Set the svn:eol-style property on all text files to "native", so that
[obnox/wireshark/wip.git] / gtk2 /
2002-11-11 tpotIgnore Makefile{,.in}
2002-11-03 oabadMerge gtk and gtk2 directories.
2002-10-27 oabadGtkCList to GtkTreeView conversion in color_dlg.c
2002-10-25 guyThe versions of UCD SNMP that we now support all install
2002-10-25 guyAdd the DCERPCSTAT stuff.
2002-10-25 guyFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: Ethereal support for DCERPCSTAT.
2002-10-25 guyAt least according to the UNIX 98 spec, you need to...
2002-10-24 guyDon't include the header file to get the SNMP version...
2002-10-23 guyFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: make the tap listeners for gtk...
2002-10-23 guyFrom Ronnie Sahlberg: pass a pointer to the epan_dissec...
2002-10-23 guyFrom Wes Hardaker:
2002-10-10 jmayerAdd (back) some #include <string.h>
2002-09-28 oabadFrom Ulf Lamping : patch to run the gtk2 port on win32.
2002-09-28 oabadFrom Ulf Lamping: Prettyfied Colorization dialog.
2002-09-27 sahlbergUpdate tethereal to put the filter string in the statis...
2002-09-23 oabadChange to color filters :
2002-09-23 jmayerAdd packet_list.obj
2002-09-22 geraldFrom Graeme Hewson:
2002-09-21 oabadRemoved all gtk calls in file.c :
2002-09-14 oabad- add a new GUI preference in the gtk2 port. It allows...
2002-09-10 oabadGtkList to GtkTreeView conversion.
2002-09-10 oabadAdd a reference to gtk2 docs which recommends replacing...
2002-09-10 oabadreplace gtk_signal_emit_by_name() with g_signal_emit_by...
2002-09-10 oabadCall gtk_tree_model_get() only if gtk_tree_selection_ge...
2002-09-10 guyAdd "/I$(ZLIB_DIR)" to the list of "/I" flags in the...
2002-09-09 guyFrom Graeme Hewson:
2002-09-09 jmayerAdd/fix cvs id tags
2002-09-09 guyPut back missing include of <stdio.h>.
2002-09-08 guyExplain the GTK+ developers' thinking about detecting...
2002-09-07 oabadGtkCList to GtkTreeView conversion.
2002-09-07 oabadAdd missing gtk_tree_path_free()
2002-09-07 oabadStrings copied from a TreeModel must be freed after...
2002-09-07 jmayerAdd back stdio.h
2002-09-07 oabadGtkList to GtkTreeView conversion.
2002-09-07 sahlbergTap system supprot for Gtk1 and both rpc_stat and rpc_progs
2002-09-07 sahlbergremove old files we have renamed to proper names
2002-09-07 sahlbergChange naming for rpcstat and rpcprogs
2002-09-07 jmayerAdd back more string.h includes
2002-09-06 sahlbergPatch from Oliver Abad to reduce CPU used by the redraw...
2002-09-06 sahlbergFrom Vassilii Khachaturov, cleanup of redundant code.
2002-09-06 sahlbergMoved two other functions from gtk2-rpc[stat|progs...
2002-09-06 sahlbergGtk2 port of RPCPROGS
2002-09-06 sahlbergGtk2 port of RPCPROGS statistics
2002-09-06 sahlbergMoved access of the mutex protecting the critical regio...
2002-09-05 jmayerInclude cleanups in gtk and gtk2:
2002-09-05 sahlbergAdded a mutex to protect a critical region in Gtk2...
2002-09-04 sahlbergEnable rpcstat in the gtk2 gui
2002-09-04 sahlbergFunctions for the gtk2 based version of rpcstat
2002-09-02 oabadNew file describing the status of the GTK+ 2.0 port.
2002-09-01 oabadFix accelarators/mnemonics in dialogs containing radio...
2002-08-31 jmayerSmall whitespace change
2002-08-31 jmayerRemove unused include snprintf.h
2002-08-31 jmayerRemove trailing whitespaces.
2002-08-31 jmayerRemove trailing whitespaces.
2002-08-31 oabadGTK+ v2 port.