2009-11-24 geraldBuild 1.3.2.
2009-11-24 stigpacket_list_get_widest_column_string() can return NULL...
2009-11-24 stigUse the highest time value when calculating widest...
2009-11-23 dimegUse range_string for the decoding of the CN specific DRX
2009-11-23 jakeMake more output parameters optional.
2009-11-23 etxrabAdd dissection of Source RNC to target RNC transparent...
2009-11-23 dimegBasic support for the DTAP User-User IE; print bitfield...
2009-11-23 dimegAnalyze GPRS Timer in its two subfields, unit and value
2009-11-23 dimegNo need for decoding function for a Tag-only IE
2009-11-23 stigGuard #include <sys/types.h> with HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H.
2009-11-23 stigGuard #include <sys/types.h> with HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H.
2009-11-23 rbalintAdd /usr/share/snmp/mibs to MIB search path on !Win32...
2009-11-23 stigFrom Barry Miller via bug 4258:
2009-11-22 stigGive a warning for illegal preference name.
2009-11-22 guyNo non-ASCII characters, please.
2009-11-22 etxrabHandle lenght restriction extension of restricted strings.
2009-11-22 etxrabHandle lenght restriction extension of restricted strings.
2009-11-22 gerald[Automatic manuf and enterprise-numbers update for...
2009-11-21 krj..but make sure we call tvb_get_guint8() at least once ;)
2009-11-21 krjDon't rely on G_STMT
2009-11-21 krjRewrite macros to not use ternary operator
2009-11-21 krjUse gint when declaring a tree type variable
2009-11-21 krjDon't call tvb_get_guint8() twice
2009-11-21 jakeAdd documentation for -J and -j command line parameters.
2009-11-20 jmayer-G -> -J
2009-11-20 etxraboffset is in bits
2009-11-20 etxrabDissect transportLayerAddress and rrc-context
2009-11-20 etxrabHandle extended PER bitstrings.
2009-11-20 jmayerJohanna Sochos <johanna.sochos@swissqual.com>
2009-11-20 dimegWhen decoding a Cell Identifier, curr_offset is not...
2009-11-20 stigPrint adjusted length.
2009-11-20 stigAdded nbss.length.
2009-11-19 geraldDon't call tvb_new_subset on a NULL pointer. Fixes...
2009-11-19 geraldUse INTL_DLL for the gettext DLL name.
2009-11-19 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2009-11-19 jakeFrom Fabrizio Bertocci:
2009-11-19 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2009-11-19 stigImplement new_packet_list_recreate(). This should...
2009-11-19 geraldSwitch from individual GLib, GTK+, and related packages...
2009-11-19 dimeg- Remove if(tree) checks
2009-11-19 martinmDissect SRB2 as PDCP signalling too.
2009-11-19 stigAdd a custom column from the packet details popup menu.
2009-11-19 martinmTweak expert info level/text.
2009-11-19 stigNo need to do string compare for FT_PROTOCOL.
2009-11-19 stigChanged hf_ip_proto to use ipproto_val[].
2009-11-19 stigAdded support for some missing custom column types:
2009-11-19 etxrabAdd vendor id for Deutsche Telekom AG
2009-11-19 etxrabENBname is now a PrintableString. handling in .cnf...
2009-11-19 etxrabFrom Holger Freyther:
2009-11-19 geraldInstead of initializing the Media Format name to NULL...
2009-11-18 jakeGet the offset right.
2009-11-18 dimegUpdated GPRS TMSI Status and Update Type IEs
2009-11-18 dimegGPRS Attach Type IE updated according to 24.008 v8.6.0
2009-11-18 geraldAdd and remove doc icons from the distribution.
2009-11-18 dimeg- Use the spare_bits hf from packet_gsm_a_common.c in
2009-11-18 stigSwitch HighHdr and LowHdr to build correct absolute...
2009-11-18 martinmTrivial: comment update
2009-11-18 martinmExpert warning about BSRs over a threshold configured...
2009-11-18 stigAnother try to treat the two 32bit time values (low...
2009-11-18 guyIf no error is returned by a Wiretap routine, err_info...
2009-11-17 geraldUse #8594 instead of rarr.
2009-11-17 etxrabFrom Aamer Akhter:
2009-11-17 etxrabMobile On Channel carries no data.
2009-11-17 dimegFix for Bug 4248:
2009-11-17 geraldDisplay filter macros are under the Analyze menu.
2009-11-17 dimegRemove the address operator from value_string arrays...
2009-11-17 stigFrom Ravi Kondamuru via bug 3540:
2009-11-17 geraldAdd the images used to create the new document icon...
2009-11-17 martinmResuse struct for PDCP info when redissecting.
2009-11-17 geraldRename the doc icon for consistency.
2009-11-17 geraldUpdate the document icons.
2009-11-17 krjFrom Benjamin Roch via. bug 4247:
2009-11-17 jmayerNeed to add svnversion.h to the build list to make
2009-11-17 jmayerBeginnings of enabling static builds. Still to do:
2009-11-17 stigAdded format argument.
2009-11-17 etxrabHerbert Lischka:
2009-11-16 stigAdded more Peer ID Conventions.
2009-11-16 sahlbergdont print the window size for the initial SYN packet
2009-11-16 dimegGPRS Attach Result IE updated according to 24.008 v8.6.0
2009-11-16 martinmShow data-less PDUs are Error rather than warning.
2009-11-16 geraldDon't let the session blob length go stomping all over...
2009-11-16 dimegErroneously ommitted from the patch of Bug 4219:
2009-11-16 etxrabUpdate 3GPP/ETSI AVP:s
2009-11-16 martinmAllow LTE RRC dissector to call PDCP/RRC dissectors...
2009-11-16 jakeRemove debug code.
2009-11-16 etxrabUpdate SIP headers.
2009-11-16 etxrabGTK_STOCK_SELECT_ALL is gtk 2.10.
2009-11-15 etxrabFrom Alejandro Vaquero:
2009-11-15 gerald[Automatic manuf and enterprise-numbers update for...
2009-11-14 dimeg- Replaced get_start_octet() with a right shift
2009-11-14 dimegFrom yy:
2009-11-14 krjRemove unused static variable
2009-11-14 stigUse the USB icon for usbmon devices on Linux.
2009-11-13 geraldMinor adjustments.
2009-11-13 jakeFrom Ivan Sy:
2009-11-13 jakeFrom Jim Young:
2009-11-13 jakeFrom Herbert Lischka:
2009-11-13 jakeFix for bug 4120:
2009-11-13 geraldOn OS X, prepend /usr/share/snmp/mibs to the SMI path...
2009-11-13 stigUse correct opcode table for error values and regular...