2006-11-09 jakeImprove HP Switch Protocol Dissection.
2006-11-08 etxrabSorry that should have been static int. Corrcted now.
2006-11-08 jmayerMake Wireshark build on my system (gcc 4.1.0) again
2006-11-08 etxrabUse h248v3.asn.
2006-11-08 jmayerMake things build on my system again
2006-11-07 guyThe tvb_ensure_length_remaining() calls aren't needed...
2006-11-07 guyRevert the previous changes - the problem Paul Blankenb...
2006-11-07 guyFix bytes_repr_len() to correctly handle a zero-length...
2006-11-07 guyBased on a change from Paul Blankenbaker, make the...
2006-11-07 etxrabFix bug bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id...
2006-11-07 guyUpdate to describe all that the read routine needs...
2006-11-07 sahlbergfix for bug 1200
2006-11-07 jmayerAnother packet-acn.c leftover
2006-11-07 guyAs Ulf Lamping notes:
2006-11-07 ulfldon't copy mibs.txt files to mibs, but to snmp\mibs
2006-11-07 guyAdd Yet Another Portability Recommendation.
2006-11-07 guyBitfields are bad - the C language spec does *NOT*...
2006-11-07 jmayeralbert chin:
2006-11-07 sahlbergfrom albert chin
2006-11-07 guyYou run perl, not make, on Makefile.PL files.
2006-11-07 jmayerWarning fix about empty source file
2006-11-07 jmayerregenerate with news pidl
2006-11-07 jmayerUpdate svn:ignore
2006-11-07 jmayerUpdate to use --includedir instead of copying idl_types.h.
2006-11-07 jmayerUpdated to revision 19604.
2006-11-07 jmayerWarning fixes (void) instead of (), no newline at end...
2006-11-07 jakeFrom Albert Chin:
2006-11-07 guyGet rid of another ACN reference.
2006-11-07 guyGet rid of another ACN reference.
2006-11-07 guyGet rid of more ACN plugin references.
2006-11-07 guySplit the ".." and subdirectory into two separate ...
2006-11-06 ulflfix 1203 as found by stephen fisher
2006-11-06 geraldRemove ACN references.
2006-11-06 geraldFix an inadvertent change.
2006-11-06 geraldRemove ACN.
2006-11-06 etxrabRemove the references to acn
2006-11-06 sahlbergconvert restrictiontype to be an enum
2006-11-06 etxrabRemove the references to acn
2006-11-06 sahlbergbuilding the nspi dissector depends also on the nspi...
2006-11-06 jmayerUpdate from samba tree revision 19578 to 19582
2006-11-06 sahlbergnew acn dissector from Bill Florac
2006-11-06 jmayerFix some warnings about missing newline at end of file.
2006-11-06 jmayerRemove some // comments.
2006-11-06 jmayerDon't do forward declarations in the file. I'll try...
2006-11-06 jmayerCopy over the nspi.cnf file which was recently added
2006-11-06 jmayerUpdate from samba tree revision 19565 to 19578
2006-11-06 legoAvoid ${ename}[...] being interpreted as $ename[...].
2006-11-06 jakeAdd image/wiresharkdoc.ico to the EXTRA_DIST symbol
2006-11-06 jakeRemove the executable property from this datafile
2006-11-06 jmayerfrederic heem:
2006-11-06 jakeLet the manifest state that we're Wireshark.
2006-11-06 jakeFix bug 1207, simple swap of the two text strings.
2006-11-06 jakeDon't remove a preference, make it obsolete instead.
2006-11-06 sahlbergsome compilers dont like unnamed unions and structs
2006-11-06 ulflfix the return value of file_seek, as noted by Steve
2006-11-05 jmayerUpdate from samba tree revision 19553 to 19565
2006-11-05 ulflchange all file offsets from long to gint64 so we can...
2006-11-05 jakeFrom Albert Chin
2006-11-05 jakeAdd HP Switch Protocol SAP value
2006-11-05 ulflfix svn728: don't scroll down packet list while capturi...
2006-11-05 galTidy up of information column for NTLM authentication.
2006-11-05 sahlbergwe used the wrong offset for attribute lists, fixed
2006-11-05 sahlberg add a framework to manage dissection of osd attribute...
2006-11-05 sahlbergdissect the Get Attributes List Offset according to...
2006-11-05 sahlbergregenerate NSPI using the latest version of pidl
2006-11-05 sahlbergupdate the Makefile to point to the new path after...
2006-11-05 sahlbergrename the nspi dissector from idl (where the idl2wrs...
2006-11-05 sahlbergadd tracking of policy handles to the efs dissector
2006-11-05 geraldAdd packet-dcerpc-nspi.h to the distribution.
2006-11-05 sahlbergadd tracking of policy_handles to the eventlog dissector
2006-11-05 sahlbergtesting out latest pidl where PARAM values can be used...
2006-11-05 sahlbergit is GtkText in gtk-1.x not GtkTextView
2006-11-05 guyMake the routines that manipulate the hex/text display...
2006-11-04 sahlbergfrom Dave Richards
2006-11-04 guyxxx_PROGRAMS variables have the name of the program...
2006-11-04 jmayerpropset...
2006-11-04 jmayerJulien Kerihuel:
2006-11-04 jmayerUpdate from samba tree revision 19540 to 19553
2006-11-04 galGeneral updates to:
2006-11-04 sahlbergFrom SF
2006-11-04 galUpdate to U3 packaging to:
2006-11-04 geraldFix distcheck.
2006-11-03 ulflsplit subversion into command line and GUI (TortoiseSVN...
2006-11-03 ulfldon't forget to uninstall pango\1.5.0, we might want...
2006-11-03 etxrabDissect h324ext_h223lcparm.
2006-11-03 guyAdd $(EXEXT) after references to the Lemon executable.
2006-11-03 geraldUpdate the Windows icons. Use the document icon for...
2006-11-03 jmayerUpdate from samba tree revision 18675 to 19540
2006-11-03 tuexenFixes ./autogen.sh on Mac OS X...
2006-11-03 geraldBump the version to 0.99.5.
2006-11-03 geraldTouch up the glossy highlight in the main icon. Split...
2006-11-02 jakeFrom Nicolas Dichtel:
2006-11-02 martinmDon't try to report -ve roundtrip delays
2006-11-02 jmayerFrederic Heem:
2006-11-02 ulflwe don't support 95/98/ME any longer, and indeed WS...
2006-11-02 jmayeradd idl2wrs.sh to svn:ignore
2006-11-02 jmayerZhu Yi:
2006-11-02 jmayerTry to fix bug 1043.
2006-11-02 kukosaBug 1053: New SNMP filtering is broken
2006-11-01 ulflfix a warning: "airpcap_loader.c(2287) : warning C4700...