2010-02-11 gerald1.3.3 -> 1.3.4.
2010-02-11 morrissUse suffix rules to simplify the man page generation
2010-02-11 morrissWe don't want to deliver the (generated) Makefile....
2010-02-11 geraldFix the GNU build.
2010-02-10 geraldMake the build dependencies more consistent between...
2010-02-10 geraldBuild 1.3.3.
2010-02-10 dimegCreate FT_BYTES fields for the RAND, AUTN, SRES, XRES
2010-02-10 morrissUse automake to build things in docbook/ .
2010-02-10 geraldAdd an item for the "ignore" feature.
2010-02-10 morrissDie if we can't open the input or output files
2010-02-10 morrissAdd SVN Id tag
2010-02-10 guyNo need for cvse_reserved as a variable; getting rid...
2010-02-10 etxrabDefine VENDOR_VERIZON in sminmpec.h
2010-02-10 etxrabFrom yi ren:
2010-02-09 jakeMake the kludge work for xmllint too.
2010-02-09 geraldDrop support for Windows 2000 in 1.3 and later.
2010-02-09 wmeierFix some memory leaks; Fix some indentation.
2010-02-09 wmeierRevert SVN #31838; It's NG.
2010-02-09 guyDon't trust the length field in a V5 sample to be valid.
2010-02-09 guyDo all the missing dissectors the same way.
2010-02-09 guyRead the packet into private areas (private pseudo...
2010-02-09 jakeFrom Owen Kirby:
2010-02-09 sahlbergthese two guys are actually range-strings and not value...
2010-02-09 etxrabInitialize sub_cfg_attr_type_tree.
2010-02-09 etxrabFrom Alexis La Goutte:
2010-02-09 etxrabAnother BASE_NONE.
2010-02-08 wmeierFix some memory leaks; Fix some indentation.
2010-02-08 guyTerminate a value_string, and get rid of a non-ASCII...
2010-02-08 sahlbergflag two unusued arguments with _U_ to prevent a compil...
2010-02-08 jakeMake example output pagebreak in PDF.
2010-02-08 jakeRightsize graphics by modifying their DPI.
2010-02-08 etxrabFix field base.
2010-02-08 etxrabFrom Yi Yu:
2010-02-08 wmeier(Minor) Fix code so port pref change actually deletes...
2010-02-08 wmeier(Trivial): remove an incorrect _U_ in a few cases.
2010-02-08 wmeier(Trivial changes):
2010-02-08 martinmAdd preference that allows RLC PDUs embedded inside...
2010-02-08 sahlbergtry autogenerate lsa in preparation for updates to...
2010-02-08 sahlbergadd a macro to handle types that are 2 bytes in ndr...
2010-02-08 sahlbergFlag the arguments as _U_ so that we dont fail the...
2010-02-07 wmeierFix and rework some code a bit:
2010-02-07 guyMore uninitialized-variable warning squelching.
2010-02-07 stigInitialize a subtree.
2010-02-07 etxrabTry to pacify the buildbot.
2010-02-07 etxrabFrom Owen Kirby:
2010-02-07 gerald[Automatic manuf and enterprise-numbers update for...
2010-02-07 stigFixed warning: format not a string literal and no forma...
2010-02-07 stigAdded packet-applemidi.c.
2010-02-07 etxrabFrom Tobias Erichsen:
2010-02-07 etxrabFrom Stephen Donnelly:
2010-02-07 stigFrom Alex Lindberg via bug 4463:
2010-02-07 stigForgot that etype_vals is DATA.
2010-02-07 stigExport etype_vals from libwireshark.
2010-02-06 stigRenamed some reassembled data texts.
2010-02-06 jmayerWhitespace change
2010-02-05 jakeFrom Chris Maynard:
2010-02-05 jakeHarden "Process Information" presentation functions.
2010-02-05 jakeFrom Alex Burlyga:
2010-02-05 jakeFrom Mike Sager:
2010-02-05 geraldExit normally when we trap a signal so that things...
2010-02-05 dimegFix the MNC decoding when Global Title is built
2010-02-05 jakeAdd missing graphics file.
2010-02-05 etxrabTry to pacify the buildbot.
2010-02-05 etxrabFrom Joshua Zhao:
2010-02-05 wmeierFrom Chris Maynard: "Wrong download link to vcredist_x...
2010-02-05 guyI think you meant "pinfo->pseudo_header->atm.flags...
2010-02-04 sahlbergFrom: Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
2010-02-04 sahlbergFrom: Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
2010-02-04 sahlbergFrom Metze
2010-02-04 sahlbergFrom: Stefan Metzmacher <metze@samba.org>
2010-02-04 sahlbergInitialize a variable to squash a compiler warning.
2010-02-04 dimegFrom Holger Pfrommer:
2010-02-04 martinmAdd commo-channel stats.
2010-02-04 martinmAdd UEId to MAC tap struct and stats window.
2010-02-04 wmeierFix a typo....
2010-02-04 wmeierFix a crash which occurs if a progress bar is displayed...
2010-02-04 kukosaOne warning fixed
2010-02-04 kukosaRemove forgotten useless lines
2010-02-04 kukosaSupport QSIG using global opcode instead...
2010-02-04 etxrabReversion of SVN 30488 as suggested in https://bugs...
2010-02-04 geraldAdjust the heading elements.
2010-02-03 geraldFix for bug 4444.
2010-02-03 morrissChange author attribution as per https://bugs.wireshark...
2010-02-03 etxrabTry to get rid of unused code warnings.
2010-02-03 etxrabFix from Tomas Kukosa to resolve problem with large...
2010-02-03 stigChanged "reassembled_length" -> "reassembled.length".
2010-02-02 guyAdded protocol name to "Reassembled length" text.
2010-02-02 stigAdded protocol name to "Reassembled length" text.
2010-02-02 etxrabTry to get rid of unused code warnings.
2010-02-02 etxrabTry to get rid of unused code warnings.
2010-02-02 etxrabFix a typo and get rid of some unused code warnings.
2010-02-02 etxrabTry to get rid of unused code warnings.
2010-02-02 guyAdd a field for the reassembled length.
2010-02-02 guyClean up white space.
2010-02-02 stigIntroduce "Reassembled length" filter element for all...
2010-02-02 etxrabFrom Stephen Donnelly:
2010-02-01 jmayer- Reorder some functions to avoid as many forward decla...
2010-02-01 dimegFix for Bug 3116
2010-02-01 geraldC-ize a C++ comment.
2010-02-01 geraldC-ize a C++ comment.