2008-11-26 jakeTighten field array check to avoid printing problems.
2008-11-26 jakeFix for bug 3086:
2008-11-25 etxrabpacket-mp4ves.c:832: warning: unused variable 'offset'
2008-11-25 etxrabAdd dissection of decoderConfigurationInformation and...
2008-11-25 stigHighlight the "Auth Data" bytes when selecting "OSPF...
2008-11-25 kukosa- export tvb_memeql()
2008-11-25 kukosaexport call_dissector_only()
2008-11-25 stigOne more fix for bug 3081.
2008-11-25 jakeFix for bug 3079:
2008-11-25 stigFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-25 jakeMGCP is no longer a plugin.
2008-11-24 etxrabRearange dissection and add some more bits.
2008-11-24 etxrabNAS PDU:s are different in LTE.
2008-11-24 stigAdded doubleclick to expand/collapse tree row in packet...
2008-11-24 stigInvalidate cfile.current_row when forcing byte view...
2008-11-24 rbalintfix array overindexing
2008-11-23 etxrabRemove unused hf vars.
2008-11-23 etxrabMove some of the BSSMAP LE stuff to packet-gsm_bssmap_le.c
2008-11-23 stigHandle double-click and enter in "decode as" list as OK.
2008-11-23 stigFixed some indents in program listings.
2008-11-23 gerald[Automatic manuf update for 2008-11-23]
2008-11-23 stigFrom Bill Florac (bug 3048):
2008-11-23 stigFrom Didier Gautheron (bug 3056):
2008-11-23 stigFrom Federico Mena Quintero (bug 3070):
2008-11-23 jakeFrom Gregor Jasny:
2008-11-23 jakeFrom Henning Rogge:
2008-11-22 stigFrom Peter (bug 2942):
2008-11-21 rbalintFix PDU reassembly for Lua dissectors.
2008-11-21 etxrabFrom Johnny Mitrevski:
2008-11-20 geraldAdd Custom.nmake to the distribution.
2008-11-20 jakeFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-20 jakeFrom yami:
2008-11-20 rbalintFix PDU reassembly for Lua dissectors.
2008-11-20 etxrabFrom Johnny Mitrevski:
2008-11-20 jakeFrom Gregor Jasny:
2008-11-19 jakeFrom Joakim Wiberg:
2008-11-19 rbalintRemove old lua5.1 dir when performing clean_setup.
2008-11-19 rbalintdelete lua5.1.4 dir when performing clean_setup
2008-11-19 jakeFix for bug 3071:
2008-11-18 rbalintFix alphabetical order of dynamic payload type mime...
2008-11-18 stigDo not popup an empty menu in the Packet Bytes pane.
2008-11-18 stigThe stream index does not belong to the source and...
2008-11-18 rbalintRequire Lua 5.1 for Lua plugin.
2008-11-18 stigOptimized finding current row from cfile.current_frame.
2008-11-18 stigCheck if selected packet is already selected before...
2008-11-18 rbalintFix determining clock rate for dynamic payload types.
2008-11-18 sfisherWrap "USA." in the address of the FSF onto a new line...
2008-11-17 sakeOpen the packet in a new window when it is double-clcke...
2008-11-17 geraldMake "-h" a valid flag.
2008-11-17 tuexen- Do not register UDP port 4433. Use dissector_add_hand...
2008-11-17 etxrabGive Martin Lutz credit.
2008-11-17 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-17 stigAdded an option to turn off content decoding, as this...
2008-11-16 etxrabAdd some comments.
2008-11-16 guyDon't put underscores in a phrase that's just shown...
2008-11-16 etxrabFrom Max Filippov:
2008-11-16 gerald[Automatic manuf update for 2008-11-16]
2008-11-16 stigFill the scrollbar when the graph is empty.
2008-11-16 etxrabDissect NAS-PDU.
2008-11-15 kukosafix all warn_explicit() usages incompatible with Python 2.6
2008-11-15 kukosaremove nonexistent header file from Makefile
2008-11-15 etxrabUpdate GTK packages.
2008-11-15 etxrabFrom Abhik Sarkar:
2008-11-15 stigUse string format argument.
2008-11-15 etxrabMake it easy to add custom dissectors.
2008-11-15 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-15 etxrabFix a typo.
2008-11-15 etxrabUpdate comments add Emergensy number list IE.
2008-11-15 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2008-11-14 wmeierCorrect a minor (no-effect) bug;
2008-11-14 wmeierComment out variable not cuurently used ...
2008-11-14 wmeierVarious proto_register & proto_reg_handoff changes:
2008-11-13 wmeierFrom SUZUKI Shinsuke: Fix some non-ascii characters...
2008-11-13 guyFix previous fix.
2008-11-13 guyFix some warnings.
2008-11-13 guyGet rid of some warnings.
2008-11-13 guyFix a warning.
2008-11-13 guyFix some warnings.
2008-11-13 guyGet rid of an unused variable.
2008-11-13 stigImproved filter autocompletion when having one exact...
2008-11-13 wmeierSmall changes related to proto_register & proto_reg_handoff
2008-11-13 geraldFor libpcap captures with the DLT DLT_BLUETOOTH_HCI_H4...
2008-11-12 wmeierSmall changes related to proto_reg_handoff;
2008-11-12 etxrabAdd a few more bits.
2008-11-12 etxrabFrom Johnny Mitrevski:
2008-11-12 etxrabAdd RFC number for H.264
2008-11-12 etxrabFrom Bartosz Baranowski:
2008-11-12 stigAvoid crash when unable to lookup psm_data before calli...
2008-11-12 stigAdded some expert infos.
2008-11-11 martinmAdd newline at the end
2008-11-11 wmeierFix build error
2008-11-11 etxrabMark parameters as unused.
2008-11-11 etxrabDissect part ofconfiguration parameter in SDP for MP4V-ES.
2008-11-11 etxrabAdd bitrate values to levels.
2008-11-11 etxrabFix a couple of wrong offsets, terminate dissecton...
2008-11-11 wmeierRegenerated files for asn1 templates committed in SVN...
2008-11-11 wmeierSmall cleanups mostly related to proto_reg_handoff
2008-11-11 rbalintSignal error on field values that cannot be safely...
2008-11-11 stigStill support GTK 2.4.0. No separator in combo box...
2008-11-11 stigRewrote interface type option_menu to gtk_combo_box...