Move make-manuf to the tools directory.
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2010-12-04 morrissFrom Gerhard Gappmeier via
2010-12-04 morrissFrom Gerhard Gappmeier via
2010-12-02 etxrabFrom Gerhard Gappmeier:
2010-11-28 etxrabFrom Robert Groenenberg:
2010-11-25 jakeFix for bug 5435:
2010-11-21 wmeierFix properties.
2010-11-17 morrissFrom David Katz via
2010-11-16 morrissFrom Gerhard Gappmeier via
2010-11-16 morrissFrom Gerhard Gappmeier via
2010-11-15 morrissFrom Gerhard Gappmeier via
2010-11-05 stigSimply use %c for printing char.
2010-11-05 stigFixed a printf modifier to remove a warning from clang.
2010-10-17 stigRemove some unused hf entries.
2010-10-17 stigRemoved unused hf_pn_dcp and hf_pn_ptcp.
2010-10-17 stigRemoved unused hf_ecat_mailbox.
2010-10-15 morrissFrom ToddS via
2010-10-15 morrissFrom ToddS via
2010-10-04 etxrabFrom Yu Zhang:
2010-09-24 guyPlugins are not shared libraries, so:
2010-09-24 jakeTrack offset even when tree==NULL.
2010-09-24 morrissReplace blurbs that match the name (case insensitive...
2010-09-23 morrissReplace blurbs that match the name (case insensitive...
2010-09-23 jmayerH. Sivank <>
2010-09-22 girlichinterlink type is decimal
2010-09-21 morrissAs suggested by Kovarththanan Rajaratnam in https:...
2010-09-17 wmeierUse val_to_str_ext() & friends to access sminmpec_values[];
2010-08-21 morrissprefs_register_string_preference() overwrites the given...
2010-08-12 wmeier(Trivial) Use consistent indentation; Whitespace cleanup.
2010-08-12 wmeierAdd new expansion.h file left out of the previous commit.
2010-08-12 wmeierFrom Don Newton: Added dissection of Expansion Module...
2010-07-27 jakeFrom Don Newton:
2010-07-09 guyThe only reason to escape "%" in a string is if you...
2010-06-30 geraldAdd Visual C++ project files to the distribution.
2010-06-05 geraldBack out r33088 for now.
2010-06-04 geraldAdd a checkapis target.
2010-06-04 geraldFrom Matt Poduska via bug 1957 (with minor changes):
2010-05-24 guyRefer to the endianness arguments as "encoding" rather...
2010-05-20 stigFixed warning "Field width should have type 'int'".
2010-05-14 jakeSynchronize Makefiles even more.
2010-05-14 morrissAdd Cmake stuff to the source distribution so more...
2010-05-13 guyCreate a new REP_NA value for fields where there are...
2010-04-27 morrissAdd some information about how/why this dissector is...
2010-04-26 morrissMake the OpcUa plugin's fields filterable (by giving...
2010-04-19 wmeierSimplify Makefile.nmake so that adding a new plugin...
2010-04-14 morrissBe sure we initialize the p_id in hf's. This fixes
2010-04-14 morrissFix up MATE's hf display values so MATE will actually...
2010-04-08 etxrabGet rid of check_col().
2010-04-08 etxrabGet rid of check_col().
2010-04-07 wmeierRemove some uneeded #includes
2010-04-06 etxrabGet rid of check_col
2010-04-06 morrissDon't use %s as the format string in val_to_str().
2010-04-06 morrissDon't use %s as the format string in val_to_str()....
2010-04-06 guyThe third argument to val_to_str() is a format string...
2010-04-05 etxrabGet rid of a bunch of check_col().
2010-04-02 jakeMake the test compile.
2010-04-01 etxrabFrom sangaran:
2010-03-29 wmeierFrom Richard Kümmel: Added the bitmasks for port 10...
2010-03-18 jmayercmake changes:
2010-03-16 krjSome if (tree) cleanup
2010-03-16 krjAvoid some dead assignments
2010-03-16 krjWhitespace cleanup
2010-03-16 krjIndicate width of parent bitfield
2010-03-16 krjInline truth/false table
2010-03-16 girlichThis adds a new dissector plugin: INTERLINK. This proto...
2010-03-16 guyFix some compiler warnings, clean up indentation a...
2010-02-25 guyGenerate asn1/hnbap/Makefile.
2010-02-24 stigFrom Hannes Diethelm via bug 4525:
2010-01-28 wmeierFix some gcc -Wshadow warnings.
2010-01-28 wmeierFix gcc -Wshadow warning;
2010-01-28 wmeierFix some gcc -Wshadow warnings.
2010-01-28 wmeierFix gcc -Wshadow warning.
2010-01-13 etxrabFrom Didier Gautheron:
2010-01-13 etxrabFrom Didier Gautheron:
2010-01-02 wmeierDo some cleanup:
2009-12-19 guyFor fields of type FT_ABSOLUTE_TIME, have the "display...
2009-12-17 wmeierFrom Martin Lutz: Patch tvb_memeql return check;
2009-12-08 jakeFix header field names containing dots.
2009-11-17 dimegRemove the address operator from value_string arrays...
2009-11-17 jmayerBeginnings of enabling static builds. Still to do:
2009-11-07 jmayercmake will now honor -Werror if configured (default...
2009-11-04 ulfladd "reserved for profiles" comments
2009-11-03 etxrabFrom Benjamin Meyer:
2009-11-03 etxrabFrom Matthias FRANK:
2009-11-02 etxrabFrom Matthias FRANK:
2009-10-26 stigThe stats_tree plugin deserves a version number other...
2009-10-20 morrissDon't call PROTO_ITEM_SET_GENERATED(proto_tree_add...
2009-10-19 stigRemoved redundant redeclaration of delete_avpl().
2009-10-19 stigRenamed tvb_new -> new_tvb to avoid name collision.
2009-10-19 stigAdded cast to (void *) for pointers used in printf...
2009-10-12 stigInitialize variables which may be used uninitialized.
2009-10-12 wmeierReplace GMemChunk usage with se_alloc();
2009-10-09 krjUse register_dissector_files in the plugins dissectors
2009-10-09 krjUse register_dissector_files in asn1 plugin
2009-10-09 etxrabFrom Didier Gautheron:
2009-10-07 stigDon't include config.h in header files.
2009-10-06 stigBuild plugins with cmake on OSX.
2009-10-04 etxrabFrom Benjamin Meyer:
2009-10-04 etxrabFrom Benjamin Meyer:
2009-10-04 krjRemove check_col()
2009-10-04 krjUse G_N_ELEMENTS instead of hard coding size of array