2007-04-13 standelremove ref to ansi_map/README in the Makefile
2007-04-13 morrissFrom Kevin A. Noll via bug 1522:
2007-04-13 morrissChange the prototypes of dissect_spc_inquiry() and...
2007-04-13 etxrabRemove the obsolete readme file.
2007-04-13 geraldFix a mis-labeled field reported in Ethereal bug 1101...
2007-04-13 wmeierFix for link commands for exntest.exe, tvbtest.exe...
2007-04-13 sfisherFix unused variable warning when neither SSL_DECRYPT_DE...
2007-04-13 sfisherFix various warnings
2007-04-12 legoFrom: Balint Reczey
2007-04-12 standelmove dissectors which compiles without any warning...
2007-04-12 standelinclude packet-ipv6.h for capture_ipv6 function
2007-04-12 standelget rid of unused variable
2007-04-12 standelset unused parameters flags to fiw some gcc warnings
2007-04-12 etxrabWorkaround for the ber CHOICE crash.
2007-04-12 geraldAdditional 802.11k/n support from Dustin Johnson and...
2007-04-12 standelFrom Matthijs Mekking :
2007-04-12 martinmAdd Via sigcomp-id param (from draft-ietf-rohc-sigcomp...
2007-04-12 etxrabCorrect a typo.
2007-04-12 etxrabAccording to 3GPP TS 32.299 version 7.4.0 Release 7...
2007-04-11 richardvtry linking against user32.lib and wsock32.lib
2007-04-11 legohave tvbrange:get_ipv4() not modifying the byte order...
2007-04-11 geraldFrom Stig Bjørlykke:
2007-04-11 martinmDissect IPPRIM conn_id field.
2007-04-11 richardvfix typos
2007-04-11 kukosamake packet-ssl-utils.c compileable without GnuTLS
2007-04-11 morrissFix bug 1377:
2007-04-11 richardvright; this is going badly.
2007-04-10 geraldIf MSVCR_DLL or VCREDIST_EXE are defined, add them...
2007-04-10 etxrabAdd a reference.
2007-04-10 etxrabDissect a bit more of the h263 data.
2007-04-10 etxrabAdd the name of the dynamic payload type to the stream...
2007-04-10 legofix another warning
2007-04-10 richardvFrom Sake Blok:
2007-04-10 richardvFrom Sake Blok:
2007-04-10 richardvfix a number of warnings, and type of ssl_decrypt_recor...
2007-04-10 richardvremove dependency on zlib.h
2007-04-10 richardvfix typo in eth_stdio_fopen defn
2007-04-10 kukosa- SSL desegmentation support
2007-04-10 morrissGet rid of some more g_assert*()'s in the dissectors...
2007-04-10 morrissFix bug 1511:
2007-04-10 richardvuser32.lib and wsock32.lib shouldn't be make dependencies
2007-04-10 kukosanew SE_COPY_ADDRESS macro
2007-04-10 richardvmore libs, more stubs... i'll get there one day
2007-04-10 morrissFrom David Kennedy via bug 1464:
2007-04-10 jakeFix for bug 1526. Compare to uppercased strings.
2007-04-10 ulfladd dissection of PortTime
2007-04-09 jmayersvn:ignore register-cache.pkl
2007-04-09 jmayerAdd "compile" to svn:ignore
2007-04-08 jmayerAdd mc-mac address for l2tp (l2 tunneling proto): GBPT
2007-04-08 guyFix a comment.
2007-04-08 guyFix up the configure message about extra GCC flags...
2007-04-08 guyGet rid of extra white space in configure message.
2007-04-08 richardvhrm, we even need dissectors.lib
2007-04-08 richardvanother go at making reassemble_test build: give it...
2007-04-07 richardvlink reassemble_test against the right library
2007-04-07 richardvthat didn't help. try skipping the exntest to see if...
2007-04-07 richardvmake the unit tests spam their output, in an attempt...
2007-04-06 geraldAdd a registration symbol cache to make-dissector-reg...
2007-04-06 grahambRemove build detritus
2007-04-06 kukosaexport some desegmentation functions from TCP dissector...
2007-04-06 sahlbergupdate of dissector to reflect wire format changes
2007-04-06 sahlberginitial CTDB dissector
2007-04-05 jakeFix for bug 1523. Offset handling was off in DialedNumb...
2007-04-05 geraldAdd the make-dissector-reg scripts to the dependency...
2007-04-05 geraldFix a typo.
2007-04-05 geraldLoosen up our restrictions so that plugins can compile.
2007-04-05 legoImplement proposed fix for Bug 1125
2007-04-05 geraldIn epan/dissectors/Makefile.nmake, fix a typo.
2007-04-04 legoMegaco improvements:
2007-04-04 sfisherFix a warning
2007-04-04 grahambFix build failures due to windows.h being included...
2007-04-04 etxrabPreparations to be able to display dynamic payload...
2007-04-04 etxrabAdd wtap_nstime_to_sec.
2007-04-03 legoMake sure that when a windows exception is thrown ENDTR...
2007-04-03 standelFrom metatech :
2007-04-03 sfisherFix warnings on Linux/gcc 4.1.1
2007-04-03 legoremove now useless definition of NO_YY_UNPUT
2007-04-03 legoxFi a Ytpo
2007-04-03 standelCreation of ALL_DISSECTORS_SRC including all dissectors...
2007-04-03 standeldelete packet-drda.c
2007-04-03 richardvfix an 'unused parameter' warning
2007-04-03 standelepan/dissectors/Makefile is now building four libraries :
2007-04-03 richardvdisable unput here, too
2007-04-03 standelminor changes in constants names
2007-04-03 legoImplement a proposal from Elefterios Gabriel for SCCP:
2007-04-03 richardvdisable generation of unput to avoid a compiler warning.
2007-04-03 richardvSet $(LINK). I swear I'll get there in a minute with...
2007-04-03 richardvhmm, apparently $^ doesn't work for nmake
2007-04-03 richardvmpa_* stubs to make this link properly
2007-04-03 richardvrules for making the unit tests
2007-04-03 richardvignore exntest
2007-04-03 richardvanother go at fixing the unit tests under windows ...
2007-04-03 richardvhopefully, fix reassemble_test by linking against libgcrypt
2007-04-03 richardvhopefully fix this for win32 by using nmake
2007-04-03 jmayerPropset suite-unittests.sh and add executable to .sh...
2007-04-03 morrissFix bug 1508:
2007-04-03 richardvRun the epan unittests as part of the test suite
2007-04-03 richardvFrom me: make tvbtest return an exitcode appropriate...
2007-04-03 richardvFrom me:
2007-04-03 richardvFrom me: