file_read() can return -1; don't just blindly add it to a previous
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / wiretap / CMakeLists.txt
2010-10-20 wmeierFrom Hadriel Kaplan: IPFIX file format support.
2010-09-25 jmayer- FindGLIB2.cmake updates from
2010-09-23 jmayerH.sivank:
2010-09-23 jmayerH. Sivank <>
2010-03-18 jmayercmake changes:
2009-11-17 jmayerBeginnings of enabling static builds. Still to do:
2009-11-07 jmayercmake will now honor -Werror if configured (default...
2009-10-17 stigFrom Marton Nemeth:
2009-10-01 stig(minor) Indent fix.
2009-09-23 stigBuild wiretap with cmake on OSX.
2009-09-23 jmayerMore fixes for OSX - might work now :-)
2009-09-08 jmayer- now wireshark compiles with cmake as well
2009-09-02 jmayerBeginnings of getting cmake to build stuff in epan.
2009-08-30 krjOn Windows a shared library in divided into a DLL part...
2009-06-15 jmayerRename all of the ascend files:
2009-05-29 jmayerResume work on CMake for Wireshark. Finally found and...
2006-10-24 jmayerParts of
2006-09-05 jmayerpropset, add $Id: $ and copyright headers
2006-09-05 jmayerOK, as I haven't had any negative feedback, I'm adding...