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2008-04-08 Wayne Davison- Added info on refuse-options work-around for xattr...
2008-04-08 Wayne DavisonUpdated for 3.0.2 security release.
2008-03-05 Wayne DavisonTweaked the names of the security diffs for 2.6.9.
2008-03-05 Wayne DavisonTweaked the links to the security patches.
2008-02-20 Wayne DavisonMention that the latest security fixes for 3.0.0 made...
2008-02-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest is the series of writable daemon vulnera...
2008-01-05 Wayne DavisonCommitting a change I made last month but neglected...
2007-12-17 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.0pre7 and further improve security info.
2007-12-16 Wayne DavisonUpdated security-release info includes 3.0.0pre7 release.
2007-11-29 Wayne DavisonA couple more improvements.
2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonA few more improvements.
2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonMoved all security announcements into a separate page.