2005-04-04 Wayne DavisonChanged the background color for one table element.
2005-04-04 Wayne DavisonIncorporated some changes by Dave Yost, and then made...
2005-03-31 Wayne DavisonUpdated to mention the release of 2.6.4.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonMention the preview man pages.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonImproved a couple sentences.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.4pre4 release.
2005-03-16 Wayne DavisonA few minor tweaks.
2005-03-16 Wayne DavisonMentioned the rsync-2.6.4pre3 release.
2005-03-01 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.4pre2 release.
2005-02-23 Wayne DavisonMention the release of 2.6.4pre1.
2005-02-21 Wayne DavisonUpdated the CVS instructions (i.e. don't confuse the...
2005-02-06 Wayne DavisonAdded a couple more resources.
2005-02-05 Wayne DavisonImproved a couple sentences in the older entires.
2005-01-25 Wayne DavisonAdded rsync+stunnel link.
2005-01-06 Wayne DavisonMention the atomic-rsync script.
2004-12-13 Wayne DavisonFixed a typo.
2004-12-13 Wayne DavisonMention a couple more rsync-based projects.
2004-11-02 Wayne DavisonMention mailing-list archives at ...
2004-11-02 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2004-11-02 Wayne DavisonTweaked one word.
2004-10-20 Wayne DavisonFixed the win95.txt link.
2004-10-20 Wayne DavisonAdding missing file.
2004-10-20 Wayne DavisonChanged the ftp URLs to use
2004-10-09 Wayne DavisonMention that the network closing the connection as...
2004-10-09 Wayne DavisonReorganize the info a little more to make it more readable.
2004-10-09 Wayne DavisonMention looking in the daemon's log file for error...
2004-10-08 Wayne DavisonMention how to get a core dump for a daemon.
2004-10-08 Wayne DavisonRemoved caveat about 2.6.3 not being released.
2004-10-05 Wayne Davison- Changed a future-tense sentence about 2.6.3.
2004-10-05 Wayne DavisonAdded a link provided by Joe Smith.
2004-10-01 Wayne DavisonDecided it was time to get rid of some of the red.
2004-09-30 Wayne DavisonChanged the announcements for the prereleases to be...
2004-09-23 Wayne DavisonAdded two more resources.
2004-09-21 Wayne DavisonTwiddled a couple words.
2004-09-21 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.3pre2 release.
2004-09-16 Wayne DavisonGot rid of an extra <li> that slipped into the file.
2004-09-16 Wayne DavisonInclude the documentation resources from doc-resources...
2004-09-16 Wayne DavisonMoved the doc resources into an include file.
2004-09-16 Wayne DavisonA file of remote documentation sources that appears...
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonTweaked a sentence.
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonRefined the page some more to try to help people find...
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonChanged the heading.
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonDropped an "also".
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonChanged the title of the issues page.
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonTweaked the header.
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonDon't try to force people to report bugs via bugzilla.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonDateline tweaks.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonFixed link to August 2004 security advisory.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonSimplified security advisory text, fixed a typo, and...
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonDon't send any *.swp files.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonMinor tweaks.
2004-08-12 Wayne DavisonMention that the last security problem required a custo...
2004-08-12 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.3pre1 release.
2004-08-12 Wayne DavisonMention the latest security problem and fix.
2004-08-10 Wayne DavisonMore improvements in debugging hints.
2004-08-03 Wayne DavisonMake the core size unlimited.
2004-07-27 Wayne DavisonMention tusc in addition to truss and strace. Mention...
2004-07-27 Wayne DavisonMention strace alternatives, such as truss and tusc.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonOriginal version.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonUpdated to fix the navigation gifs.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonA simple style sheet.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonA perl script.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonNew gifs.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonThe original version.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonImages for the tech-report.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonLink to the how-rsync-works.html page.
2004-07-26 Wayne DavisonAdding this old page.
2004-07-16 Wayne DavisonAdded debugging info for daemon mode.
2004-07-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated the link to the tutorial.
2004-06-30 Wayne DavisonMention a cryptic failure case when accessing an rsync...
2004-06-30 Wayne DavisonTalk about diagnosing remote failures.
2004-06-30 Wayne DavisonA debug helper script.
2004-06-17 Wayne DavisonDon't bug the user with too many bugzilla details.
2004-06-16 Wayne Davison- Switched over to an "asc" gpg signature.
2004-06-09 Wayne DavisonGot rid of one too many "Also," prefixes.
2004-06-08 Wayne DavisonMore changes in emphasis and wording to try to make...
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonExplain things a bit more.
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonMention the patches dir.
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonAvoid this wrapper since the README file might contain...
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonNo need to resort to ftp to get to the README file.
2004-06-06 Wayne DavisonMention the TODO file.
2004-06-06 Wayne Davison- Serve the README file up directly.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonA minor tweak.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonImproved the list spacing.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonTweaked the title.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonMoved the HEAD section from header.html into each page...
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonNo need to close BODY and HTML (allows possible post...
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonThis page is not referenced and has no information.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonMention the bug-tracking page for bug reports.
2004-06-05 Wayne DavisonMention which method is preferred.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonMention setting Severity to "enhancement" for suggestions.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonAnother improved link.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonImproved one sentence.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonImproved to be more current.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonAdded a link that lets the user easily search for non...
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonSuperseded by bugzilla.html.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonFirst version of new bug-reporting web page.
2004-06-01 Wayne DavisonChanged nobugs.html to bugzilla.html.
2004-06-01 Martin PoolClean up mention of mailing list.
2004-06-01 Martin PoolRemove link to broken Jitterbug.