2008-08-26 wmeier#include <emem.h> not req'd
2008-08-26 wmeier#include <emem.h> not req'd
2008-08-26 guyFix some macro name errors.
2008-08-26 wmeier#include <emem.h> not req'd
2008-08-26 guyGet rid of an unused variable in the P7 dissector.
2008-08-25 wmeier#include <prefs.h> not req'd
2008-08-25 etxrabAdd Answer or Request to the Command name in the info...
2008-08-25 etxrabAdd comments
2008-08-25 wmeier#include <prefs.h> not req'd; Fix indentation to be...
2008-08-25 etxrabFrom Dave B:
2008-08-25 etxrabFrom Andrei Slavoiu:
2008-08-25 etxrabRemove unintentional AVP addition.
2008-08-25 etxrabAdd some Gmb AVP:s and add Application ID:s
2008-08-25 wmeierprefs_register_protocol not req'd since no prefs; simpl...
2008-08-25 wmeierprefs_register_protocol not req'd since no prefs; simpl...
2008-08-25 wmeierRemove unnecessary registration of a prefs callback
2008-08-25 wmeierRemove unnecessary registration of a prefs callback...
2008-08-25 wmeierprefs.h not req'd; cleanup reg_handoff;
2008-08-25 wmeierremove unnecessary registration of a prefs callback...
2008-08-25 wmeierremove unnecessary prefs registration since no prefs...
2008-08-25 wmeierRemove unnecessary prefs callback; simplify reg_handoff...
2008-08-25 wmeierMove a buffer from the stack & do some minor cleanup
2008-08-25 guyIf HAVE_KERBEROS isn't defined, enc_authorization_data_...
2008-08-25 geraldAdd another buffer length check to group key decryption.
2008-08-25 geraldFix a couple of crashes in WPA group key decryption.
2008-08-25 sahlbergimplement pac info type #12 UPN_DNS_INFO
2008-08-25 sahlbergstart adding support to decrypt and dissect the enc...
2008-08-25 sahlbergadd a preference and code for tracking how many un...
2008-08-24 etxrabChange AA-Answer to AA.
2008-08-24 etxrabFrom Stefan Monhof:
2008-08-24 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-24 etxrabFrom: Stefan Monhof:
2008-08-23 stigFixed some text and link to a more relevant section...
2008-08-23 guyFix a typo in a comment.
2008-08-22 guyOne set of tests for whether a packet looks like a...
2008-08-22 stigOnly use one IP address for seq/ack analysis.
2008-08-22 wmeierFix a (probably benign) case where it appears that...
2008-08-22 wmeierFix a case of && which should be &; add some parenthese...
2008-08-22 wmeierMinor rewording; fix a type
2008-08-21 morrissAdd an expert info noting an a_rwnd of 0.
2008-08-21 wmeierModified version of a fix from Christopher Maynard...
2008-08-21 wmeierFix from christopher maynard as reported in bug 2822
2008-08-21 gerald_MSC_VERs 1400 and greater require manifests. Check...
2008-08-21 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-20 guyThe first argument to vendor IE dissectors is a proto_i...
2008-08-20 etxrabFrom David Woodhouse:
2008-08-20 wmeierFix minor typo/spelling ...
2008-08-20 jakeFrom Scott Bailey:
2008-08-20 jakeLint reports addressed.
2008-08-20 jakeFrom Eric Travis:
2008-08-20 jakeFrom Steve Friedman:
2008-08-20 guyFix up the construction of a subset tvbuff.
2008-08-19 etxrabFix bug:
2008-08-19 etxrabAdd a comment.
2008-08-19 etxrabAdd OUI_MARVELL
2008-08-19 etxrabFrom Neil Piercy:
2008-08-19 guyThe packet counts and drop counts reported by libpcap...
2008-08-19 guyAdd to a comment.
2008-08-17 ulfluse the "official" names
2008-08-15 wmeierFix some incorrect code (found by valgrind).
2008-08-15 stigAdded handling of missing sequence number range in...
2008-08-15 geraldSimplify the PortAudio section.
2008-08-14 geraldMore updates to allow for a win64 target build.
2008-08-14 wmeierUse const with value_string array definitions
2008-08-14 geraldReplace a deprecated -o option with /Fd.
2008-08-14 wmeierSearch for "(static const|static|const) value_string...
2008-08-14 geraldIt looks like /Zd was removed in VC++ 2005.
2008-08-14 stigAdded a missing {0,NULL} as noted by Christopher.
2008-08-14 geraldFrom cjkelly1: Add "/MD" to the PortAudio compilation...
2008-08-14 etxrabFrom Siva Jupudi:
2008-08-14 geraldReplace "guint" with "size_t" in a couple of places.
2008-08-14 jakeFrom Frank Wang:
2008-08-14 geraldSecFileExtensions was removed in 2005. Don't reference...
2008-08-14 etxrabAdd Ethertype for WAVE Short Message dissection (WSMP).
2008-08-14 wmeierFix some spelling/typos
2008-08-14 wmeierFix a spelling error
2008-08-14 stigFrom Edward J. Paradise (bug 2775):
2008-08-14 wmeierFix a few typos & spelling errors
2008-08-14 morrissAdd expert info warning to TSNs that are retransmitted...
2008-08-14 gmorrisFix for retransmission of fragmented NDS reply packets.
2008-08-14 jakeFrom Edward J. Paradise:
2008-08-13 jakeUpdates based on lint output provided by Chris Maynard.
2008-08-13 jakeFrom Edward J. Paradise:
2008-08-13 wmeierFix various minor typos and spelling errors
2008-08-13 wmeierFix some minor typos, spelling errors & etc
2008-08-13 stigRewrote to avoid prohibited API strcpy.
2008-08-13 kukosasupply dissected XML structure to caller dissector
2008-08-13 stigRemoved a C++ style comment.
2008-08-13 wmeierFix two spelling errors
2008-08-13 stigAdded a note about not beeing able to delete the "Defau...
2008-08-13 stigAnother try to fix the cast problem.
2008-08-13 stigAdd a cast to avoid a warning.
2008-08-13 stigAdded libwsutil.def to EXTRA_DIST
2008-08-13 stigAdded image/libwsutil.rc.in to EXTRA_DIST
2008-08-13 guyIf capture_dlg_prep() finds an error, don't continue...
2008-08-13 guyPRI[duox]64 isn't being defined on all platforms, break...
2008-08-13 etxrabFix:
2008-08-13 etxrabFrom Fabrizio Bertocci:
2008-08-12 guyTake courage!
2008-08-12 geraldFix a bunch of Win64 compilation errors by cowardly...