Re-generate a number of ASN.1-based dissectors with the most recent
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / manuf
2004-09-29 jmayerUpdate manuf and FAQ
2004-08-06 jmayerUpdate manuf and faq
2004-07-18 guySet the svn:eol-style property on all text files to...
2004-06-18 jmayerAdd local MAC addresses for MS-Loadbalancing (not all...
2004-06-03 jmayermonthly update
2004-05-11 jmayerUpdate manuf and FAQ to current master files
2004-04-25 jmayerNew entries
2004-03-17 jmayerSync with the sources
2004-02-18 jmayerUpdate manuf
2004-02-01 jmayerUpdate manuf to Feb, 1st 2004
2004-01-23 jmayerUpdate manuf
2003-12-21 jmayerManuf updates
2003-09-08 jmayerUpdate manuf
2003-07-23 jmayerUpdate manuf
2003-06-10 jmayerupdate manuf to june 10th
2003-04-29 jmayerTiny update
2003-04-25 geraldObscure email addresses and update entries.
2003-04-13 jmayermake-manuf:
2003-04-08 jmayermake-manuf:
2003-03-05 jmayerUpdate manuf to current IEEE entries.
2003-03-02 jmayerUpdate manuf
2003-01-26 denielUpdate my email address in various places since my...
2003-01-21 jmayerUpdate manuf file to revised format
2002-12-12 geraldRemove an errant space from the name "TippingPoint...
2002-12-03 jmayerUpdate manuf file
2002-11-19 jmayerCreated with revised make-manuf
2002-10-23 jmayerUpdate manuf
2002-09-09 guyAllow the "manuf" file to contain well-known MAC addres...
2002-08-03 jmayerThe url to the IEEE data changed for non-interactive...
2002-03-29 geraldPeriodic update.
2002-01-30 geraldmanuf: Periodic updates from "make-manuf".
2002-01-08 guyFrom M.C. van den Bovenkamp: 00:B0:D0 now belongs to...
2001-12-23 geraldPeriodic update.
2001-04-17 geraldQuarterly (or so) update.
2000-11-29 gramTranslate the A-F characters of all OUIs to uppercase...
2000-11-26 geraldCredit Michael Patton and the IEEE in the document...
2000-11-23 geraldAdd make-manuf, a script that:
2000-06-14 geraldAdded a passel-o-codes from Gaetan Soltesz <gaetan...
2000-03-29 gramAdd ID for Lucent, and sort lines.
2000-02-11 gramAdd Peter Kjellerstedt <
2000-02-09 gramDietmar Petras provided:
2000-01-04 gramAdd VMware's vendor ID to manufacturer list.
1999-12-23 guyPatch from Greg Kilfoyle to add some additional manufac...
1999-12-09 guyJamie Coe's update to add D-link's OUI.
1998-09-27 deniel*** empty log message ***
1998-09-25 gerald* Ethernet manufacturer support (Laurent)