Updated to apply to latest source.
[rsync-patches.git] / chmod-option.diff
2004-07-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply to latest source.
2004-07-03 Wayne DavisonUpdated the format using the new verify-patches script.
2004-06-20 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply cleanly.
2004-05-13 Wayne DavisonGot rid of the changes to proto.h and mentioned the...
2004-05-09 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply cleanly.
2004-04-24 Wayne DavisonUpdated.
2004-04-22 Wayne DavisonMore updates.
2004-04-22 Wayne DavisonUpdated to latest codebase.
2004-04-17 Wayne DavisonLatest line-offset tweaks.
2004-04-15 Wayne DavisonUpdated to apply cleanly to latest CVS source.
2004-03-20 Wayne DavisonFixed one problem with the new chmod functionality...
2004-03-20 Wayne DavisonAdded ability to limit certain chmod directives to...
2004-03-10 Wayne DavisonUpdated to work with latest CVS.
2002-04-04 Martin PoolDraft patch from Scott Howard to add --chmod.