change all file offsets from long to gint64 so we can - theoretically - handle files...
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / radius /
2006-09-29 etxrabUpdate Diamater and Radius AVP:s
2006-09-20 jakeRepair patch to accurately follow RFC 4590
2006-09-20 jmayerAlexander Schrab:
2006-06-17 sahlbergethereal to wireshark conversion
2006-03-23 etxrabMinor update to the dictionary
2006-02-09 geraldRe-enable the PacketCable RADIUS code and add a few...
2005-09-27 etxrabAdd a miniscule ericsson radius dictionary.
2005-09-23 etxrabAdd som 3GPP AVP:s
2005-07-15 legoRadius dictionary support