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2014-01-26 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.1.1pre1.
2013-09-29 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.1.0.
2013-07-28 Wayne DavisonAdd missing <hr>.
2013-07-28 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.1.0pre1.
2011-09-23 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.9.
2011-09-10 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.9pre2.
2011-06-22 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.9.pre1.
2011-03-26 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.8.
2011-02-22 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.8.pre1.
2009-12-31 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.7.
2009-12-24 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.7pre2.
2009-12-22 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.7pre1.
2009-05-08 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.6.
2009-04-12 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.6pre1.
2008-12-29 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.5.
2008-11-15 Wayne DavisonMention the 3.0.5pre2 release.
2008-10-11 Wayne DavisonAnnouncement the release of 3.0.5pre1.
2008-09-06 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.4.
2008-08-02 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.4pre2.
2008-07-25 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.4pre1.
2008-06-30 Wayne DavisonMention the 3.0.3 release.
2008-06-23 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.3pre3 release.
2008-05-17 Wayne DavisonAnnounced 3.0.3pre2.
2008-05-08 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.3pre1.
2008-04-08 Wayne DavisonUpdated for 3.0.2 security release.
2008-04-04 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.1.
2008-03-31 Wayne DavisonMention the 3.0.1pre3 release.
2008-03-27 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.1pre2.
2008-03-25 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.1pre1.
2008-03-05 Wayne DavisonTweaked some links to work with the new ftp layout.
2008-03-05 Wayne DavisonFurther release-related updates.
2008-03-01 Wayne DavisonMention the release of 3.0.0.
2008-02-20 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.0pre10.
2008-02-16 Wayne DavisonMention latest is the series of writable daemon vulnera...
2008-02-11 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.0pre9 release.
2008-01-12 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.0pre8 release.
2007-12-17 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.0pre7 and further improve security info.
2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonMore improvements.
2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonA few more improvements.
2007-11-28 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 3.0.0pre6 and link to new security-advisory...
2007-11-09 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.0pre5 release.
2007-11-09 Wayne DavisonUpdating the source repository instructions.
2007-10-31 Wayne DavisonImproved the GPL information on the site.
2007-10-27 Wayne DavisonMention 3.0.0.pre4 release.
2007-10-27 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.0pre3 release.
2007-10-12 Wayne DavisonMention the release of 3.0.0pre2.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonMention some of the big changes in 3.0.0.
2007-10-05 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 3.0.0pre1 release.
2007-04-21 Wayne DavisonMention the new sub-protocol check for keeping pre...
2007-04-21 Wayne DavisonUpdated the CVS progress info, and added a warning...
2007-03-14 Wayne DavisonFixed some typos (thanks, Matt!) and updated the CVS...
2007-01-09 Wayne DavisonMention current CVS work.
2006-11-07 Wayne DavisonUpdated for the final 2.6.9 release.
2006-10-15 Wayne DavisonRe-include a link to the first pre-release diff.
2006-10-14 Wayne DavisonAnnounce 2.6.9pre2.
2006-10-12 Wayne DavisonAnnounce the 2.6.9pre1 version.
2006-04-22 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.8 release.
2006-04-12 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.8pre1 release.
2006-03-11 Wayne DavisonUpdated for the 2.6.7 release.
2006-03-02 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.7pre3 release.
2006-02-19 Wayne DavisonMentioned the pre2 release.
2006-02-09 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2006-02-09 Wayne DavisonMention 2.6.7.pre1.
2006-02-02 Wayne DavisonMention the CVS version of the NEWS file more prominent...
2005-10-26 Wayne DavisonFixed the link to the 2.6.5 news file.
2005-07-28 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2005-07-28 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.6 release.
2005-07-23 Wayne DavisonMention the current maintainer (me).
2005-07-13 Wayne DavisonMade a sentence clearer.
2005-07-11 Wayne DavisonClarify that 2.6.5 isn't vulnerable to the latest zlib...
2005-07-07 Wayne DavisonFixed the new links.
2005-07-07 Wayne DavisonMention 2.6.6pre1.
2005-06-02 Wayne DavisonTweaked a sentence.
2005-06-02 Wayne DavisonUpdated to include information on 2.6.5 and also to...
2005-05-19 Wayne DavisonTweaked a sentence.
2005-05-19 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.5pre2 release.
2005-05-10 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.5pre1 release.
2005-03-31 Wayne DavisonUpdated to mention the release of 2.6.4.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonMention the preview man pages.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonImproved a couple sentences.
2005-03-29 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.4pre4 release.
2005-03-16 Wayne DavisonA few minor tweaks.
2005-03-16 Wayne DavisonMentioned the rsync-2.6.4pre3 release.
2005-03-01 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.4pre2 release.
2005-02-23 Wayne DavisonMention the release of 2.6.4pre1.
2005-02-05 Wayne DavisonImproved a couple sentences in the older entires.
2004-11-02 Wayne DavisonImproved a sentence.
2004-11-02 Wayne DavisonTweaked one word.
2004-10-05 Wayne Davison- Changed a future-tense sentence about 2.6.3.
2004-10-01 Wayne DavisonDecided it was time to get rid of some of the red.
2004-09-30 Wayne DavisonChanged the announcements for the prereleases to be...
2004-09-21 Wayne DavisonTwiddled a couple words.
2004-09-21 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.3pre2 release.
2004-08-17 Wayne DavisonDropped an "also".
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonDateline tweaks.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonFixed link to August 2004 security advisory.
2004-08-13 Wayne DavisonSimplified security advisory text, fixed a typo, and...
2004-08-12 Wayne DavisonMention that the last security problem required a custo...
2004-08-12 Wayne DavisonMention the 2.6.3pre1 release.