Squelch an MSVC++ complaint.
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2001-10-21 guyEnhanced Ethereal icon from Gordon McKinney:
2001-10-21 geraldAdd little arrows to the column titles to indicate...
2001-07-12 guyFrom Edward Meaney: include "mergecap.rc" in the list...
2001-07-12 guyMergecap utility for merging capture files, from Scott...
2001-05-21 guyFix a typo in the "product name", and fix the "internal...
2001-05-21 guyAdd resource stuff for text2pcap.
2001-04-05 gramUpdates for win32 files to ignore.
2001-04-05 gramUse sed in the Win32 build to place the version in...
2001-03-21 gramAdd 48x48 PNG of new 3D logo with transparent background.
2001-03-05 gramMove version to 0.8.16.
2001-01-12 gramChange version numbers to 0.8.15
2001-01-10 guyFix up Gerald's e-mail address to be his "ethereal...
2000-11-22 gramChange Ethereal homepage URL from etheral.zing.org...
2000-11-20 gramMove to version 0.8.14
2000-10-27 gramMove to version 0.8.13.
2000-09-14 gramMove to version 0.8.12
2000-09-13 grahambAdded to ignore Win32 detritus
2000-08-03 gramMove to version 0.8.11
2000-07-04 gramChange version to 0.8.10
2000-06-07 gramMove to version 0.8.9
2000-05-08 gramMove to version 0.8.8
2000-04-15 guyGraham Bloice's Win32 icon for Ethereal and Win32 resou...
1999-12-17 gramAdd two 48x48 PNGs to the distribution.
1998-11-17 gerald* Added column formatting functionality.
1998-10-16 gerald* Copied in the correct GNU license (I'm such a goober)
1998-09-16 geraldInitial revision