2010-09-03 martinmTry to cast away windows buildbot problems.
2010-09-03 martinmAdd bandwidth figures to RLC stats (per-UE and per...
2010-09-03 kukosaFix start offset and length handling in SEQUNCE OF...
2010-09-03 stigIncrease maximum number of nodes to 40.
2010-09-03 stigCode cleanup: Remove Begin/End comments on each and...
2010-09-03 stigCheck if using tree before adding the octet string.
2010-09-03 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-09-03 etxrabAdd doxygen coments.
2010-09-03 etxrabAdd doxygen coments.
2010-09-03 etxrabAdd a comment
2010-09-03 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2010-09-03 etxrabFrom Michael Lum:
2010-09-02 stigApply the quick fix from bug 2952.
2010-09-02 etxrabAdd comments
2010-09-02 morrissIntroduce 2 new environment variables: WIRESHARK_EP_VER...
2010-09-02 morrissFix https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi...
2010-09-02 sfisherFix typo in comment: datat -> data
2010-09-02 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-09-02 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-09-02 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-09-02 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-09-01 stigEnsure we always print the heading when dumping PSML...
2010-09-01 etxrab1.4 version does not display the t.38 graph.
2010-09-01 guyExpand and update comments.
2010-09-01 etxrabFrom Jaap Keuter:
2010-08-31 etxrabFrom Pascal Quantin:
2010-08-31 stigA GString has it's own length.
2010-08-31 stigSupport space in list of hidden columns.
2010-08-31 etxrabAdd stub code for future dissection of featureGroupIndi...
2010-08-31 stigUpdate the header length after dissecting the header.
2010-08-31 stigEnsure we always update the display filter when changin...
2010-08-31 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-08-30 wmeierAdd #include <stdio.h> for fprintf
2010-08-30 etxrabRemove the depricated GtkItemFactory code.
2010-08-30 etxrabSwitch to GTK UIManager.
2010-08-30 morrissInclude stdio.h. Fixup indent some.
2010-08-30 morrissFix the crash reported in https://bugs.wireshark.org...
2010-08-30 morrissRemove some unnecessary includes: a lot of things don...
2010-08-30 morrissUse the top-level isprint.h instead of redefining ispri...
2010-08-30 etxrabRemove a redundant callback.
2010-08-30 etxrabConvert to GTKUIManager
2010-08-30 etxrabDoxygen fix.
2010-08-30 stigCall dfilter_macro_uat->post_update_cb instead of using...
2010-08-30 stigAlways update the display filter when changing a displa...
2010-08-30 stigAlways call post_update_cb() in uat_load_str().
2010-08-30 etxrabDoxygen related changes.
2010-08-30 etxrabMake a note about how to "activare" the filter popup.
2010-08-30 wmeierVarious:
2010-08-29 etxrabSwitch to GTK UIManager.
2010-08-29 etxrabFix for Bug Packet details have errors when decode...
2010-08-29 sakeFrom Cal Turney (bug 5132):
2010-08-29 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-29 gerald[Automatic manuf and enterprise-numbers update for...
2010-08-29 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-29 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-28 geraldDisplay 6to4 gateway IPv4 addresses and SLA IDs.
2010-08-28 wmeier#inlude <emem.h> not req'd;
2010-08-28 geraldDe-obfuscate the Teredo client address and add a de...
2010-08-28 etxrabDoxygen changes.
2010-08-28 sakeAs mentioned on the users-mailinglist[1], it could...
2010-08-28 sakeWe change the owner and group of the first file, so...
2010-08-27 dimegSupport for eMLPP Priority IE in BSSMAP
2010-08-27 guyUpdate some links.
2010-08-27 stigAdded Owen Kirby as author
2010-08-27 guyAllow Dissect As... to select the Ethernet-without...
2010-08-27 dimegMNC, SANC, ISPC lists updated up to OB 960
2010-08-27 stigFrom Owen Kirby via bug 5149:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Frank Lahm via bug 5136:
2010-08-27 geraldDisplay Teredo encapsulated IPv4 server and client...
2010-08-27 geraldForward-port r33953.
2010-08-27 morrissFrom Dirk via https://bugs.wireshark.org/bugzilla/show_...
2010-08-27 stigFrom Christian Durrer via bug 5155:
2010-08-27 stigFrom Matthieu Lochegnies via bug 5153:
2010-08-27 wmeier(Trivial) Fix a typo
2010-08-27 martinmAllow 3GPP release info to be displayed.
2010-08-27 stigAdded a check for constructed octet string to avoid...
2010-08-27 jakeTake in updates from the TLS registery.
2010-08-27 jakeMake wireshark-dev depend on the right automake.
2010-08-27 etxrabFrom Kirill A. Korinskiy:
2010-08-26 wmeierI suspect the changes to config.nmake committed in...
2010-08-26 etxrabDoxygen fixes.
2010-08-26 stigCheck input string in ps_clean_string().
2010-08-26 etxrabFixed by running doxygen -u
2010-08-26 etxrabFix doxygen errors.
2010-08-26 sfisherShow a text string of the Windows version (if Windows...
2010-08-26 geraldAdd a newline. Fixup whitespace.
2010-08-26 etxrabFix a number of doxygen directives.
2010-08-26 etxrabFix a number of doxygen directives.
2010-08-26 stigFrom Juha Siltanen via bug 5144:
2010-08-26 etxrab- Try to fix a couple of doxygen comments.
2010-08-26 etxrab- Try to fix a couple of doxygen comments.
2010-08-25 geraldMove Windows-specific material inside an appropriate...
2010-08-25 geraldAdd ws_load_library and ws_module_open, which respectiv...
2010-08-25 morrissUpdate the WinPcap developer's pack to 4.1.2. Update...
2010-08-25 morrissUse PCAP_VERSION (from config.nmake) instead of hard...
2010-08-25 morrissChange PCAP_VERSION to 4.1.2. Hopefully this will...
2010-08-25 kukosaFix wrong length of CSeq Method parameter
2010-08-25 martinmLet DCT2000 tree extend to end of ipprim or sctpprim...
2010-08-25 martinmShow (again?) MAC-d PDUs inside MAC-es PDUs.
2010-08-25 geraldFix !Windows compilation.