2012-02-05 etxrabGOOSE Messages don't use the length field to perform...
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom walter schmid:
2012-02-05 gerald[Automatic manuf, services and enterprise-numbers updat...
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Xiao Xiangquan:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Tony Trinh:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Alexander Koeppe:
2012-02-05 etxrabFix comments.
2012-02-05 jmayerTry to fix the compile errors on OS X:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom billyjeans:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Michael Mann:
2012-02-05 jmayerForgot to commit the CMakeList.txt changes
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Marek Tews:
2012-02-05 etxrabTry to get rid of non-ASCII characters.
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Jakub Zawadzki:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Tyson Key:
2012-02-05 etxrabCast it away.
2012-02-05 etxrabTry to fix some of the build problems, it still bumms...
2012-02-05 jmayerChecked in, with the following changes:
2012-02-05 jmayerThere is a logic bug in this dissector that is exposed
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom QA Cafe:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Harald Welte:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Harald Welte:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Holger Hans Peter Freyther:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Stipe Tolj:
2012-02-05 etxrabFrom Sylvain Munaut:
2012-02-05 jmayerFix long standing but that prevented installation to
2012-02-05 jmayerDocument which external files are used by the packet...
2012-02-04 jmayerAdd note about unifying a4 and letter format builds.
2012-02-04 alagoutteUpdate .gitignore with the last change in svn:ignore...
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Harald Welte:
2012-02-04 jmayerAdd the magic incantation to get icons into the cmake...
2012-02-04 jmayer- Add a comment how to improve the output of supported...
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Francesco Fondelli:
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Colin O'Flynn:
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Cristian Constantin:
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Cristian Constantin:
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom Tobias Witek:
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom mdesharnais:
2012-02-04 jmayerUpdate ignore list for in-tree builds with qtcreate
2012-02-04 jmayerRename the binary Wireshark -> qtshark
2012-02-04 etxrabFrom David Wei:
2012-02-04 jmayerIgnore some more build-files
2012-02-03 morrissFrom Roland Knall via https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzil...
2012-02-03 morrissCreate a list of MTP Service Indicator macros and use...
2012-02-03 morrissRegister a frame-end routine to reset mtp3_standard...
2012-02-03 jmayerDon't forget about the .qrc files.
2012-02-03 sakeFrom Martin Kaiser.. FIX subdissector selection
2012-02-03 morrissFinish the heuristic standard detection logic by adding...
2012-02-03 martinmDissect and check reserved bits at start of signalling...
2012-02-03 martinmAdd a link back to previous frame for UM sequence numbe...
2012-02-03 jmayerUpdate the list of problems with gtk3 and where to...
2012-02-03 jmayerThe libpcap puts pcap-filter into the misc section...
2012-02-03 morrissImprove heuristic standard detection:
2012-02-02 etxrabFrom guettler:
2012-02-02 morrissdissect_gtpv2_mbms_session_duration(): 'tree' is unused...
2012-02-02 etxrabFrom keysandwood:
2012-02-02 jmayerAdd a comment about automoc (but don't use it as this...
2012-02-02 jmayerFix make install for qtshark.
2012-02-02 etxrabFrom keysandwood:
2012-02-02 etxrabFrom David Wei:
2012-02-02 morrissRather than rename the remaining HI2Operations source...
2012-02-02 jmayerUpdate documentatin for the qt build to reflect the...
2012-02-02 jmayerMake out-of-tree builds work.
2012-02-02 jmayerUpdate svn:ignore for the qtshark build case.
2012-02-02 jmayer- Move setting _U_ into config.h, because
2012-02-02 jmayerInclude config.h in preparation of moving the definition
2012-02-02 jmayerUpdate svn:ignore for existing qtshark build process
2012-02-02 etxrabRevert file commited by mistake.
2012-02-02 etxrabUpdate the protocol name as per commit rev 40801.
2012-02-02 etxrabUpdate the protocol name as per commit rev 40801.
2012-02-02 jmayerpacket-HI2Operations.c was sorted into the file list...
2012-02-02 jmayer- Add generated files and stuff from cmake build to...
2012-02-02 jmayerPrepare the cmake infrastucture for eventually building
2012-02-01 morrissMove m3ap from clean-asn1-dissector list to dirty-asn1...
2012-02-01 wmeierFix some Windows qmake and Qt Wireshark build issues:
2012-02-01 morrissMove m3ap from clean-asn1-dissector list to dirty-asn1...
2012-02-01 wmeierFix a typo
2012-02-01 etxrabCollect and use some SRTP information.
2012-02-01 etxrabSee if this makes it build cleanly.
2012-02-01 etxrabAdd M3AP to the build.
2012-02-01 etxrabAdd M3AP to the build.
2012-02-01 etxrabFrom David Wei:
2012-02-01 jmayerFix warning: pci set but not used warning
2012-02-01 cmaynardFix some typos.
2012-02-01 cmaynardFix some typos.
2012-02-01 cmaynardFix some typos.
2012-01-31 guyLet's make all offsets within the packet guints. ...
2012-01-31 morrissHeuristic standard tuning:
2012-01-31 morrissUse PINFO_FD_NUM and PINFO_FD_VISITED
2012-01-31 morrissImprove heuristic standard detection:
2012-01-30 wmeierCompile .cpp files with CXXFLAGS the same as CFLAGS...
2012-01-30 morrissHeuristic standard tuning:
2012-01-30 wmeierRework optional generation of .sbr & .bsc files.
2012-01-30 etxrabRemove an unused parameter.
2012-01-30 etxrabReformat a section.
2012-01-30 etxrabTry to determine MTP3 Standard heuristically, original...
2012-01-30 etxrabMinor updates to debug output.
2012-01-30 etxrabFrom Andreas Heise:
2012-01-30 morrissRevert 40772: the abort() needs to be pushed higher...
2012-01-30 morrissIf WIRESHARK_ABORT_ON_DISSECTOR_BUG is set, abort(...