Mention the EEXIST fix.
[rsync.git] / .cvsignore
2005-01-25 Wayne DavisonAdded .rsync-filter.
2004-08-11 Wayne DavisonIgnore new getfsdev executable.
2004-04-15 Wayne DavisonGot rid of zlib/dummy ("dummy" is in the zlib .cvsignor...
2004-01-03 Wayne DavisonFixed autom4te*.cache entry.
2003-07-05 Wayne DavisonIgnore "wildtest".
2003-01-10 David DykstraClean up better after the testsuite check programs...
2002-04-08 Martin PoolSplit code out into separate files and remove some...
2002-03-26 Martin PoolIgnore autoconf cache. (??)
2002-01-25 Martin PoolIgnore autoconf fluff.
2002-01-24 Martin Poolignore gmon.out
2002-01-13 Martin PoolIgnore testtmp directories.
2001-09-07 Martin PoolAdd a little implementation of ls(1) so that we can...
2001-08-31 Martin PoolIgnore test tmp dir.
2001-08-29 Martin PoolRedraft testsuite driver script to unify 'make check...
2001-08-17 Martin PoolSet up scratch directory for tests.
2001-01-08 Martin PoolIgnore generated files that are not stored in CVS.
2000-11-10 Martin PoolIgnore dummy output file
2000-10-13 Martin PoolClear up conditions for running as root.
1997-12-16 Andrew Tridgelladded .cvsignore to the .cvsignore file to prevent...
1997-12-15 rsync-bugspreparing for release of 1.6.4 v1.6.4
1996-10-02 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-07-04 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-07-01 Andrew Tridgelladded hooks for compression in token.c
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgell*** empty log message ***
1996-06-28 Andrew Tridgell- handle no mmap for munmap
1996-06-27 Andrew Tridgell- improved filename packing
1996-06-26 Andrew Tridgelladded SIGPIPE catch
1996-06-26 Andrew Tridgellwent to full non-blocking writes for the send_files...
1996-06-25 Andrew Tridgelladded stuff to ignore list
1996-06-22 Andrew TridgellInitial revision