2006-06-15 jmayerautofoo will fail on systems that lack libgcrypt.m4.
2006-06-15 ulfladd some information to the "Output File Formats" section
2006-06-15 ulflrename "graphics" directory to "wsug_graphics" to make...
2006-06-15 ulflwe shouldn't use the admonition graphics from the xsl...
2006-06-15 ulfluse the colored logo for wsdg too, slightly prettify...
2006-06-15 ulfladd a missing status code
2006-06-15 ulflfix the hresult "filter" fields
2006-06-15 kukosa- BER_MAX_OID_STR_LEN removed and replaced with MAX_OID...
2006-06-15 etxrabRANAP:
2006-06-14 sahlbergfix tcp reassembly to work again for
2006-06-14 jmayerPrint help to output, not to error
2006-06-14 jmayerNo , at end of enum
2006-06-14 jmayerNo // comments
2006-06-14 jmayerInclude <ctype.h> to fix some warnings. Regenerate the
2006-06-14 jmayerconfigure.in:
2006-06-14 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-13 ulfl (on behalf of the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V...
2006-06-13 ulfldcom_tvb_get_nwstringz0(): convert output to hexdump...
2006-06-13 jmayerRemove some trailing whitespace
2006-06-13 kukosa- "next tvb" list moved from h225 to new file next_tvb...
2006-06-13 kukosanew function epan_get_version()
2006-06-13 sahlbergfrom metze
2006-06-13 guyConstify to fix compiler warnings.
2006-06-13 guyFix the signatures of find_next_mark_cb() and find_next...
2006-06-12 etxrabFix some warnings.
2006-06-12 ulfluse FT_GUID instead of FT_STRING at appropriate fields
2006-06-12 ulflupdate of "Edit" menu:
2006-06-12 ulfladd some more DCOM related HRESULTS
2006-06-12 ulflslightly extend information about TCP checksum offloadi...
2006-06-12 ulflI couldn't find the filter string to show only the...
2006-06-12 ulfluse the colored logo (splash screen) for the user's...
2006-06-12 sahlbergupdate christoph sholz email address
2006-06-12 sahlbergprettify dissection of LDAP search filters.
2006-06-11 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-11 etxrabComplete the parch from:
2006-06-10 sahlbergrework the previous patch slightly since we really...
2006-06-10 sahlbergadd simple heuristics to the decoding of assertionvalue...
2006-06-10 sahlbergmake CLDAP show up as CLDAP in the dissectyion tree...
2006-06-10 guyMark "inap.tcap.itu_ssn" and "inap.tcap.itu_ssn1" as...
2006-06-10 guydo_subst wasn't defined, so just use "cp" for now....
2006-06-09 guyXPMs are C source, not binary.
2006-06-09 guyMake dissect_tivoconnect() a proper "new-style" dissect...
2006-06-09 guyIt's spelled "mime-type", not "mine-type"; delete it...
2006-06-09 guyConstify XPMs, to squelch compiler warnings.
2006-06-09 sahlbergfix for bug 766
2006-06-09 sahlbergFrom Christoph Werle
2006-06-09 sahlbergupdate properties
2006-06-09 sahlbergFrom Thomas Dreibholz
2006-06-09 sahlbergsome updates from new pidl
2006-06-09 sahlbergfrom tim endean
2006-06-09 sahlbergfrom Stephen Fisher
2006-06-09 jmayerAdd rnsap-exp.cnf to svn:ignore
2006-06-09 sahlbergfrom Metze
2006-06-08 jakeNo need to talk about obsolete tools
2006-06-08 jakeRe-orient the fin.
2006-06-08 jmayerRadek Vokal <rvokal@redhat.com>:
2006-06-08 jmayerrtcp.profile-specific-extension was defined twice
2006-06-08 jmayerCompile fix: update generated rnsap files
2006-06-08 jmayerwarning fix: no , at end of enum
2006-06-08 jmayerwarning fix: make function static
2006-06-08 etxrabMAke it possible to get a tvb with a BIT STRING, regene...
2006-06-08 etxrabMAke it possible to get a tvb with a BIT STRING, regene...
2006-06-08 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-08 geraldRe-orient the fin.
2006-06-07 geraldUpdate the download link in the help dialog. More...
2006-06-07 geraldUpdate the Windows icon.
2006-06-07 geraldSwitch back to the 2d icons.
2006-06-07 geraldBetter update for the FAQ. We can now use the URL
2006-06-07 ulflexplain why packets of layers won't sum up, "fixes...
2006-06-07 geraldEthereal -> Wireshark. Update the FAQ.
2006-06-07 geraldUse the new capture icons.
2006-06-07 geraldIn all Wireshark images and icons, make the fin point...
2006-06-06 geraldEthereal -> Wireshark
2006-06-06 jakeFixup edg -> wsdg
2006-06-06 geraldEthereal -> Wireshark
2006-06-06 geraldEthereal -> Wireshark
2006-06-06 jakeedg -> wsdg
2006-06-06 geraldRemove more unused icons.
2006-06-06 etxrabAdd a missing dtd.
2006-06-06 etxrabFrom Michail Koreshkov:
2006-06-06 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-06 geraldConvert to wireshark.
2006-06-05 geraldIcon cleanup.
2006-06-05 geraldUpdate the icon.
2006-06-05 kukosauncomment newly supported TYPE-IDENTIFIER usage and...
2006-06-05 kukosa- packet-per.[ch]: Open Type support
2006-06-05 geraldRemove recently-deleted images.
2006-06-04 geraldUpdate the icon set.
2006-06-04 jmayerwarning fix: declare some functions static
2006-06-04 jmayerwarning fix: guint16 is always <= 0xFFFF
2006-06-04 jmayerAdd some rudimentary dissector for what seems to be
2006-06-03 etxrabFrom Martin Mathieson:
2006-06-03 sahlbergsome functions return dos error codes and not nt status...
2006-06-03 guyThrow in a cast to work around the lack of a "const...
2006-06-03 guyStill more constification to try to get rid of compiler...
2006-06-03 guyGet rid of unused variable.
2006-06-03 guyMore constification in the hopes of reducing compiler...
2006-06-03 guyConstify in the hopes of reducing compiler warnings.
2006-06-02 guyRe-UTF-8ify.
2006-06-02 etxrabFrom Richard van der Hoff: