2004-02-24 Wayne DavisonA few more tweaks.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonUpdated.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonThis is now in CVS.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonUpdated.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonAdding a new feature diff.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonUpdated to latest CVS.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply to latest CVS source.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonUpdated to work with latest CVS source.
2004-02-23 Wayne DavisonThis functionality is now in rsync.
2004-01-03 Wayne DavisonWe've applied this now.
2003-12-24 Wayne DavisonUpdated with latest line offsets.
2003-12-16 Wayne DavisonMake sure we check the return of flush_write_file(...
2003-12-16 Wayne DavisonUpdated patch for the 2.6.0 release.
2003-07-08 Wayne DavisonGot rid of the gettimeofday() hunk for progress.c since...
2003-01-14 Dave DykstraAdd Craig Barratt's performance improving patch to...
2002-08-29 Dave DykstraAdd --link-dest option from J.W. Schultz.
2002-08-29 Dave DykstraRemoved patches/jdpaul__rsyncd_over_ssh.diff because...
2002-04-19 Martin PoolUnmerged patch from David Bolen to add --ignore-case.
2002-04-16 Martin Poolrsyncd-over-ssh pending patch from JD Paul
2002-04-15 Martin PoolPatch from Marco d'Itri that sketches a --soften-links...
2002-04-08 Martin Poolpatch to do http basic authentication.
2002-04-08 Martin Poolconfigure patch to set rsyncd.conf location.
2002-04-08 Martin PoolRusty's patch to gzip. Here for informational purposes...
2002-04-04 Martin PoolDraft patch from Scott Howard to add --chmod.
2002-04-03 Martin PoolPatch from Rusty Russell to support --fuzzy, thereby...
2002-04-02 Martin PoolPatch supposed to fix Tru64.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolOops, wrong name.
2002-03-26 Martin PoolThese patches have been merged.
2002-03-22 Martin PoolJ.W. Schultz:
2002-03-22 Martin PoolPatch from Jeremy Bornstein to transfer files only...
2002-03-14 Martin PoolLet's keep some interesting patches in CVS until we...