2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonMention the patch branches and the web-accessible patch...
2007-11-17 Wayne DavisonMention the support/git-set-file-times script.
2007-11-09 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.0pre5 release.
2007-11-09 Wayne DavisonUpdating the source repository instructions.
2007-10-31 Wayne DavisonImproved the GPL information on the site.
2007-10-31 Wayne DavisonConverted COPYING text.
2007-10-31 Wayne DavisonA script we can use to convert a plain-text COPYING...
2007-10-27 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.0.pre4 release.
2007-10-27 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.0pre3 release.
2007-10-12 Wayne DavisonMention the release of 3.0.0pre2.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonChanged Matt's link.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonMention some of the big changes in 3.0.0.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.0pre1 release.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonA minor clarification.
2007-08-11 Wayne DavisonFixed a sentence that had some extra words left over...
2007-08-11 Wayne DavisonImproved the new firewall description.
2007-08-11 Wayne DavisonUse Matt's improved forwarding method for a daemon...
2007-04-21 Wayne DavisonMention the new sub-protocol check for keeping pre...
2007-04-21 Wayne DavisonUpdated the CVS progress info, and added a warning...
2007-03-14 Wayne DavisonFixed some typos (thanks, Matt!) and updated the CVS...
2007-03-08 Wayne DavisonMention some ways to work around connection timeouts.
2007-01-22 Wayne DavisonUpdated the link to Matt's downloads.
2007-01-09 Wayne DavisonMention current CVS work.
2006-12-15 Wayne DavisonMention Matt's patchsync script.
2006-11-07 Wayne DavisonUpdated for the final 2.6.9 release.
2006-10-15 Wayne DavisonRe-include a link to the first pre-release diff.
2006-10-14 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 2.6.9pre2.
2006-10-12 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 2.6.9pre1 version.
2006-08-08 Wayne DavisonAdded a source for sparc/solaris binaries.
2006-07-12 Wayne DavisonImproved some of the description with Matt's help.
2006-06-08 Wayne DavisonTweak the name of the cwRsync project to have the capit...
2006-05-04 Wayne DavisonAdded a link to Matt's RPMs.
2006-04-22 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.8 release.
2006-04-20 Wayne DavisonMention grsync GUI.
2006-04-12 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.8pre1 release.
2006-04-04 Wayne DavisonImproved the section on copying too many files.
2006-04-04 Wayne DavisonA slightly improved version of J.W.'s 3-year-old article.
2006-03-28 Wayne DavisonMention the cwrsync binary.
2006-03-28 Wayne DavisonMention the .Net rewrite of rsync.
2006-03-17 Wayne DavisonMention that binaries are available via normal OS packages.
2006-03-17 Wayne DavisonOne more tweak.
2006-03-17 Wayne DavisonReorganized the download information and added a link...
2006-03-11 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2006-03-11 Wayne DavisonUpdated for the 2.6.7 release.
2006-03-09 Wayne DavisonMention that method 4 works for a direct tunnel too.
2006-03-06 Wayne DavisonFixed a typo.
2006-03-06 Wayne DavisonMentioned unison and drsync.
2006-03-02 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.7pre3 release.
2006-02-19 Wayne DavisonMentioned the pre2 release.
2006-02-09 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2006-02-09 Wayne DavisonMention 2.6.7.pre1.
2006-02-02 Wayne DavisonMention the CVS version of the NEWS file more prominent...
2006-01-05 Wayne DavisonMore improvements to method 1.
2006-01-05 Wayne DavisonSome minor heading improvements, a few sentence tweaks...
2006-01-02 Wayne DavisonMention the --modify-window=1 option in the section...
2005-11-15 Wayne DavisonMoved the firewall tunneling info out of the FAQ (thoug...
2005-11-15 Wayne DavisonMoved this info into FAQ.html and firewall.html.
2005-11-15 Wayne DavisonMoved the faq's body here (since it's not a plain-text...
2005-11-08 Wayne DavisonRemoved an errant space from a URL.
2005-11-01 Wayne DavisonImproved section 3 a little more.
2005-10-27 Wayne DavisonA little more firewall-hopping verbage.
2005-10-26 Wayne DavisonFixed the link to the 2.6.5 news file.
2005-10-25 Wayne DavisonQuestion #10 is now about ignoring exit-code 24 instead...
2005-10-25 Wayne DavisonOne more firewall-penetrating method, as suggested...
2005-10-20 Wayne DavisonA few more tweaks.
2005-10-20 Wayne DavisonA few more refinements.
2005-10-20 Wayne DavisonImproved the "rsync through a firewall" methods using...
2005-10-14 Wayne DavisonDirvish.
2005-09-11 Wayne DavisonUpdated to remove out-of-date info, add a new entry...
2005-09-11 Wayne DavisonAdded the FAQ to the quick-links in the header.
2005-09-11 Wayne DavisonPoint folks reading the first answer to the rsync-debug...
2005-07-28 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2005-07-28 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.6 release.
2005-07-23 Wayne DavisonMake local searching easier.
2005-07-23 Wayne DavisonMention the current maintainer (me).
2005-07-23 Wayne DavisonProvide a simple help sentence describing the local...
2005-07-22 Wayne DavisonThe new search-only page.
2005-07-21 Wayne DavisonChanged the search link.
2005-07-21 Wayne DavisonGot rid of trailing whitespace.
2005-07-21 Wayne DavisonAdded target for "search" link in header.
2005-07-21 Wayne Davison- Waste less vertical whitespace.
2005-07-21 Wayne DavisonMention John Langford's thesis.
2005-07-13 Wayne DavisonMade a sentence clearer.
2005-07-11 Wayne DavisonClarify that 2.6.5 isn't vulnerable to the latest zlib...
2005-07-07 Wayne DavisonFixed the new links.
2005-07-07 Wayne DavisonMention 2.6.6pre1.
2005-07-07 Wayne DavisonTweak comment in memory-usage section.
2005-06-06 Wayne DavisonAdded some missing trailing periods, and link directly...
2005-06-06 Wayne DavisonNo need to put a literal ftp address in the anchor...
2005-06-06 Wayne DavisonAdded missing trailing periods.
2005-06-06 Wayne DavisonMention some MacOS resource-fork-supporting rsync solut...
2005-06-02 Wayne DavisonTweaked a sentence.
2005-06-02 Wayne DavisonUpdated to include information on 2.6.5 and also to...
2005-05-27 Wayne DavisonAdded gmane to the lists of archives.
2005-05-19 Wayne DavisonTweaked a sentence.
2005-05-19 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.5pre2 release.
2005-05-10 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.5pre1 release.
2005-05-10 Wayne DavisonAdded a link to Glen Scott's rsync.plist file.
2005-05-09 Wayne DavisonA few improvements.
2005-04-30 Wayne DavisonAdded some advice for hangs, and put the Q: items in...