-08 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.0.2 v3.0.2
2008-04-08 Wayne DavisonRoll over the NEWS files for the next release.
2008-04-04 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.0.1 v3.0.1
2008-03-27 Wayne DavisonMention two more NEWS items.
2008-03-24 Wayne DavisonDon't send daemon-config filter-action messages back...
2008-03-24 Wayne DavisonImproved --dirs/--no-dirs/--list-only option handling:
2008-03-23 Wayne DavisonAdded a couple more NEWS items.
2008-03-23 Wayne DavisonMore NEWS updates and improvements.
2008-03-22 Wayne DavisonMention the most recent changes in the NEWS.
2008-03-17 Matt McCutchenMore typo fixes.
2008-03-17 Wayne DavisonMention all the latest changes in the NEWS file.
2008-03-02 Wayne DavisonTweak the files to start work on the next release.
2008-03-01 Wayne DavisonPreparing for release of 3.0.0 v3.0.0
2008-03-01 Wayne DavisonMention a couple more items of note.
2008-02-20 Wayne DavisonImproved several things in the NEWS files, including...
2008-02-16 Wayne DavisonAdded a way to specify where the chroot should occur...
2008-02-16 Wayne DavisonSome daemon security improvements, including the new...
2008-02-11 Wayne DavisonA few more NEWS tweaks.