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2004-05-28 Martin Poolremove dead faq-o-matic
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2004-01-12 Martin PoolFix link to "Smart Questions" document.
2004-01-02 Wayne DavisonMore fine-tuning of the text.
2004-01-01 Wayne DavisonUpdates for the 2.6.0 release.
2004-01-01 Wayne DavisonChanged the table structure.
2003-12-04 Martin PoolClarify that the problem is with 2.5.6 *and earlier*.
2003-12-04 Martin PoolAdd Timo Sirainen
2003-12-04 Martin PoolHTML fix.
2003-12-04 Martin PoolUpdate for 2.5.7 release
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2003-03-26 Martin PoolPrevent org stealing banner impressions by putting
2003-01-28 David DykstraAdd news pointer to rsync 2.5.6 release announcement.
2003-01-28 David DykstraPreview versions no longer interesting.
2003-01-21 David DykstraAdd notice of 2.5.6pre2
2003-01-15 David DykstraAdd news item about version 2.5.6pre1.
2002-06-07 Martin PoolFix link to samba anoncvs site.
2002-05-15 Martin PoolDelete outdated mailing list info
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2002-05-15 Martin PoolFix for bash stderr redirection from Mike Fleetwood.
2002-05-15 Martin PoolIgnore thumbnails
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2002-05-15 Martin PoolIgnore generated
2002-05-14 Martin PoolStart cleaning up faq
2002-05-14 Martin PoolStart cleaning up faq
2002-05-14 Martin PoolFOM fixed.
2002-05-14 Martin PoolAdd note about just transferring Package files.
2002-05-14 Martin PoolUpdate notes on apt-proxy based on mail from Chris...
2002-04-19 Martin PoolAdd rsync-and-debian, and "current issues" pages
2002-04-19 Martin PoolAdd rsync-on-debian
2002-04-12 Martin PoolMore information about Goswin's idea, as I understand it.
2002-04-12 Martin PoolLots more details about rproxy. Thanks to Brian May...
2002-04-12 Martin PoolFix revision history SGML stuff.
2002-04-12 Martin PoolFix mailing list name.
2002-04-11 Martin PoolFix little grammar mistake.
2002-04-11 Martin PoolBloody apostrophes.
2002-04-11 Martin PoolTypo, thanks to Adam Olsen
2002-04-11 Martin PoolTry to stop debian-devel endlessly going in circles...
2002-04-11 Martin Poolfaq-o-matic no longer new; don't highlight
2002-04-11 Martin PoolConvert gif to png
2002-04-11 Martin PoolTypo
2002-04-11 Martin PoolMake all links relative and relocatable.
2002-04-11 Martin PoolMike, not Mice.
2002-04-10 Martin Poolgifs considered harmful
2002-04-10 Martin PoolAdd better links to CVS stuff.
2002-04-10 Martin PoolAdd link to nightly snapshots, and Mike Rubel's tutorial
2002-04-09 Martin PoolAdd link to
2002-04-05 Martin PoolNote about hotmail etc.
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2002-04-05 Martin PoolScript to rsync up to
2002-04-05 Martin PoolLink to advice on reporting bugs.
2002-04-03 Martin PoolAdd link to Doxygen output; clean up.
2002-04-02 Martin PoolUpdate for 2.5.5.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolFix links for vhost stuff.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolClear up text.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolReformat.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolReformat.
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2002-03-26 Martin PoolGive mailing lists their own page
2002-03-26 Martin PoolJust link to TODO.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolReformat.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolAdd direct link to cvsweb.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolAdd a note that nobody is looking at Jitterbug anymore.
2002-03-26 Martin Poolinitial cvs checkin