2009-01-13 jakeMake the column check actually check the information...
2009-01-13 wmeierFix some indentation
2009-01-13 wmeierMove find_dissector to once-only section of _reg_handoff
2009-01-13 wmeierFix some indentation
2009-01-13 jakeFrom Luca Ceresoli:
2009-01-13 guyFix the URL for the RLM stuff at Cisco.
2009-01-13 guyDon't display the direction if it's unknown, and set...
2009-01-13 jmayerAdd reference for changed option space
2009-01-13 jmayerUpdate list of dhcpoptions according to
2009-01-12 jakeFix bug 3181:
2009-01-11 jakeFrom Toralf Förster:
2009-01-11 gerald[Automatic manuf update for 2009-01-11]
2009-01-11 jakeUpdated to support protocol version 1.1, draft-zimmerma...
2009-01-11 jakeFrom Ronald W. Henderson:
2009-01-10 jakeFrom Michael Lum:
2009-01-10 jakeFrom Thomas M. Knoll:
2009-01-09 jakeFix bug 3179:
2009-01-09 wmeierAdd $Id$ and copyright header
2009-01-09 wmeierAdd missing $Id$ and copyright notice.
2009-01-09 martinmShow radio mode using correct value.
2009-01-09 jakeFrom Didier Gautheron:
2009-01-08 jakeFix for bug 2902:
2009-01-08 martinmFix a bug where a space character wasn't being written...
2009-01-08 kukosafix non-Windows dumpcap linking, it uses version_info...
2009-01-08 martinmAdd a preference to allow single RAR entries to be...
2009-01-08 kukosaget rid of few signed/unsigned mishmash warnings to...
2009-01-08 kukosadisplay runtime versions of GnuTLS and Gcrypt libraries
2009-01-08 stigYear 2009.
2009-01-08 jakeFix for bug 2902:
2009-01-08 jakeFix for bug 2902:
2009-01-08 jakeWe had a roll-over of the calendar thingy.
2009-01-08 jakeFrom Valery Sigalov
2009-01-08 sfisherFrom Toralf Foester via -dev mailing list: Add static...
2009-01-07 wmeierAdd svn:executable property to perl script
2009-01-07 wmeierremove svn:mergeinfo property
2009-01-07 etxrabSome bugfixes and minor updates.
2009-01-07 wmeierFix properties; Correct a mis-spelled filename.
2009-01-07 wmeierFix what certainly looks like a bug: change a SEEK_SET...
2009-01-07 etxrabFrom Vincent Helfre:
2009-01-07 etxrabFrom Vincent Helfre:
2009-01-07 etxrabFrom Vincent Helfre:
2009-01-07 jakeFrom Robert Groenenberg:
2009-01-07 jakeFrom Duncan Salerno:
2009-01-07 geraldIf you hand
2009-01-06 etxrabAdd dummy IE decoding to get correct length.
2009-01-06 geraldAs suggested by Joerg a while back, get rid of FAQ...
2009-01-06 wmeierAddt'l fix for bug #1937: Fill in frame pseudo_header...
2009-01-06 jakeFix for bug 3112:
2009-01-06 sakeFrom didier gautheron (bug 3178):
2009-01-06 geraldFrom Frederic Leroy: Update c-ares version handling.
2009-01-06 geraldExport prefs_find_preference.
2009-01-06 rbalintDisable MEGACO service response time statistics when...
2009-01-06 rbalintMade find_preference function public as prefs_find_pref...
2009-01-06 morrissFix https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi...
2009-01-06 wmeierFix a typo in a comment
2009-01-06 etxrabUpdate to Rel 8.
2009-01-06 jakeFrom Roy M. Silvernail:
2009-01-05 martinmAdd RLC LTE dissector.
2009-01-05 morrissDon't look up the mtp3 dissector (twice) for every...
2009-01-05 wmeierUse encap=WTAP_ENCAP_UNKNOWN if encap can't be determin...
2009-01-05 wmeierRework code somewhat; Fixes bug 1937 & various other...
2009-01-05 jakeRemove duplicate definitions found in lapd_sapi.h
2009-01-04 wmeierFix some indentation
2009-01-04 wmeierOops: Revert SVN #27152: There weren't actually any...
2009-01-04 gerald[Automatic manuf update for 2009-01-04]
2009-01-04 wmeierFix a few minor memory leaks...
2009-01-04 wmeierMinor rewording of a few comments; fix a few typos.
2009-01-04 jakeFrom Jim Young:
2009-01-02 martinmFix a typo.
2009-01-02 martinmUse LTE RRC dissector.
2009-01-01 etxrabSome more NAS updates.
2009-01-01 rbalintInclude unknown commands in MEGACO service response...
2008-12-31 guyAdd tap-megaco-common.h, so it'll show up in the distri...
2008-12-31 rbalintRemoved obsolete GTK includes.
2008-12-31 rbalintService response time statistics for MEGACO (CLI part).
2008-12-31 etxrabRemove a debug output.
2008-12-31 etxrabFrom Thomas Dreibholz:
2008-12-31 rbalintService response time statistics for MEGACO (GUI only).
2008-12-31 geraldFrom Matt Briggs via bug 3062: Keep Lua from doing...
2008-12-30 jakeFrom Gregor Jasny:
2008-12-30 geraldEnable GeoIP if INETSDK is defined (which should mean...
2008-12-30 geraldCheck in a modified version of Jaap's patch in bug...
2008-12-30 geraldTry to fix a compilation error with Visual C++ 6.0.
2008-12-30 martinmAdd some comments to uat_new().
2008-12-30 martinmComment parameters in call to uat_new()
2008-12-30 rbalintFrom yami <yamisoe@gmail.com>:
2008-12-30 rbalintShow topology descriptor using unescaped whitespaces.
2008-12-30 rbalintDo not dissect descriptors twice after topology descriptor.
2008-12-30 rbalintFixed topology descriptor dissection.
2008-12-30 geraldUpdate the PDML and PSML URLs.
2008-12-29 etxrabFrom Florian Lohoff:
2008-12-29 etxrabFrom Florian Lohoff:
2008-12-29 etxrabUse the install-plugins target.
2008-12-29 etxrabChange install-plugins target to install plugins in...
2008-12-28 gerald[Automatic manuf update for 2008-12-28]
2008-12-27 etxrabUse GTK+ 2.14.6
2008-12-27 jakeUpdate ARP hardware types from iana.org/assignments...
2008-12-27 jakeFix for bug 2839:
2008-12-26 etxrabAdd some LTE related AVP:s
2008-12-26 etxrabFix: