2011-08-24 alagoutteFrom astramax57 via https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla...
2011-08-24 guyMark another widget argument as unused.
2011-08-24 stigCorrected position of filter autocompletion window...
2011-08-24 etxrabPut back the experimental GTK3 code. To be tested tomor...
2011-08-24 etxrabArgh, forgot the _U_:s
2011-08-24 etxrabUse user data rather than setting object data.
2011-08-24 etxrabBack out the previous commits, the graph blows up ...
2011-08-24 sfisherMark widget parameter as unused a number of times
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 expose_event -> draw
2011-08-24 sfisherMark length parameter as unused
2011-08-24 etxrabUse elm_len for the length.
2011-08-24 guyXcode 4 isn't available on DVD, but is available for...
2011-08-24 martinmCall gdk_cairo_create() for earlier versions of gtk.
2011-08-24 etxrabCode clean up as draw_arc works with cairo now.
2011-08-24 etxrabPaths changed for UI_MANAGER
2011-08-24 stigSimplified some GTK_CHECK_VERSION to improve readability.
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 Remove gtk_window_set_has_resize_grip() as it...
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 Remove gtk_window_set_has_resize_grip() as it...
2011-08-24 stigSeveral Time Shift menu improvements:
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 expose_event -> draw
2011-08-24 stigYet another cast.
2011-08-24 stigFix a warning by changing a pointer type.
2011-08-24 jmayerGTK3 typo fixes:
2011-08-24 jmayerGTK3:
2011-08-24 etxrabFix a typo.
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 expose_event -> draw
2011-08-24 etxrabGTK3 expose_event -> draw
2011-08-24 guyFix prematurely-terminated comment.
2011-08-24 guyFix a comment; this includes describing an additional...
2011-08-23 tuexenHopefully fix
2011-08-23 stigFrom Akos Lukovics:
2011-08-23 etxrabMake the byte highlighting work in GTK3
2011-08-23 jmayerStatus update.
2011-08-23 etxrabMissed backing out one line...
2011-08-23 etxrabMake colors work on GTK3 take 2
2011-08-23 jmayerFix build in the non gtk3 case: Add gpointer data to the
2011-08-23 etxrabMake colors work on GTK3
2011-08-23 stigFrom Gisle Vanem:
2011-08-23 etxrabMake the IO-grph work in GTK3.
2011-08-23 jmayerGTK3 only builds if portaudio is disabled (rtp player...
2011-08-23 stigRemove support for libpcre, we use GRegex in GLib.
2011-08-23 etxrabFix colors in GTK3
2011-08-23 etxrab"fix":
2011-08-23 etxrabFrom Andrei Emeltchenko via Chris Maynard:
2011-08-23 etxrabFrom Jack Yu modified by Chris Maynard:
2011-08-23 etxrabFrom Steve Karg:
2011-08-23 cmaynardFrom Gisle Vanem via wireshark.org/lists/wireshark...
2011-08-23 cmaynardRemoved the call to g_warning() in proto_reg_handoff_op...
2011-08-22 jmayerGet the build working with GTK3 for real.
2011-08-22 jmayerMissed (at least) one place where to rename UI_MANAGER...
2011-08-22 etxrabFrom Akos Lukovics:
2011-08-22 tuexengtk_action_get_label() is available in gtk+ 2.16 and...
2011-08-22 etxrabgtk_action_get_label() is GTK 2.16
2011-08-22 etxrabTypo
2011-08-22 etxrabAdd conversation filter menu
2011-08-22 tuexen#if 0 in a consistent way. This should unbreak the...
2011-08-22 tuexenmerge_all_tap_menus() has been moved to menus.c.
2011-08-22 tuexenour_menu_callback() is only used when MAIN_MENU_USE_UIM...
2011-08-22 etxrabMore code cleanup.
2011-08-22 etxrabfunnel_stat.c:606: warning: unused parameter 'group'
2011-08-22 jmayerFix a typo
2011-08-22 etxrabDon't export register_stat_menu_item_stock().(UI_MANAGER).
2011-08-22 etxrabwalk_menu_tree_for_selected_packet() and walk_menu_tree...
2011-08-22 etxrabdcerpc_stat.c:525: warning: unused parameter 'action'
2011-08-22 jmayerRename UI_MANAGER to ENABLE_UI_MANAGER, put it into
2011-08-22 etxrabRemove register_stat_menu_item() if MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMAN...
2011-08-22 etxrabmake MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMANAGER the default.
2011-08-22 etxrabRemove remaining gtk_item_factory (#ifdef HAVE_GTKOSXAP...
2011-08-22 etxrabAdd missing menus.
2011-08-21 geraldThe canonical IANA port number URL now returns XML...
2011-08-21 etxrabFix a bunch of copy paste errors:
2011-08-21 etxrabMake MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMANAGER the default.
2011-08-21 etxrabAdd the remaining menus when MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMANAGER.
2011-08-21 stigAdd some NSTime methods: add, sub and unm.
2011-08-21 stigRemoved nstime_diff() in favour of nstime_delta().
2011-08-21 stigUse nstime_delta() to calculate time difference.
2011-08-21 jmayerFix the remaining places that GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED...
2011-08-21 etxrabMake register_gtk_stats_tree_tap() work with MAIN_MENU_...
2011-08-21 jmayerBuild gtkvumeter only on win32
2011-08-21 gerald[Automatic manuf, services and enterprise-numbers updat...
2011-08-21 jmayerSomehow I forgot to commit the patch to disable GDK_DIS...
2011-08-21 jmayerCompile with GDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (the files that...
2011-08-21 jmayerGet the replacement for the arc drawing working.
2011-08-21 tuexenFix a typo.
2011-08-21 jmayerMissed one instance of arc -> ellipse renaming.
2011-08-21 jmayerThe arc function was only used to draw filled ellipses...
2011-08-21 jmayerSmall whitespace changes.
2011-08-21 stigAdd missing newline at the end of the file.
2011-08-21 guyPut a newline at the end of the file.
2011-08-20 stigFixed build withouth HAVE_PCAP_REMOTE.
2011-08-20 guyThe remote_options structure is not used if we don...
2011-08-20 jmayerFix unused parameter warning (turned error) in the...
2011-08-20 etxrabAdd more register_dfilter_stat driven menus to MAIN_ME...
2011-08-20 etxrabMake register_dfilter_stat work for MAIN_MENU_USE_UIMANAGER
2011-08-19 jmayerAdd main_menubar.c
2011-08-19 etxrabTry to fix the build bot.
2011-08-19 etxrabAdd a few more menu items.
2011-08-19 etxrabAdd one more menu item.
2011-08-19 etxrabAdd UTC timeformats to the menu.
2011-08-19 etxrabAdd a few more menu items.