16 years agoHandle SNMP-over-TCP.
guy [Sat, 6 Sep 2003 01:21:00 +0000 (01:21 +0000)]
Handle SNMP-over-TCP.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8401 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Martin Regner: fix dissection of non-standard parameters.
guy [Sat, 6 Sep 2003 01:17:10 +0000 (01:17 +0000)]
From Martin Regner: fix dissection of non-standard parameters.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8400 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix a comment.
guy [Sat, 6 Sep 2003 00:05:30 +0000 (00:05 +0000)]
Fix a comment.

Check COL_PROTOCOL, not COL_INFO, before updating COL_PROTOCOL.

Fix up white space.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8399 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoCheck COL_PROTOCOL, not COL_INFO, before updating COL_PROTOCOL.
guy [Sat, 6 Sep 2003 00:04:45 +0000 (00:04 +0000)]
Check COL_PROTOCOL, not COL_INFO, before updating COL_PROTOCOL.

Fix up white space.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8398 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix a comment.
guy [Sat, 6 Sep 2003 00:03:23 +0000 (00:03 +0000)]
Fix a comment.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8397 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoCheck COL_PROTOCOL, not COL_INFO, before updating COL_PROTOCOL.
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 23:54:10 +0000 (23:54 +0000)]
Check COL_PROTOCOL, not COL_INFO, before updating COL_PROTOCOL.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8396 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix up white space.
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 23:43:04 +0000 (23:43 +0000)]
Fix up white space.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8395 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFixed a bug introduced by my last update and reported for packet-mtp3.c
tuexen [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 20:11:45 +0000 (20:11 +0000)]
Fixed a bug introduced by my last update and reported for packet-mtp3.c
by Anders Broman.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8394 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoInclude <string.h> to get "strcmp()" declared.
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 20:00:02 +0000 (20:00 +0000)]
Include <string.h> to get "strcmp()" declared.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8393 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd SCTP tunneling.
tuexen [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 11:54:08 +0000 (11:54 +0000)]
Add SCTP tunneling.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8392 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd a popup to the ServicveResponseTime tables where the user can select
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 10:26:44 +0000 (10:26 +0000)]
Add a popup to the ServicveResponseTime tables where the user can select
Prepare/Match/FindFrame similar to chat the ConversationList has.

Only enabled for SMB and ONC-RPC at this point

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8391 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoReject UDP packets that don't start with a known identification value.
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 08:44:52 +0000 (08:44 +0000)]
Reject UDP packets that don't start with a known identification value.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8390 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years ago- Make --enable-static work again (configure.in, Makefile.am)
jmayer [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 07:44:50 +0000 (07:44 +0000)]
- Make --enable-static work again (configure.in, Makefile.am)
- get rid of ...-static.o files in the build process (now done via
  config.h instead of compiler flag)
- make packet-rtnet link statically (remove one unused function, rename
  another one)

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8389 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoDon't try to align the field filter name and name - the font would
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 06:59:38 +0000 (06:59 +0000)]
Don't try to align the field filter name and name - the font would
probably be variable-width, so that doesn't work.  Just put a dash
between them.

Boost the size of the buffer used for the field text to 256 characters.

In GTK+ 1.2[.x], put the entries for fields (rather than protocols) in
as leaf nodes.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8388 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoupdate ethereal man page to indicate that there is a useful popup menu
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 06:22:21 +0000 (06:22 +0000)]
update ethereal man page to indicate that there is a useful popup menu
asosciated with the conversation lists

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8387 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd a Find Frame item to the popup menu for the conversation list
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 06:16:10 +0000 (06:16 +0000)]
Add a Find Frame item to the popup menu for the conversation list
that will open the find frame dialogue and preload the filter string
with the conversation and the direction the user selected from the menu.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8386 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIf Belinda:
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 05:28:50 +0000 (05:28 +0000)]
If Belinda:


isn't there, don't try to display her.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8385 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake even the non-heuristic STUN dissector reject packets that don't
guy [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 04:39:19 +0000 (04:39 +0000)]
Make even the non-heuristic STUN dissector reject packets that don't
look like STUN packets.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8384 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd some more text to the filter item description in the display filter add expressio...
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 03:32:24 +0000 (03:32 +0000)]
Add some more text to the filter item description in the display filter add expression dialogue

It was very cnfusing where some protocols such as SMB had multiple items all called the same thing.   Now one can distinguish between them

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8383 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate to the tethereal conversation list
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:33:40 +0000 (01:33 +0000)]
Update to the tethereal conversation list
to make it also sort endpoints by port first and second by

This is to make it more likely that we always get the client (high port number)in the first column and the server (low port number) in the second column

this improvs readability of the list

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8382 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFor endpoint conversations change how Endpoint1 and Endpoint two are selected.
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 01:11:12 +0000 (01:11 +0000)]
For endpoint conversations   change how Endpoint1 and Endpoint two are selected.

Make the selction of what is endpoint 1 and what is endpoint 2
first check the port (if a port is present it will be !=0) and if
the ports are present set the lowest port as endpoint2.

If the prots are not present or the ports are identical  then compare the addresses instead.

The idea is that low port numbers usually refer to server daemons
and this sorting thus usually puts the client as endpoint 1 and the server as endpoint 2.
It is much more intuitive and makes the table much more readable.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8381 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate DCERPCSTAT, change the program menu to show the programs sorted in alphabetica...
sahlberg [Fri, 5 Sep 2003 00:48:58 +0000 (00:48 +0000)]
Update DCERPCSTAT, change the program menu to show the programs sorted in alphabetical order

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8380 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate to the conversations list.
sahlberg [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 23:37:45 +0000 (23:37 +0000)]
Update to the conversations list.

Rename it from Endpoint Talkers to : Conversation List

Change command line arguments to both tethereal and ethereal
to be -z conv,<type>
to reflect the new name Conversations

This is the last time the tethereal cmd line arg is changed.  But now it has a
proper intuitive name at least.

io,users was weird
talkers was too close to names used in other tools

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8379 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agofix our-of-bounds bug in teh port to string conversion routine
sahlberg [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 23:12:46 +0000 (23:12 +0000)]
fix our-of-bounds bug in teh port to string conversion routine

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8378 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate to endpoint talkers. move lots of duplicated code into teh helper endpoint_t...
sahlberg [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 23:11:03 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
Update to endpoint talkers.   move lots of duplicated code into teh helper endpoint_talkers_table.c

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8377 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Olivier Biot: decode the Push-Flag WSP header.
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 19:12:38 +0000 (19:12 +0000)]
From Olivier Biot: decode the Push-Flag WSP header.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8376 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Anders Broman: add translation of SI values to strings.
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 19:06:19 +0000 (19:06 +0000)]
From Anders Broman: add translation of SI values to strings.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8375 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Olivier Biot:
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 18:59:21 +0000 (18:59 +0000)]
From Olivier Biot:

cleanup the reassembly code;

add a new preference to enable/disable subdissection on the 1st
fragment of an unreassembled message;

update the comments to note that the reassembly code is even
able to reassemble short message fragments across distinct SMPP

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8374 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Anders Broman: display T35 manufacturer codes as strings.
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 18:55:54 +0000 (18:55 +0000)]
From Anders Broman: display T35 manufacturer codes as strings.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8373 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate for version 09 of the ID.
tuexen [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 14:32:34 +0000 (14:32 +0000)]
Update for version 09 of the ID.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8372 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIndicate the version in the protocol column only if multiple versions are supported.
tuexen [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 14:32:01 +0000 (14:32 +0000)]
Indicate the version in the protocol column only if multiple versions are supported.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8371 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIndicate the Standard (ITU, ANSI, Chin. ITU) in the protocol column.
tuexen [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 14:30:18 +0000 (14:30 +0000)]
Indicate the Standard (ITU, ANSI, Chin. ITU) in the protocol column.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8370 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years ago- Fixed a bug regaring DRST messages.
tuexen [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 13:33:22 +0000 (13:33 +0000)]
- Fixed a bug regaring DRST messages.
- Updates for version 15 of the ID.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8369 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUglify endpoint_talkers_table.c
sahlberg [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 11:07:51 +0000 (11:07 +0000)]
Uglify endpoint_talkers_table.c

make it know how to build the filter strings, address and port hf_ fields properly so TCP and UDP works and is agnostic on whether ipv4 or ipv6 is used as transport

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8368 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoPut in a note telling people how to add a new libpcap encapsulation
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 06:40:45 +0000 (06:40 +0000)]
Put in a note telling people how to add a new libpcap encapsulation
type, and telling them how it should *NOT* be done, i.e. you should ask
tcpdump-workers for a new DLT_ value, you should not just pick a value
on your own, and you should especially not reuse a value that's already
in use!

Put in comments about reserved values in the current CVS libpcap.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8367 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoBack out the previous change - sometimes the newlines should be mapped
guy [Thu, 4 Sep 2003 05:16:18 +0000 (05:16 +0000)]
Back out the previous change - sometimes the newlines should be mapped
to "\n", and other control characters should be, as the strings are
text, not binary.  We really need our own routines to do the formatting
of SNMP variable values ourselves....

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8366 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIf you get a read error while doing a search, go back to the frame where
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 23:40:06 +0000 (23:40 +0000)]
If you get a read error while doing a search, go back to the frame where
we started.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8365 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoCheck for "wtap_seek_read()" failing.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 23:32:40 +0000 (23:32 +0000)]
Check for "wtap_seek_read()" failing.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8364 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoCheck for "wtap_seek_read()" failing.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 23:15:40 +0000 (23:15 +0000)]
Check for "wtap_seek_read()" failing.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8363 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Josef Korelus <jkor [AT] quick.cz>: GPRS Network
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 22:26:38 +0000 (22:26 +0000)]
From Josef Korelus <jkor [AT] quick.cz>: GPRS Network
Service-over-Frame-Relay support, including preference for Frame Relay
to select FRF 3.2/Cisco HDLC encapsulation or encapsulation of GPRS NS

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8362 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoDon't include <epan/conversation.h> if you don't need it.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 20:58:09 +0000 (20:58 +0000)]
Don't include <epan/conversation.h> if you don't need it.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8361 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoGet rid of stuff not used in Q.933.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 18:27:55 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
Get rid of stuff not used in Q.933.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8360 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAnd for Cal,
sahlberg [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:49:03 +0000 (10:49 +0000)]
And for Cal,

Ethereal presents   a column to display culmulative bytes into the capture.

A new column type is added : Culmulative Bytes.
While PacketLength column type specifies the number of bytes in the current packet,
Culmulative Bytes specifies the culmulative number of bytes from the start of the capture.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8359 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agofix to various stats tables.
sahlberg [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:10:18 +0000 (10:10 +0000)]
fix to various stats tables.

The code used to rely on min_time==0 to determine whether this was the first
packet or not and whereby we had to initialize min_time to the current value.

This obviously does not work for capture files with poor timestamp resolution
where the response time is actually, according to the capture file, 0
and we got all sorts of weird effects like average response time being less than the minimum response time.

note, the bug only affected the minimum response time in the tables and not max or average response time.
it would "miss" tose minimum response times that were ==0 and display the minumin response time in the capture that were >0

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8358 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUDP tap fix.
sahlberg [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 09:52:07 +0000 (09:52 +0000)]
UDP tap fix.

Must queue the data to the udp tap before calling any subdissectors
or else, if the packet is short and there is an exception, we wont call the tap at all.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8357 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdate to LSA LookupPrivilegeDisplayName
sahlberg [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 09:48:50 +0000 (09:48 +0000)]
Update to LSA LookupPrivilegeDisplayName

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8356 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix the documentation that I forgot to fix when I fixed --with-ucd-snmp.
sharpe [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 07:11:31 +0000 (07:11 +0000)]
Fix the documentation that I forgot to fix when I fixed --with-ucd-snmp.

Thanks to Tom Uijldert <Tom.Uijldert@logicacmg.com>.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8355 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUse "rpc_item", rather than "rpc_tree", as the argument to
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 07:11:13 +0000 (07:11 +0000)]
Use "rpc_item", rather than "rpc_tree", as the argument to
"proto_item_append_text()" (they have the same value, and the same
underlying type, but it's cleaner).

Even if there already is a conversation when we're dissecting a call,
make the conversation dissector for the conversation the RPC dissector -
the conversation might've been created by the TCP dissector, or by us in
order to do fragment reassembly.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8354 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Anders Broman: use a value_string table rather than a switch to
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 06:48:45 +0000 (06:48 +0000)]
From Anders Broman: use a value_string table rather than a switch to
translate MEGACO error codes to descriptions, and show the media
descriptor differently.

"tvb_new_subset(tvb,0,tvb_length(tvb),-1)" returns a tvbuff equivalent
to "tvb"; don't bother calling "tvb_new_subset()".

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8353 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAs with the Cisco OUI, so with the Nortel OUI.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 06:38:15 +0000 (06:38 +0000)]
As with the Cisco OUI, so with the Nortel OUI.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8352 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix up the API for adding support for new OUI's to the LLC dissector.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 06:27:03 +0000 (06:27 +0000)]
Fix up the API for adding support for new OUI's to the LLC dissector.

Use that API to create the table for the Cisco OUI 00:00:0C.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8351 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoQ.933 dissector. (Not complete.)
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 05:39:21 +0000 (05:39 +0000)]
Q.933 dissector.  (Not complete.)

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8350 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix the bit mask for the parity level 1 information.
guy [Wed, 3 Sep 2003 05:28:16 +0000 (05:28 +0000)]
Fix the bit mask for the parity level 1 information.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8349 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoThe first of those Trillium URLs referred to a collection of
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 23:42:01 +0000 (23:42 +0000)]
The first of those Trillium URLs referred to a collection of
specifications for their Frame Relay software products, not protocol

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8348 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFix up references to stuff on the Trillium Web site.
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 23:37:48 +0000 (23:37 +0000)]
Fix up references to stuff on the Trillium Web site.

The control field is extended in Frame Relay (i.e., I and S frames have
two-byte control fields).

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8347 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoThe code in an HTTP reply is a response code, not a response method.
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 23:09:11 +0000 (23:09 +0000)]
The code in an HTTP reply is a response code, not a response method.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8346 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Jean-Michel Fayard: BOOTP/DHCP, HTTP, and WSP statistics taps.
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 22:47:59 +0000 (22:47 +0000)]
From Jean-Michel Fayard: BOOTP/DHCP, HTTP, and WSP statistics taps.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8345 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Jean-Michel Fayard: show in Tools:Summary window statistics about
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 22:10:32 +0000 (22:10 +0000)]
From Jean-Michel Fayard: show in Tools:Summary window statistics about
packets that passed the current display filter, as well as about the
entire capture.

Document the Tools:Summary item in the man page.

Update Gerald's e-mail address.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8344 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Andreas Sikkema: Facility for H.245 to display short message types
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:40:34 +0000 (21:40 +0000)]
From Andreas Sikkema: Facility for H.245 to display short message types
instead of long ones (introduces new preference, default is off):
  OpenLogicalChannel OpenLogicalChannel OpenLogicalChannel OpenLogicalChannel

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8343 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Andreas Sikkema: improved Info column output for multiple H.225
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:37:44 +0000 (21:37 +0000)]
From Andreas Sikkema: improved Info column output for multiple H.225
messages and faststart ( I think, lost track, kind of).

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8342 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years ago"tvb_new_subset(tvb, 0, tvb_length(tvb), -1)" is equivalent to
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:26:22 +0000 (21:26 +0000)]
"tvb_new_subset(tvb, 0, tvb_length(tvb), -1)" is equivalent to
"tvb_new_subset(tvb, 0, -1, -1)", which is equivalent to just "tvb" -
it's creating a "subset" that includes the entire tvbuff.  Don't bother
with the "tvb_new_subset()" call.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8341 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Anders Broman: add a preference option to enable the display of the
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:23:43 +0000 (21:23 +0000)]
From Anders Broman: add a preference option to enable the display of the
whole SIP message as text lines, as well as showing the dissected

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8340 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Joakim Wiberg: change additional status display to word array
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:17:31 +0000 (21:17 +0000)]
From Joakim Wiberg: change additional status display to word array
instead of byte array.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8339 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Anders Broman: add a few more user IDs to the M3UA Service Indicator.
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:14:43 +0000 (21:14 +0000)]
From Anders Broman: add a few more user IDs to the M3UA Service Indicator.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8338 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Dinesh Dutt:
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:10:54 +0000 (21:10 +0000)]
From Dinesh Dutt:

use the value_string tables for SOF and EOF values, rather than
the string tables, and get rid of the string tables;

add another desegmentation check;

other cleanups.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8337 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAs noted earlier, Q.922 doesn't really specify the NLPID-based
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 21:06:16 +0000 (21:06 +0000)]
As noted earlier, Q.922 doesn't really specify the NLPID-based
encapsulation, so don't tag the packet as having "Q.922 Encapsulation"
if it has NLPID-based encapsulation.  Don't tag it with "Cisco
Encapsulation", either - both of those can be inferred from the dissection.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8336 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUse "dissect_xdlc_control()" to dissect the control field of Frame Relay
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 19:18:52 +0000 (19:18 +0000)]
Use "dissect_xdlc_control()" to dissect the control field of Frame Relay
packets that have one.  Add an argument to "dissect_xdlc_control()" to
indicate whether it should append the information to the Info field or
just put it in the Info field.

Use the #defines for the DLCI bitfields to extract the DLCI bits when
constructing the DLCI.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8335 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoDon't show the DTE/DCE direction indicators if they're not supplied.
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 18:45:06 +0000 (18:45 +0000)]
Don't show the DTE/DCE direction indicators if they're not supplied.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8334 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoQ.933 doesn't define the use of an NLPID in the payload of a Frame Relay
guy [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 18:33:11 +0000 (18:33 +0000)]
Q.933 doesn't define the use of an NLPID in the payload of a Frame Relay
packet (Q.922 doesn't really do so, either, but...).

Do a full dissection of the octets of the address field, don't just
assume a 2-octet address field.

Clear the Info column.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8333 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake sure the color selection dialog displays a color selection widget.
gerald [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 18:27:50 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
Make sure the color selection dialog displays a color selection widget.
Tweak the button layout slightly.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8332 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFixed a typo.
tuexen [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 11:05:55 +0000 (11:05 +0000)]
Fixed a typo.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8331 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFixed a bug regarding the summary of in/outbound streams in INIT/INIT-ACK chunks.
tuexen [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 11:03:59 +0000 (11:03 +0000)]
Fixed a bug regarding the summary of in/outbound streams in INIT/INIT-ACK chunks.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8330 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoWhen putting the filename in the titlebar
sahlberg [Tue, 2 Sep 2003 08:27:43 +0000 (08:27 +0000)]
When putting the filename in the titlebar
just put the filename there and not the full path to the file.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8329 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoC89 doesn't let you declare stuff in the middle of blocks, even if some
guy [Mon, 1 Sep 2003 23:47:01 +0000 (23:47 +0000)]
C89 doesn't let you declare stuff in the middle of blocks, even if some
versions of GCC do.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8328 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake the capitalization of the "Name Resolution" frame consistent with the
gerald [Mon, 1 Sep 2003 01:49:20 +0000 (01:49 +0000)]
Make the capitalization of the "Name Resolution" frame consistent with the
other frames.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8327 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Devin Heitmueller: make offsets into tvbuffs 32-bit.
guy [Mon, 1 Sep 2003 00:01:39 +0000 (00:01 +0000)]
From Devin Heitmueller: make offsets into tvbuffs 32-bit.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8326 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd support for building with ucd-snmp on RH9.0. We need to link with
sharpe [Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:08:57 +0000 (22:08 +0000)]
Add support for building with ucd-snmp on RH9.0. We need to link with
-L/usr/kerberos/lib -ldes425 ...

This works on Linux (RH 9.0) but I am not sure about Solaris. Solaris is
such a difficult environment to work with compared to Linux or FreeBSD.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8325 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Andreas Sikkema:
guy [Sun, 31 Aug 2003 00:49:37 +0000 (00:49 +0000)]
From Andreas Sikkema:

hide some more fields behind the "show asn.1 internals"

show the booleans as values true or false, instead of set or not

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8324 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Andreas Sikkema:
guy [Sun, 31 Aug 2003 00:32:19 +0000 (00:32 +0000)]
From Andreas Sikkema:

- fix RAS messages to clear the INFO column correctly;

- make H.245 messages tunneled within H.225 messages add their message
  type to the Info column.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8323 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoInclude "tap.h" to get "remove_tap_listener()" declared.
guy [Sun, 31 Aug 2003 00:31:05 +0000 (00:31 +0000)]
Include "tap.h" to get "remove_tap_listener()" declared.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8322 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoUpdates and bugfixes from Andreas and Martin
sahlberg [Sat, 30 Aug 2003 22:47:48 +0000 (22:47 +0000)]
Updates and bugfixes from Andreas and Martin

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8321 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoRemove the individual reset functions and replace with a common one in the helpers...
sahlberg [Sat, 30 Aug 2003 01:18:16 +0000 (01:18 +0000)]
Remove the individual reset functions and replace with a common one in the helpers file.

cleanup part 5?

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8320 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agostep 3 in endpoint talkers cleanup
sahlberg [Sat, 30 Aug 2003 01:05:03 +0000 (01:05 +0000)]
step 3 in endpoint talkers cleanup

get rid of the draw_packets wrapper in the individual endpoint files

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8319 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agostep two in endpoint talkers cleanup
sahlberg [Sat, 30 Aug 2003 00:53:15 +0000 (00:53 +0000)]
step two in endpoint talkers cleanup
move the windows destroy function to the common helpers file

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8318 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agostep one in endpoint talkers cleanup
sahlberg [Sat, 30 Aug 2003 00:47:43 +0000 (00:47 +0000)]
step one in endpoint talkers cleanup

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8317 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoGive the name of the I-D for LWAPP.
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:57:55 +0000 (22:57 +0000)]
Give the name of the I-D for LWAPP.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8316 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom David Frascone: LWAPP support.
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:27:14 +0000 (22:27 +0000)]
From David Frascone: LWAPP support.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8315 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoSet "addr" before using it, regardless of whether "ip_summary_in_tree"
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:15:19 +0000 (22:15 +0000)]
Set "addr" before using it, regardless of whether "ip_summary_in_tree"
is set or not.  Copy the destination address, not the source address,
when processing the destination address.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8314 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Matthijs Melchior: In "asn1_string_value_decode()", put in a
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 19:13:28 +0000 (19:13 +0000)]
From Matthijs Melchior: In "asn1_string_value_decode()", put in a
trailing '\0', to simplify use of the resulting data as a C string.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8313 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIf something is a KeepAlive it is just a keepalive and not also a dup ack
sahlberg [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:40:24 +0000 (11:40 +0000)]
If something is a KeepAlive   it is just a keepalive and not also a dup ack

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8312 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoIf the FIN flag is set it is NOT a keepalive
sahlberg [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 11:15:13 +0000 (11:15 +0000)]
If the FIN flag is set it is NOT a keepalive

fix small typo

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8311 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoAdd endpoint talkers support for FDDI to ethereal and tethereal
sahlberg [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:59:12 +0000 (10:59 +0000)]
Add endpoint talkers  support for FDDI  to ethereal and tethereal
Welcome FDDI into the endpoint talkers family.

Nobody gets left behind!

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8310 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake the hex to string conversion code in find_dlg.c handle ':' characters
sahlberg [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 09:32:16 +0000 (09:32 +0000)]
Make the hex to string conversion code in find_dlg.c handle ':' characters
such as you might find when doing "prepare" on a FT_BYTES field.

So one need not delete the ':' characters manually

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8309 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake the CList of character sets non-editable, so you only get to choose
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 04:56:46 +0000 (04:56 +0000)]
Make the CList of character sets non-editable, so you only get to choose
from what we offer.  (XXX - should it be an option menu, instead?)

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8308 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoMake the configure flag --with-ucd-snmp consistent with --with-net-snmp.
sharpe [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 04:20:22 +0000 (04:20 +0000)]
Make the configure flag --with-ucd-snmp consistent with --with-net-snmp.

That is, change it from --with-ucdsnmp.

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8307 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoGet rid of the EBCDIC stuff in the find dialog - it's not supported yet,
guy [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 04:03:46 +0000 (04:03 +0000)]
Get rid of the EBCDIC stuff in the find dialog - it's not supported yet,
so we shouldn't torment the users by offering it.

Check the string type and convert it to an internal representation in
the GUI code; have the search code deal only with the internal

Save the case-sensitivity flag, and the indication of where string
searches look, along with other search parameters.

Upper-casify the string, for case-insensitive searches, in the GUI code;
don't save the upper-casified string, so it doesn't SHOUT at you when
you next pop up a "find" dialog.

Convert the hex value string to raw binary data in the GUI code, rather
than doing so in the search code.  Check that it's a valid string.

Connect the signals to the radio buttons after the pointers have been
attached to various GUI items - the signal handlers expect some of those
pointers to be attached, and aren't happy if they're not.

Have "find_packet()" contain a framework for searching, but not contain
the matching code; instead, pass it a pointer to a matching routine and
an opaque pointer to be passed to the matching routine.  Have all the
routines that do different types of searching have their own matching
routines, and use the common "find_packet()" code, rather than
duplicating that code.

Search for the Info column by column type, not by name (the user can
change the name).

When matching on the protocol tree, don't format the entire protocol
tree into a big buffer - just have a routine that matches the text
representation of a protocol tree item against a string, and, if it
finds a match, sets a "we found a match flag" and returns; have that
routine not bother doing any more work if that flag is set.
(Unfortunately, you can't abort "g_node_children_foreach()" in the
middle of a traversal.)

Free the generated display filter code after a find-by-display-filter

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8306 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoFrom Vincent Jardin: Add support for Teredo
gerald [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 02:27:31 +0000 (02:27 +0000)]
From Vincent Jardin: Add support for Teredo

git-svn-id: http://anonsvn.wireshark.org/wireshark/trunk@8305 f5534014-38df-0310-8fa8-9805f1628bb7

16 years agoCopy the source and destination addresses into a guint32, so that we don't
gerald [Fri, 29 Aug 2003 01:57:37 +0000 (01:57 +0000)]
Copy the source and destination addresses into a guint32, so that we don't
bus error on RISC systems.

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16 years agoFrom Greg Morris: put borders around the options to delimit them and
guy [Thu, 28 Aug 2003 23:25:55 +0000 (23:25 +0000)]
From Greg Morris: put borders around the options to delimit them and
indicate where they apply, and give tooltips to some of the options.
Disable the "Filter:" button unless we're searching with a display filter.

Use "Frame data" instead of "Hex" for the option to search the raw frame
data, use "Decoded packet" instead of "Decode" for the option to search
the strings in the protocol tree display, and use "Packet summary"
instead of "Summary" for the option to search the Info column in the
packet list display, to make it a bit clearer what's being searched.

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16 years agoClean up white space.
guy [Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:51:07 +0000 (22:51 +0000)]
Clean up white space.

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