2018-09-26 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.7 master pam_wrapper-1.0.7
2018-09-20 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Don't do a deep bind if we run with libasan
2018-09-20 Andreas Schneiderpam_set_items: Add logging
2018-09-20 Andreas Schneiderpypamtest: Fix number of responses
2018-09-20 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Add PAM_TEXT_INFO and PAM_ERROR_MSG to responses
2018-09-20 Andreas Schneiderlibpamtest: Check that message count matches response...
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Don't keep CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES around
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneiderctest: Move to new dashboard
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneidercmake: Fix python2 and python3 detection
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Improve error message
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Don't clean the stale dir twice
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix length calulation
2018-08-28 Andreas SchneiderRename COPYING to LICENSE
2018-08-28 Andreas Schneidercpack: Do not package build dirs in source tarball
2018-03-27 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.6 pam_wrapper-1.0.6
2018-03-26 Ralph Boehmepwrap: remove pdir handling from p_copy()
2018-03-26 Ralph Boehmepwrap: Fix overflow checking
2018-03-26 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Avoid strncpy in pwrap_init()
2018-02-27 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Add missing config.h includes
2018-02-27 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Remove trailing whitespaces
2018-02-22 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.5 pam_wrapper-1.0.5
2018-02-22 Nikos Mavrogiannopoulospwrap: Use a more unique name for pamdir
2018-02-13 Andreas Schneidercmake: Build python2 and python3 modules if possible
2017-11-23 Andreas Schneidercmake: Improve PAM_WRAPPER_LOACATION
2017-11-23 Uri Simchonipam_wrapper: Use a constant string format specifier...
2017-11-23 Uri Simchonipam_wrapper: use uintptr_t as base for const-discarding
2017-11-23 Uri Simchonipam_wrapper: #ifdef-out unused functions
2017-10-18 Lumir Balharpypamtest: Fix Python 2.6 compatibility
2017-05-15 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.4 pam_wrapper-1.0.4
2017-05-15 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do not leak srcfd on error
2017-05-04 Volker Lendeckepam_wrapper: Fix the build without pam_vsyslog
2017-04-06 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.3 pam_wrapper-1.0.3
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderdoc: Document PAM_WRAPPER_USE_SYSLOG variable
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do not log to syslog by default but use our...
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do an early return in pwrap_vlog if log level...
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Add pwrap_vlog() functions
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Remove useless break
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderlibpamtest: Do not declare variable in for-loop
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpypamtest: Add sanity checks in new_conv_list()
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpypamtest: Do not use variable declaration in for-loop
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add Python 3.6 if we look for the python library
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do not discard const value
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneidercmake: Remove unused define
2017-04-06 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not check for pam_(v)syslog twice
2016-05-24 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.2 pam_wrapper-1.0.2
2016-05-10 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Disable audit on BSD
2016-05-10 Jakub Hrozekmodules: Add the path where we install the helper PAM...
2016-05-10 Jakub Hrozeklibpamtest: Only reply in conversation for echo_on...
2016-01-18 Andreas SchneiderBump version to 1.0.1 pam_wrapper-1.0.1
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Fix a possible timing issue in p_copy()
2016-01-18 Jakub Hrozekpwrap: Improve p_rmdirs() do avoid timing issues
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Remove superfloues lstat()
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Make sure we have a terminating null byte
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneiderpam_matrix: Set a secure umask before calling mkstemp()
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Return EPROTONOSUPPORT in audit_open()
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneidercmake: Link python module against the python library
2016-01-18 Andreas Schneidercmake: Do not require a C++ compiler
2016-01-13 Andreas SchneiderInitial release of pam_wrapper 1.0.0
2016-01-13 Andreas Schneiderpam_matrix: Call umask before mkstemp()
2016-01-13 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Make sure pam_library is null-terminated
2016-01-13 Andreas Schneiderlibpamtest: Make sure ri is not used uninitialized
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Wrap audit_open() to fix sshd
2016-01-08 Jakub HrozekCoverity: Remove deadcode
2016-01-08 Jakub HrozekCoverity: Fix memory leak in libpamtest on error
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpython: Remove dead code in test_result_list_concat()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix a possible memory leak in pwrap_conv()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidertests: Do not dreference key before NULL check in strin...
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidercmake: Link pam_wrapper to libdl
2016-01-08 Jakub Hrozekdoc: Also install pam_matrix manpage
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidercmake: Install pypamtest
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidercmake: Find the python executable and site libs
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add FindPythonSiteLibs.cmake
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneidercmake: Use python_add_module function
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do not close negative fds in p_copy()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Fix a resource leak in p_rmdirs()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Add more debug messages if something goes wrong
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Do not fail on EOL in pwrap_clean_stale_dirs()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Close the pidfile in pwrap_init()
2016-01-08 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Add log message for directory cleanup
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpy: Fix strict aliasing rules in initpypamtest()
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpy: Fix strict aliasing rules in set_pypamtest_exception()
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpy: Make sure we do not use failed uninitialized
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpy: Make sure we do not dereference a NULL pointer
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderlibpamtest: Do not call pam_end() if tc is not set
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderlibpamtest: Make sure reply is initialized
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneidertests: Do not run python test if python is not present
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderctest: Drop ctest results via https
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneidertests: Fix printf attribute warnings
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpam_matrix: Add OpenPAM (BSD) support
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneidercmake: Add cmake config files for libpamtest
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneidercmake: Ignore build directories
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneidercmake: Set correct versions for libraries
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpython: Support python2
2015-12-10 Jakub Hrozeklibpamtest: Add Python bindings
2015-12-10 Jakub Hrozekpwrap: Add pamtest_strerror()
2015-12-10 Andreas SchneiderImprove build
2015-12-10 Jakub HrozekSQ into clean stale dirs
2015-12-10 Andreas Schneiderpwrap: Clean stale dirs
2015-12-10 Jakub Hrozeklibpamtest: Handle NULL passwords in libpamtest